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JFK Assassination Tour

600 Elm St, 75202

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JFK Assassination Tour

One-hour walking tour on John F. Kennedy, led by a professional, entertaining, local guide

Visit of the John F. Kennedy Memorial and Dealey Plaza

Admission to The Old Red Museum

Decades on, the assassination of John F. Kennedy is still remembered as one of the darkest days in U.S. history. On this 60-minute tour, you and your historian guide will see the former Texas School Book Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots that would reverberate through history. Stand on the grassy knoll and debate the second-shooter theory, and make a poignant stop at the JFK Memorial. Learn about the iconic footage of the assassination, Jackie's grief, and more.

  • John Neely Bryan Cabin

    600 Elm St ,75202