HS Green - Fresh Food Kitchen

A 2nd Cup and the Local Fare For Local Freedom fundraising event.

Our audiences were reached through the following platforms:

Houston City Guide

UNATION has always revolved around bringing people together through events.  We shared several events hosted by House of Blues on our event discovery app and web platform, where we made sure they were front and center by selecting them as featured events. 

Facebook Pages

Every Monday we publish a new city guide sharing our top events and things to do from around Houston.  We featured House of Blues shows in our blog that was then shared on our Facebook and Instagram platforms and drove thousands of people to read more about the event.  We also shared information about the venue itself in a separate blog sending even more readers to the company website.

Stufftodo Instagram Features

We have a loyal following of over 30,000 people on our Houston Facebook page which allowed us to share information about concerts and shows with a highly targeted audience of people in search of something to do.  We were able to drive a large number of impressions organically, and increased our reach to even more people through boosted posts. 

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