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5 Best Coffee Places in Memphis

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Welcome to the Feature blog, Memphis!

This month + onwards, we’ll be doing a Top 5 feature of some of our favorite spots in Memphis! For this month, we love a good opportunity to get some caffeine in us to drive us through the day or a nice little spot for the WFCS (work-from-coffee-shop) people. Come find these places for good eats, good treats, but most importantly: the good “bean”. Coffee bean. With that, let’s kick off this month’s line-up: 

Located in the heart of Midtown, this french-inspired bakery is sure to give you lots of feel-good vibes. 17 Berkshire is located within Overton Square! They specialize in pastries + delicious macarons to grab for yourself or your loved ones! The windows are bright + open, and a great place to do work with a coffee by your side.

Our Go-To Order:
🍨 : Blondie Brownie (S’mores but in the form of a yummy brownie), the Tropicana, literally any + all flavors of macarons! Especially the special Bertie Bots’ macarons from 17 Berkshire’s Harry Potter Weekend events.

☕️:  Iced Latte with Caramel + Vanilla syrup, sub for Oatmilk!

📍 : 2094 Trimble Pl, Memphis, TN 38104

2. City & State | Broad Arts District

Wow that patio 💓  This beautiful place is located in the Broad Avenue District! This coffee shop + store is City & State: designed to bring you nothing but love in a cup in their coffee craft + curating their shop to be filled with unique artwork and gift ideas.

Our Go-To Order:
🍨 : Cheese + ham croissant, Sticky buns, any of the bakery goods that rotate seasonally!

☕️:  Spiced Honey Almond Latte (Fall seasonal item), Smoky Salted Caramel Latte 

📍 : 

3. Tamp & Tap | Downtown Memphis

Meet Tamp & Tap: the sweet downtown location that lays tucked away on Gayoso Ave. The unique shop provides you the brews: and we mean both kinds! Have a beer or a coffee with this unique place to work or just hang out with the classic Super Nintendo game system hooked up with food + brews.

Our Go-To Order:

🍨 : Packard B-L-T, Pesto Melt off their menu of sandwiches + burritos!

☕️:  Tennessean, The Crescent, Hi-Octane! We HIGHLY recommend taking a shot of their espresso flavors too like Dread Pirate + John Wayne!

📍 : 122 Gayoso Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

4. French Truck Coffee | Crosstown Concourse

Located in the heart of Crosstown Concourse is a New Orleans coffee company that’s made its home in the Central Atrium. French Truck Coffee serves breakfast foods + lunch to accompany your favorite coffee or tea! This homey little spaces has a variety of seating to sit + relax with friends, or grind out a bit of remote work.

Our Go-To Order:

🍨 : Avocado Toast, Ham + Cheese Croissant, Waffle Sandwich!

☕️:  Iced Latte’s, any of the seasonal rotations, and the classic New Orleans Iced Coffee

📍 : 1350 Concourse Ave Memphis, TN 38104

5. Memphis Chess Club | Downtown Memphis

Down on Madison Ave, this homey little spot has multiple spots to hide away and work/study, or enjoy yourself a game of chess ♟  Memphis Chess Club will inspire the “studious” in you to get your work done while also keeping you caffeinated + filled with their delicious foods.

Our Go-To Order:

🍨 : A Loaded Croissant for breakfast or for lunch try their Pizza (made with handmade dough!)

☕️:  Iced Latte’s, any of the seasonal rotations, and the classic New Orleans Iced Coffee. FYI: All of their coffee is roasted In-house!

📍 : 1350 Concourse Ave Memphis, TN 38104

Delaina Carreras

Delaina Carreras

Delaina is a City Manager for UNATION and author of the Stuff to Do in Memphis City Guide. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Memphis area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinMemphis on Instagramand Facebook.