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Then, team up with one or more complementary brands in your area to drive more even more eager traffic to your business!


  • UNATION's technology provides businesses a unique multi-service platform to create offers, get promoted, review data, and more.

  • Team up with one or more complementary brands in your area to drive more even more eager traffic to your business!

  • Dramatically reduce your cost to acquire a new consumer or re-engage your existing clientele with unique offerings.

Perks of Offers + Experiences

Human Connection is more important now than ever. Let us help you create and grow meaningful relationships with your customers.

Offers + experiences are always an option no matter the budget. There is no cost associated to creating either one!

We strategically promote your offer or experience on our social platforms and relevant guides to the ideal target audience.

We keep it easy by curating all the best things to do in our cities, so users or businesses don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I create an offer with UNATION?
An offer is the perfect way to encourage new and existing customers to come into your business and enjoy personalized offers. Plus, it’s free to create!
How does the customer find these offers?
Offers are easily discovered on our website, app, and social platforms! We’ll use our expertise to showcase your offer on the best platform to reach the target audience.
How does the customer redeem these offers?
This will be up to the business’ discretion. We offer different solutions whether it’s a PDF, an email, a list, etc. You can discuss your options with a local Client Marketing Strategist.
How much value is recommended to include in an offer?
  • We will work together to create the perfect offer for your business and its existing/future customers. There is no minimum or maximum value requirement but we suggest things such as unique experiences, specialty items, something that’s too good to miss!
  • Total value: 0% Profit Share w/ Client = $750 –> 50% Profit Share w/ Client = $1500
How fast do these offers sell?
It varies depending on the offer. It could be overnight or it could take a few months. Our local Client Marketing Strategist can give you more insight once we learn more about what you are interested in offering.
What is the value or benefit for creating an offer?
Here’s just a few reasons to create an offer..
    1. It doesn’t cost a penny to create an offer
    2. Find out what your customers love before they even enter your business
    3. Have your business promoted on UNATION
    4. Reconnect with existing customers
What are some examples of offers I can create?
  • BOGO
  • % Off
  • Free product/service
Can I have different offers running at the same time?
Absolutely! The more the merrier 😉
Do I make money from creating an offer?
Yes! You can choose the option of profit sharing where you will receive a portion of each offer sold.
Do all activities included in an Experience need to be redeemed the same day?
No they do not, but we do build experiences where all activities are near each other so that the option is there.
What is the value for creating an Experience?
Here are just a few reasons to create an Experience..
  1. It doesn’t cost a penny to create an Experience
  2. It’s an opportunity to learn about what your customers love before they even enter your business
  3. It gets your business promoted on UNATION
  4. You get a change to reconnect with existing customers
Does my business make money from Experiences?
Yes, if you would like to learn more about this, please reach out to your UNATION contact and they’d be more than happy to assist!
Can I add stipulations to my part of the experience?
You certainly can, just be sure to communicate it with your UNATION contact. They’ll be able to ensure your requests are granted.
Where are these Experiences promoted? How often?
It’s all dependent on the Experience. We would place you on the platforms that your target audience resides in, and we will promote it until it sells out.
Can Experiences have an expiration date?
Yes! We just recommend giving it at least 30 days from purchase date so that everyone who purchased a voucher has a chance to experience your business.
What do I need to do to create an Experience?
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get connected to a local rep in your city, and they’ll help you with next steps.