What do you mean by ‘Discover Events’?

It’s simple, really. After you download and join UNATION from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, or join through our desktop app, when you sign in you will land on the “Discover Events” feed, where you can begin scrolling, filtering or searching for events near you.


What if someone in North Dakota wants to sell tickets on UNATION?

That’s great! The beauty of UNATION is it can be used on many different levels by different users. People are used to receiving a link to purchase tickets to an event rather than signing in to a platform and searching for events. While our model is teaching users how to do the latter, we can take advantage of the fact that people are used to visiting a ticket page and purchasing without needing to perform other actions on the site. Event creators and purchasers do not need a physical presence by UNATION in their city in order to benefit from our virtual ticket management, including buying, selling, managing, printing, checking in, and communicating around tickets. We encourage people everywhere to sell tickets through UNATION.


What is the benefit to UNATION if you’re giving away portions of the fees?

The real benefit to UNATION when an ambassador brings in a new event creator who sells tickets on UNATION is the increase in new users to our platform. When one event sells 100 tickets, that is 100 people who may not have heard of UNATION before and who were introduced to UNATION through that event and through that ambassador.


How do I answer the cost question?

UNATION is completely free and always will be. Every ticketing platform must charge a fee for credit card processing and storage online. The credit card processing fee is determined by the credit card companies and processors. The registration fee covers the storage of the event on the platform. Our registration fee (and total fees) are extremely competitive and almost always lower than other sites. We also cap our fees where no ticket cost can incur higher than a $5.99 registration fee. Others do not cap or have very high caps, like $19.95. The event creator can choose whether to pay one or both fees per ticket or to pass one or both fees on to the ticket purchaser. The vast majority of people are used to paying fees when purchasing a ticket online and do not think twice when purchasing.