9 Ways to Treat Yourself: Valentine’s Day for Singles in Jacksonville!

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Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring. Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you can’t spend the day loving yourself. Whether you want to get outside or stay home, there are plenty of ways to celebrate yourself during the day of love. Here’s how to celebrate Valentine’s Day for singles in Jacksonville

Have a Spa Day

Schedule a visit One Ocean Spa and Resort for some well-earned me time. Experience the ultimate spa day with manicures and pedicures, aromatherapy massages, facials and more. Nothing says “self love” more than a relaxing day at the spa! 

It’s time to try new things! Jacksonville’s culinary experiences continue to grow with new places opening every month. Grab a few friends and try one of the 10+ new restaurants in Jacksonville or, order takeout and enjoy a movie night with yourself. Supporting local businesses is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day for singles.

📷 Sweet Pete's Candy

Chocolate makes everything better, amirite?!? Treat yourself to some goodies from any of Jacksonville’s fabulous candy shops. Along with traditional sweets, each candy shops puts out cute Valentine’s Day-themed candies and chocolates. Pro tip: Sweet Pete’s is selling costume Valentine’s Day hot cocoa bombs!

Whether it’s cooking or baking, head into the kitchen and try a new recipe! Throw on your favorite playlist and take the time to cook something special. We’ve included a list of local recipes to inspire  culinary juices. Plus, JAX Cooking Studio offers virtual classes, that allow you to practice new techniques and devour delish food after!  

Valentine’s Day is a day to show our favorite people that they are loved and valued. Gather a few friends and do a “Secret-Santa” style gift exchange! We’ve curate a list of cute local shops that are perfect for picking out unique gifts.  Make Valentine’s Day for singles fun by showing your best friends that you love them!

The new motto for Valentine’s Day for singles is DEF hakuna moscato. It means drink wine and join a wine club! Taverna offers a fab wine and cheese monthly subscription service. Each delivery is speciality curated by a team of talented individuals. Seriously…just image wine being delivered to your doorstep! Sounds like a good deal to us. 

Flowers brighten up any space and immediately put a smile on your face. Buying yourself a beautiful bouquet is a way of celebrating all of your accomplishments and a small reminder to love yourself. Floral Anthology offers monthly bouquet subscriptions, perfect for a moment of joy and happiness every few weeks. 

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Put the phone down, escape reality and go for a hike. Hiking allows you to connect with nature and hit the ‘reset’ button on all of life’s stresses. If you choose to hike by yourself, please pick a trail you are familiar with and is easy to navigate. Additionally, be sure to tell someone where you’re going…just to be safe! 

Brewhound Jacksonville Weekend Guide 9 Ways To Treat Yourself: Valentine'S Day For Singles In Jacksonville! 2022

Valentine’s Day for singles doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself…head over to BrewHound Dog Park with  your pup to meet someone new! Dogs are PERFECT conversation starters…we can confirm that they are the best “wing man.” Not only will your dog have a good time, you can enjoy an amazing meal and might even meet someone new! 

More Things to Do in Jacksonville

If you take part in any of our Valentine’s Day for singles suggestions, let us know! Tag us in your “self-love” Instagram and Facebook photos and use the hashtag #stufftodoinjacksonville. For more fun things to do in Jacksonville, download our app.

Happy Valentine’s Day, JAX! 

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