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Relevant Audiences

We provide recommendations to people who we know would be interested in your event or business

Authentic Storytelling

We tell your story that in a way that builds the bridge between you and your customer

Better Conversions

Relevant audiences, authentic story-telling, and being a trusted resource that provides recommendations to a local community results in higher conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Experience Team is available to grab content for any of our clients that are paying a minimum of 6 credits quarterly.

We reach millions of unique users across all of our platforms each month and tens of millions of impressions. Our focus is on providing relevant content to super specific audiences that want to see the content we provide. Traditional influencers or websites charge a fee or a CPM, we focus on reach and campaign goals, which may mean that a specific audience lives on a certain neighborhood page or guide, one social platform over another, etc. One thing we can tell you is that our model, assuming it is to one of our curated audiences, provides more exposure than that of an influencer or website. We tell a story on a specific social platform and then add gas to the fire with audiences that trust us and live on our platform. The combination of that ensures a more effective and targeted spend. I would ask that you take a step with us and compare what we do to other channels so you can see the value first hand.

We ask the right questions. Our goal when having conversations with our clients is to get to know anything and everything about their needs. For example, who are they trying to drive into their business/event, who is their current clientele/attendee, and how to increase client retention.

We actually have our own ticketing platform, and we’d be able to provide you with deeper insight on your ticket sales! Learn more here:

Let’s get to know each other a little better, before we determine if that would be the best value for you. Hey, maybe you’d like being featured on our Facebook better!

We work on a 3 week turn around time once your invoice has been paid. We want to make sure we give ourselves enough time to strategize and plan around your campaign to the best of our ability.