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An experience-based, hyper-local marketing platform, delivering targeted, conversion based-campaigns

About Us

Hyper-local marketers who have a fiery passion for our cities and all they have to offer

Storytellers that know how to appeal to a client's target audience

Complimenting the best of media in one hyper-local marketing platform

Trusted Experiential Platform

  • Curate
    Hyper-local Content with Authentic Storytelling
  • Develop
    Relevant Engagement and Conversion-Based Campaigns
  • Offer
    Meaningful and Personalized Opportunities as Recommendations
  • Target
    Specific audience segments through our Multi-Channel Reach
  • Capture
    Behavioral Data on where people go and why they spend their money
  • Solidify

Recommendations are stronger than Ads

Real life matters
We review the local market, and curate hyper-local recommendations based on specific interests, which leads to higher conversion rates.
Review sites (i.e. UNATION)

Published on in June 2020 | Data Source: Kantar Based on a survey of 7,753 connected consumers in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Spain, UK and the USA

We improve the traditional agency model by offering recommendations curated from trusted local experts.

Agencies run AD’s

Authentically local with a national reach

We gather data to learn what our hyper-local audience likes, and we tell stories of places they can visit IRL

  • Multi-channel discovery confirms building optimal engagement and conversion-based campaigns
  • Authentic storytelling with Smart-Geo targeting creates an emotional response that compels action
  • Cost effective campaigns reduce the “cost to acquire” a new consumer which improves “return on investment”
  • Passion Profile data create a clear path to consumers future intent and reinforce the virtuous marketing cycle

UNATION's use of smart data enables stronger relationships between your brand and the local community

  • Our hyper-local insights empower our decision-making to drive brand integration and acceptance to local audiences.
  • Our cost-effective campaigns improves your return on investment.
  • Our unique Passion Profiles are based on how people spend their time and money.

What we provide

Multiple ways to brag about you

Being the reason for bringing people together is the fastest way to become memorable. We’ve made it super simple to create a meaningful bond with your customers.

  • Create an event
  • Promote your event
  • Sell more tickets to your event

Incentivize Customers

Stop trying to figure out what people want! Instead, give someone a reason to come into your store by offering a unique deal. There is no better way to know what consumers love before you meet them.

  • Create awesome offers
  • We brag about you
  • You get new customers

Incentivize Customers with Multiple Deals

We get way more done together! We've made it effortless to partner up with neighboring businesses to create extraordinary experiences… and Insta-worthy moments that position your business as a FOMO establishment in your city.

  • Create an awesome experience
  • Partner with complementary businesses in your area
  • You get new customers

Local Presence Matters

What does your brand stand for? We've made it crazy easy to integrate your brand into a community by pairing you with relatable content created by locals. Let us authentically tell your story to people who would care.


Simple pricing model equates to phenomenal results

1 Credit

= $250

3 Credits


60 Credits

Max per Month (1 Metro)

Multiple Metros


Monthly Subscriptions Available and Preferred

90 Day Commitment

10% Discount (Min 4 Credits to Qualify)

180 Day Commitment

15% Discount (Min 10 Credits to Qualify)

365 Day Commitment

20% Discount (Min 24 Credits to Qualify)

Rush Promotions (If Available)

Less than 1 Week

3 Credit Surcharge

Less than 2 Weeks

2 Credit Surcharge

Less than 3 Weeks

1 Credit Surcharge