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10+ Speakeasies in Houston You Have to Try

  • January 06, 2023
  • | 14:04 PM

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There’s nothing more exciting than keeping a secret, and we’ve got a few secrets for you! One hot trend to get into are speakeasies, and Houston has plenty! Speakeasies in Houston offer so many experiences. You get class, mystery, and great cocktails. Speakeasy bars aren’t what they historically used to be but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them the same!

If you are ready to go on an adventure in Houston, then speakeasy bars are definitely the way to go. Check out these amazing speakeasies in Houston.

~Bandista Houston

Bandista @ Four Seasons

If you want to visit the more upscale speakeasies in Houston be sure to make a reservation at Bandista Houston. This quaint speakeasy is located in the Four Seasons Hotel. Bandista requires reservations due to its size. The speakeasy is located behind a secret bookshelf, and you can gain access when you book your reservation. The mystery of the bar is what lures everyone in and we love it!

@FAO Htx


One of our favorite speakeasy bars in Houston! This bar is designed to cater to your inner child. FAO means For Adults Only and that’s what we love! This speakeasy has a coded door that requires you to enter a access code. The fun part is the code changes, so you have to follow their instructions to gain access. Once inside you hop in the elevator and go up to your destination. FAO is an arcade style bar that has different areas to cater to different aesthetics. You will want to capture it all so make sure your camera is ready!

Amazing Speakeasy Bars in Houston are at Your Fingertips!

Wait there’s more! Check out these speakeasy bars in Houston you have to try!

Speakeasy bars are an amazing way to spice up any night! Make it a fun night for you and the gang! Check out each and every one and be sure to tag us along the way! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for more awesome places in Houston!