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Cure Pediatric Cancer One Step At A Time

Sunset Family

Every day 43 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Every day 43 families’ lives are changed forever. COVID-19 has affected us all to some degree. As we cope with the drastic changes in our daily lives, some have more adjustments to make than others. Children with fragile immune systems are among the most vulnerable to the outbreak. Let’s change that and help cure pediatric cancer. 

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure to help fight this rapid growth. One of the many ways they are doing so is with the #43Challenge. Anyone, even you, can join in on this challenge. The NPCF challenges you to walk one mile for the next 43 days!

A virtual walk, which lasts until April 30th, is in full effect! Joining in is simple. You can register here with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and start walking anywhere you please.


We’re getting active here at UNATION by joining the #43Challenge! Some of our City Managers have joined the Walking Funds the Cure Virtual Run.

Everyone has their own unique reason as to why they are walking, but one thing we all have in common is that we hope to find a cure for the children. 

Pittsburgh - Walk

“I’m walking for the millions of children who battle every day to survive. The NPCF provides these strong and resilient children with groundbreaking research, support, and trials to ensure that they have the best possible treatment!”

“I walk to stay healthy and explore my beautiful city!”
Charlotte - Walk
Dallas - Walk
“My motivation to walk is to stay in good health and create healthy habits for my future.” 
“I walk for all the kids & their families who are taking on cancer one day at a time!” 
Raleigh - Walk
Nashville - Walk
“I walk as a reminder to keep moving forward. I will walk 1 mile for 43 days to show my love and support for children with pediatric cancer!” 

“I walk alongside my daughter to let her explore the many beautiful spots in Austin. We will continue walking to support other kids her age who are battling pediatric cancer.” 

Austin - Walk
San Antonio - Walk
“I walk to get outside and discover places you can’t get to using roads.  Now I also walk to support the brave kiddos out there battling cancer.”

“Walking helps me collect my thoughts and recenter myself. I will walk one mile for 43 days to support pediatric cancer patients and help myself maintain a healthy lifestyle.” 

Memphis - Walk
Austin - Walk
“I walk for all the young, strong warriors who deserve a brighter and healthier tomorrow!” 

“I walk to stay healthy and to see the beautiful sights with my pup and for all the children and their families who are battling cancer.” 

Pittsburgh - Walk
Jacksonville - Walk
“I am walking to stay active, get fresh air daily and for everyone battling cancer!” 

“I walk for my mind body and spirit and of course my four-legged bestie. I will continue to walk to support the future of America!” 

Dallas - Walk
Tampa Bay - Walk
“I walk to get some much needed fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. I will continue to walk to help protect the children and families who are especially vulnerable during this time.” 

“I walk to get to places I can’t by car and to take in the area around me and enjoy the peace.”

Raleigh - Walk

We Challenge YOU!

We challenge you to participate in the #43Challenge and share your journey as well! Help raise awareness about pediatric cancer by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our page!

Please remember the CDC’s guidelines to help contain COVID-19 while participating. Maintain the recommended 6ft distance away from others.