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Cutting Edge Technology Provides The Data Business Owners Need to Curate Stories People Care About

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Technology Has Merged With Real Life

Technology is a present piece of our lives. Most everyone has a smartphone, and is using it to build personal, and professional relationships as well as make financial decisions about how, where and what they will spend their money on.
Those connections and decisions present an opportunity for a business owner to personally create engagement between their brand and their social media audience.
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Curated Content Tells Your Brand Story

Ever heard of curated storytelling?
In today’s fast-paced social media trends, what is lasting is a memorable moment, and that is created by sharing a curated story.
Every piece of content whether it be an announcement, a review, a description of your latest offering, a paragraph on your website, or a social media post you lob out to your followers tells the story of your brand.
What makes your content a memorable moment is the lasting feeling the reader experiences. In other words, when a person feels you are speaking directly to their current emotional state of mind and physical needs they will remember your brand when they are ready to purchase.
curate stories

📸 Timothy Yasser

Technology Curates Content With Smart Data

Curation of your content becomes extremely powerful when you know your audience so well they feel you know exactly what they are thinking, feeling and needing.
When you think of your content being created as an on-going story, pay attention to the details behind the obvious. The obvious being; the goal for your content along with the age, income level, and pain points your audience is experiencing.
Introducing UNATION Smart Data:
The shopping, and spending habits of your customers.
candle making

Smart Data = Knowledge

Imagine curating your brand’s story because you know your audience so well you can predict:
  • When they will spend their money
  • Where they will spend their money
  • What they will spend their money on


Having the knowledge of that data allows you to transform a selfie of you and your team packaging your most loved product or crafting and serving your latest recipe into a curated message that targets your ideal audience with a story that compels them to shop your brand and buy.
It is the key to curating all your content into targeted messages that become the on-goingstory of your brand.

A data-driven story does 3 things for your business:

  1. It positions you as the authority in your space
  2. It creates a trusting relationship with your audience 
  3. It turns your brand into an identity that trends


Your brand is not just your logo, fonts and color scheme… not anymore. It is the knowledge of knowing your customers shopping and spending habits, and giving them exactly what they want when they most need it.

The best way to jumpstart customer engagement is to enable your social media audience to provide word of mouth recommendations to their audience. Current data points to word of mouth as still being the most popular method of recommendation for consumers.

We Can Help Utlilize Smart Data

If you need help curating your brand’s story, we’d love to hear about it! 
Here is an example of how Kroger transformed word of mouth marketing into a social media campaign to deliver the message of their new delivery service with the local Tampa Bay, FL audience:

Fill out the form below and we will have one of our local experts get in touch soon!

Table of Contents

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