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Adventure Science Center is Opening an Awesome New Exhibit!

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It’s time to break out that inner Calvin Harris! Why? Because “I Found You” the PERFECT experience to fill your summer with. 

We’re SO excited to tell you that the Adventure Science Center is launching TWO permanent exhibits: soundBox and Innovation Incubator!

soundBox: Adventure Science Center's Newest Exhibit

The soundBox exhibit will let you explore the science of music and sound through 14 experiences while celebrating Nashville’s Music City roots.

So what can you actually do in this hands-on (literally!) exhibit? Create your own musical tracks by collaborating with friends, test your vocal chops in the Vocal Studio, explore the science of immersive sound, visualize notes and beats on glowing walls, and adjust the pitch and volume of sounds and tones in full-body experiences.

You can even sing or speak to see your own vocal patterns on a digital wall, or scan your fingerprint to create unique songs and animations to share with all of your friends! How cool is that?! We say pretty darn cool.

Adventure Science Center also made sure to connect soundBox to Nashville’s music scene. They’ve partnered with music industry professionals in the area to help you explore the different career paths in music and sound, so you can be more aware of all the creative opportunity there is in Music City!

Innovation Incubators: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Now, let’s talk some more about the re-opening of Innovation Incubator! Both of these exhibits go hand-in-hand and highlight the need for fun, immersive education in all things creative!

This exhibit is described as “a high-tech STEAM-rich environment that uses hands-on learning, advanced technologies, and free discovery to foster innovation and creativity.”

The exhibit will be open from 1PM–3PM throughout the month of July so you can learn more about the cutting-edge technology available in the space. From 3D printers and laser cutters to coding stations and robotics, Innovation Incubator will be holding amazing workshops all year long.

We’ve never experienced anything like this!

What to Know Before You Go

Here are a few things to know to while planning your trip to Adventure Science Center:

You should definitely check out BOTH of these amazing and innovative exhibits, and everything else going on!

Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new passion!

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McKennan Henninger

McKennan Henninger

McKennan is the City Manager for UNATION and author of the   Stuff to Do in Nashville Blog. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Nashville area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinNashville on Instagram and Facebook.

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