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Introducing the UNATION Brand Ambassador/Venue Partnership Program

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If you are reading this post, you have likely decided to become an official UNATION Brand Ambassador/Venue Partner — or at the very least are considering the opportunity. Either way, we welcome you to this blog and resource center and promise to continuously update both with the information and tools needed for you to be successful in your efforts to spread the word about UNATION.

First, to be considered as an Ambassador or Venue Partner of UNATION, you must first be a member of UNATION. If not a member, you can quickly and easily join through our iPhone or Android App…or you can join directly from our website. I would suggest joining through our mobile app, as then you can also experience the full scope of our event discovery feature.

Second, if you haven’t already been invited to our Ambassador or Venue Program, but would like to — simply go to our main Ambassador Page and fill out contact form. From there, someone on the UNATION Team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

The next step is a simple conversation with a member of the UNATION Team. The goal of this conversation is to get to know you and for you to get to know us. From there, if the decision is to become a UNATION Brand Ambassador, things will move pretty quickly with these few required steps.

  1. You’ll receive an email titled, “You’re invited to join the UNATION Ambassador/Venue Program.” From there, Sign In to the Ambassador/Venue Portal using your existing UNATION account credentials.
  2. You’ll receive a welcome email that reminds you to link your bank account and to sign the three agreements associated with becoming a UNATION Brand Ambassador — Brand Ambassador Contract, NDA and Right to Work. NOTE: If you are a Venue Partner, you will be asked to sign the Venue Partnership Agreement.
  3. You’ll receive an email from Docusign with a subject titled “Please DocuSign: Ambassador Agreement Package.” This is how you will sign the agreements listed in point #2. NOTE: If you are a Venue Partner, you will an email from Docusign with a subject titled “Venue Partnership Agreement.

Once you have logged into the Ambassador Portal, linked your bank account and signed the agreements, you will be considered an Active Brand Ambassador. At this point you will be able to earn an unlimited amount of money from your introductions.

Sign In to the Ambassador Portal

Remember to use your existing UNATION credentials to log in. Also, if you joined UNATION via Facebook, you MUST login to the Ambassador Portal via Facebook.

Link your Bank Account

From the left hand menu of the Ambassador Portal, click on the settings tab. From there, you will see a screen that says “Connect with Stripe”. Click or tap on that button to either set up a Stripe account or connect your stripe account.  

Once you click or tap “Connect with Stripe” you will be taken to the screen pictured below. This screen is actually on the SECURED Stripe Portal. You will be required to fill out your banking information here. Please note: UNATION HAS NO ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION.

When Stripe asks the type of business you have, you can say that you sell tickets and/or registrations to events.

Once you have filled out all of the information required on this page, click or tap the BLUE button on the bottom of the screen that says “Authorize access to this account.”

That’s it, once you’ve made that step your bank account will be linked to Stripe, and your Stripe account will be linked to UNATION.

Sign Agreements

UNATION requires that Brand Ambassadors sign three agreements: A Brand Ambassador Contract defining the terms and revenue share percentage, an NDA and a Right to Work agreement.

  • Brand Ambassador Contract — This simple contract lays out the relationship between you and UNATION, as well the revenue share and other important items. After reviewing this contract, you will digitally sign the contract through Docusign.
  • NDA — This agreement states that as a Brand Ambassador you may be privy to some information about UNATION, such as marketing strategy or upcoming features, and that UNATION expects you to keep that information confidential unless otherwise authorized.
  • Right to Work — As a Brand Ambassador, you may or may not be involved in creating marketing materials or other elements on behalf of UNATON. This agreement states that all intellectual property created on behalf of UNATION while you are acting as a Brand Ambassador belongs to UNATION.

Once you have signed all three of these agreements and linked your bank account, you can start earning money as a UNATION Brand Ambassador.

Check back here often, as we will continue to update this blog with tips on how you can be successful as a UNATION Brand Ambassador.

Table of Contents

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