Spider House Cafe and Ballroom

UNATION partnered up with Spider House Cafe and Ballroom to encourage our Stuff to Do in Austin followers and UNATION users to experience all the weird and funny moments at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom.
Spider House Hero Spider House Cafe 2022
Our audiences were reached through the following platforms:
Spider House Cafe 2022
Group 2696 Spider House Cafe 2022
Spider House Unation Spider House Cafe 2022

UNATION Platform

We presented Spider House Cafe and Ballroom as one of the most unique and eccentric venues in Austin on our event discovery web and app platform, UNATION.

Austin City Guide

Through our popular social media brand, Stuff to Do in Austin, we were able to showcase creative and quirky content to our users, specifically created at Spider House. This one of a kind content was presented on both Instagram and Facebook to a highly targeted audience.
Spider House City Guide Spider House Cafe 2022
Spider House Fb Spider House Cafe 2022

Facebook Pages

UNATION’s sole focus is connecting people through events in their local communities. Spider House Cafe and Ballroom was highlighted as a must visit venue in Austin if you want to experience what it means to keep Austin weird.

Stufftodo Instagram Features

Through the use of storytelling and creating original content with our City Managers, we designed the ideal vision for Spider House Cafe and Ballroom. This played a large role in capturing the attention of our audience on Instagram.
Spider House Ig Spider House Cafe 2022

By the numbers...

As an evolution, the social media posts became opportunities rather than another advertisement. This resulted in increased impressions, improved click-through rates, and a digital snapshot that helped increase awareness around Spider House Cafe and Ballroom and the experience it provides.




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