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A Day in Old Mexico and More Stuff to Do in San Antonio

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Happy Monday y’all and Happy National Selfie Day too! We’re definitely ready to keep the celebraciones (celebrations) going!

Since today is National Selfie Day, don’t forget to get those “fantastic shots;” especially with all the Fiesta fun still going on! Tag us on all your cool Instagram posts too, using #stufftodoinsanantonio.

There’s a FIESTA overload and we’re not mad! All events will be dedicated to FF (Fiesta Fun) like the United Way Kids Festival and A Day in Old Mexico & Charreada. Want to know about these events and more? Keep scrolling to learn more! A new week means TONS of awesome things to do in San Antonio for the whole family to enjoy.

Reminder: Due to COVID-19, we understand there’s not as much going on as normal in our city. But not to worry, there is still plenty of Stuff to Do in San Antonio This Weekend that can be done while social distancing. Be sure to double-check for any updates at events and venues before making plans to head out.

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1. FiestaGarten Fest

We’re ready to grab a pint of Paulaner, our favorite German beer at the FiestaGarten Fest. The festivities will be held at the Beethoven Männerchor which was founded in 1867 and has been dedicated to preserving the German Culture.

Home to the “Oldest active singing Society in Texas” you’ll get to celebrate Fiesta with a hint of authentic German style!

What to expect:

  • Delicious German food like Bratwurst and Ruben sandwiches
  • Over 20 beers on tap, like Paulaner and Bittburger, plus your fave American craft beers
  • Over a dozen of yummy wines
  • Appearances from King Antonio and El Rey Feo with their courts
  • Amazing live entertainment from
    • The 50-piece Beethoven Concert Band
    • The Beethoven Big Band
    • The Maennerchor men’s choir
    • The Damenchor women’s choir
    • Many more musical AND dance groups

Pre-sale tickets will be $8 and $10 at the gate. Don’t forget this is a pet friendly event too! Looks like we’re on our way to grab a Bavarian soft pretzel!

Event Details
🗓 Jun 25 | 5PM–11:59PM
📍 422 Pereida St

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2. United Way Kids Festival

Interested in different activities that are family friendly and help with childhood development? Then you don’t want to miss out on the United Way Kids Festival, drive thru edition.

The United Way Kids Festival will be the ONLY no-cost child Fiesta event happening on the East Side! Plus, not only will this event be FREE for all to enjoy, but there will be over “60 community partners” such as the SA Parks & Recreation Department and the Texas Cavaliers that will offer no cost for helpful resources.

Admission to this event is completely FREE, just make sure to RSVP. We’ll see you there friends, BEEP BEEP!

Event Details
🗓 Jun 25 | 10AM–2PM
📍 2915 E Commerce St

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3. Festival de Animales

We’re ready to celebrate GRAND like Blu and Jewel at Festival de Animales with all the beautiful, native animals from South and Central America. “Let me take you to Rio” is the energy we’re hoping for!

You can expect:

  • Amazing, colorful entertainment
  • Delicious food tours that will showcase Latin America at the zoo restaurants
  • Pop-up booths to shop for favorite and new finds too!

Our favorite part about Festival de Animales is that there will be loads of “up-close and personal” opportunities to have with all the animals. Here’s to hoping we get to feed some yummy snacks to Timothy and take some GREAT selfies!

Keep in mind that Festival de Animales is included and part of the regular zoo admission and free for members. See you there!

Event Details
🗓 Jun 26 | 10AM–5PM
📍 3903 N St Mary’s St

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4. A Day in Old Mexico & Charreada

Grab your boots and lasso because we’re on our way to have some great times at A Day in Old Mexico and Charreda. 

You’ll get to learn all about the official sport that was inspired by the traditional, American Rodeo and how it’s been around in San Antonio since 1947. Plus, get familiarized with tons of info on the culture and customs too!

You can expect:

  • Beautiful ballet Folklorico performance
  • Amazing live mariachi entertainment
  • Delicious foods to be purchases
  • Shop for unique items from dozens of vendors

Tickets will be available at the gate for $20. Don’t forget your charreda hat friends!

Event Details
🗓 Jun 27 | 3PM–5:30PM
📍 6126 Padre Dr

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5. Celebrations of Traditions Pow Wow

Our intentions for the year are still to learn as much as possible. Whether it be work related, things that we find interesting like video games, or learning about our friends and neighbors. At the Celebration of Traditions Pow Wow, you’ll do just that, learn!

You can expect to:

  • To practice and participate tribal traditions 
  • Learn, teach, and exchange tribal traditions with other tribes
  • Understand and help breakdown unreal stereotypes about American Indians
  • Gain knowledge on the history and culture

This Pow Wow helps American Indian people celebrate their heritage with each other, and the San Antonio community too. 

This fun and knowledgeable event is completely FREE, family, and FUR fam friendly! So bring your doggies along!

To learn more about the San Antonio Pow Wow, please click here.

Event Details
🗓 Jun 26 | 11PM–4PM
📍 6030 Padre Dr

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Before You Go...

We know not everyone is ready to be out and about just yet, and we encourage you to do what is best for yourself and your family during this time.  

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