All Shook Up At Graceland

Sat, Oct 21, 2023
12:30pm - 06:00pm
Sat, Oct 21, 2023
12:30pm - 06:00pm
Graceland, Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
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$0 - $30
$0 - $30


Sat, Oct 21, 2023
12:30pm - 06:00pm
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Graceland, Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
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$0 - $30
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All Shook Up At Graceland is happening on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 12:30PM CDT at Graceland and It's Free

Date: October 21st 2023

Time: 12.30 till 6 pm

Where: Graceland

3600 Elvis Presley Blvd.

Memphis, TN 38116

Hosted by: Eden Rose & Virginia Johnson

Sponsored By: Anytime Author Promotions

VIP Tickets come with early acces, a tote bag specially designed for this event and at least one signed paperback and other goodies.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No. There is no minimum age for the event. Under 18 guests should know that there are romance and erotica authors attending.

What can I bring into the event?

Carts of all shapes and sizes are allowed for carrying books.

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Confirmed Authors:

Jaime Russell

A. S. Roberts

Quell T. Fox

Ava Manello

Kelly Violet

Jakki Frances

Robin Andrews

Lynda Throsby

Sherry A. Burton

Mary Smith

Prometheus Susan

Ava Quinn and Khloe Summers ( i have 2 pen names)

Sarah L Roth

Cedar Rose

Samantha Rae

A.M. Mahler

Gina Ferguson

Penny Anglene

Shannon Youngblood

Avery Samson

Ashley Burton

Tabetha Waite

Barb Jones

Rexi Lake

Lynessa Layne

Lynn Stevens

Mariah Kingsley

Leigh M. Hall

Josette Reuel

Michaela L. Cane

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Lynne Leslie

Maggie Rivers

Debra Gaskill/Anne Hunter Nash

Hope Daniels and Alicia Dawn

Bess Sturgis

Cynthia Carver

Aliya DalRae

KL Ramsey & BE Kelly

Harper Ray

Teresa Keefer

Aric H. Morrison

Susan Burdorf

Shelly Small

TJ Penn

Nikki Leigh

Albany Walker

Amy Stephens

Douglas McLeod

AMR Author Promotions

Elle James

PA Vachon

T. Elizabeth Guthrie/ T. E. Guthrie

Rose C Carole

Cynthia D'Alba

Roxanne Greening

Renee Shearer

Frankie Page

CA Miconi

Alyvia Paige

Haley Rhoades

Victoria Saccenti

Brian McCord

Nico Vazquez “Stiles”

Michelle Rene

JM Blake

Allie Marie

SP Photography

William Schlichter

Ariella Talix

Willow Sanders

Samantha A. Cole

Xana Jordan

Reece Taylor/Rhys Rowlyn

Melinda Falgoust

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott

M. M. Koenig

Marissa Ann

Kelly Seibold

Ann Rudesill

KC Poitras

Samantha Michaels

Lawrence Hall

Mary R. Woldering

Shannon Heighton Hicks

Erin Raegan

Debbie Mitchell

Liberty Parker

J.L. Leslie

Gail Haris

Daria M. Loshlin

Ashley Zakrzewski

Morgan Powell

Andrea Hagan

Cris Burl

Leigh Lennon

Michele Shriver

D. C. Gomez

Sionna Trenz

Devin Sloane

Nola Marie

Brianna West

Laura Ashwood

R.L. Merrill

K.G. Reuss

Jackie Paxson

Sadie Rose

Lexy Ray

Robbie Cox/R.C. Wynne

Chelle Rose

Vic Leigh

ML Nystrom

Naomi Springthorp

Harley Wylde

Tonya Clark

Ember-Raine Winters

Nancy Naigle

C. J. Baty

Marteeka Karland

de de Cox - Kentucky’s #1 Romance Author

Jessica S. Taylor

Gabrielle Delacourt

Whitney Dean

Brittany Ann

Morgan Gauthier

Hazel Starlene

Jewels Arthur

Drea Denae

Amanda Carol

MJ Mango

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