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Our LiVReal Escape Room Experience

Stuff to Do in Charlotte had the amazing opportunity to try out one of LiVReal’s incredibly realistic virtual escape rooms.

It was our first time participating in a virtual reality escape room and we left feeling completely shocked, in the best kind of way. Before we get into our experience though, let’s talk about LiVReal.

LiVReal is Charlotte’s only mobile virtual reality provider, offering Ubisoft’s latest virtual reality games to any party, office, or private event. Their experiences are incredibly realistic, and so immersive, that you almost forget that you’re just standing in the middle of a room with a headset on, without a clue as to where you’re facing at any given time.

Each experience is made to play in teams of two or four, and each person has their role to play. In order to beat the games, however, you have to work together and communicate.

Communication is the key to success, you know!

LiVReal Escape Room Experience
LiVReal Escape Room Experience

In order to experience the escape rooms, you and your party have to reserve your spots. You can do this on their site and it costs $25 to play. The experience takes 60 minutes unless you complete it faster than that!

LiVReal currently offers two unique escape room adventures: Escape The Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa’s Gate. In Escape The Lost Pyramid, you and your teammates are transported to 1928, lost at the bottom of the pyramid of Nebka. In the game, you have to work together to find a lost artifact, and then find your way to the top of the pyramid and escape.

If you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan, you’ll love Beyond Medusa’s Gate. In Beyond Medusa’s Gate, which is the one we played, you were taken back to 445 BEC, in an Aegean coastal cave where you had to search for the lost ship of the Argonauts and escape. If these sound a bit difficult for you, don’t worry! There are a ton of hints throughout the game to help with the problem-solving aspect. Trust us, we needed them.

If escape rooms aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay. LiVReal recently started hosting a full-blown game night, which will include their virtual reality escape rooms, 1-4 player virtual reality games, retro video games, and popular new video games like Smash Bros Ultimate. If you’re interested, they’ll be at Brewers at 4001 Yancey on Monday evenings.

LiVReal is also about to start offering Enter Arizona Sunshine and The Brookhaven Experiment. Enter Arizona Sunshine is a 4-player zombie apocalypse survival game, and The Brookhaven Experiment is a monster survival game. We think these two would be perfect to try out around Halloween!

Before we began the gameplay, we were a bit afraid of the motion sickness that is commonly tied to virtual reality games. But it was okay! Ubisoft escape games are designed to avoid motion sickness. In fact, less than 1% of people who’ve played their games experience motion sickness. Just remember that no matter what your brain thinks, your feet are always touching the floor, and no one will let you run into the wall.

LiVReal Escape Room Experience
LiVReal Escape Room Experience

So, within the first five minutes of Beyond Medusa’s Gate, We were already struggling. You start the game in a dark room with nothing but a locked door and some fire. We thought, “Okay, something is definitely going to jump out at me,” and stood there staring at the wall for a bit.

Did we mention we’re afraid of the dark? We hadn’t even realized that the problem-solving aspect of the game had already begun and that our partner had been waiting for us to get out of the room so we could start figuring out our escape together.

After some very helpful hints, and by that we mean needing everyone to walk us through it, we escaped the first room and started our virtual journey.

For us, one of the best parts of the whole thing was watching our partner climb this huge wall in the game. He’s really afraid of heights and we could hear him freaking out in the headset. We also had to climb a bit in the game, and honestly, we weren’t expecting to feel weird about it, but looking over the ledge (which you probably shouldn’t do) definitely makes your knees shake!

There’s also a part in the escape room where you have to pick up a bow and arrow and shoot some targets. We had a lot of fun shooting the arrows, but can only imagine what we looked like from someone else’s point of view.

LiVReal Escape Room Experience

We don’t want to give too much of the gameplay away, so we’ll just end with this: LiVReal was definitely an experience we will do again in the future!

We highly suggest you try it! Our tips for you, if you play Beyond Medusa’s Gate, is to look for patterns, and maybe don’t throw the ancient vases!