A Guide To The Best Attractions in Squirrel Hill

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Pittsburgh is home to some of the best and most fun things to see and do. With many of its neighborhoods rich with deep history, the Steel City is an endless ‘rabbit hole’ of history and fun. One of those vibrant neighborhoods is Squirrel Hill, the well-known Jewish neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We are giving up our list of top attractions in Squirrel Hill just for you.

Top Attractions in Squirrel Hill

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📷 Patrick Lydon

Where history and beauty come together to create a concoction of fun-filled memories and knowledge. Schenley Park, on its own, just from the view, should be admired in awe by all. With historical statues and beautiful gardens, you can mosey around one of Pittsburgh’s finest parks and get a taste of the city. If you are looking for fun and family attractions in Squirrel Hill, your best bet is to take a walk to Schenley Park.

For the ones who are fascinated by history, Schenley also has you covered! The Neill Log House is the oldest housing structure in Pittsburgh, dating to 1765. If you want to see Pittsburgh’s world and where it started, visit the log house.

Daily | Dawn–Dusk

📍 Schenley Park

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📷 Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

We all know regardless of how much you love a city, sometimes it can be too fast, too loud, and if you don’t slow yourself down, you might go insane. Well, we have two more attractions in Squirrel Hill that can cure your city slicker blues. Frick Park is one of the area’s largest regional parks with over 644 acres of hiking trails, woodlands, and all that other good nature stuff we know you love.

Sometimes you need to relax and slow down, Frick Park can help with that, and it’s incredible Frick Environmental Center. Learn about experimental environment projects that are fun for kids and adults. So no one can miss out on the beauty of science, and it gets even better- it’s all free.

Monday–Sunday | 6:00am–11:00pm

📍 Frick Park

Saturday–Sunday | 10:00am–4:00pm

📍Frick Environmental Center

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📷 The Manor Theatre

Another piece of Pittsburgh history is one of the hottest movie-going attractions in Squirrel Hill. The Manor Theatre is the oldest independent theatre in the city. With select films and documentaries playing, you can see Wes Anderson’s French Dispatch and Matt Damon’s The Last duel right down the hall from each other.

Stocked and loaded with a full cocktail bar, grab a drink before or after the show. Talk about how you hated or loved what you saw with laughs and drinks in your hand. Let date night get even more fun when you visit The Manor Theatre.

Monday-Sunday | 3:00pm–11:00pm

📍 1729 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Squirrel Hill Market A Guide To The Best Attractions In Squirrel Hill 2022
📷 Squirrel Hill Market

Attractions in Squirrel Hill don’t all have to be just nature, history, and art films. You can also get a shopping spree going. With all the cute little shops and restaurants, you’ll find something to take home and sink your teeth in. After a long day of hiking out at the parks and seeing beautiful scenery, you might need to head to Pamela’s Diner to grab a bite to eat.

Check out Commonplace Coffee to start your fun-filled day off right and head over to Games Unlimited to keep the fun going even after you’ve left Squirrel Hill. Let your stomach and wallets be satisfied and your days full of fun when you explore all of our favorite shops!

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All the hard work of figuring out what to do on your next outing is already complete. With our list of fun-filled attractions in Squirrel Hill, it doesn’t matter what you choose because we guarantee a good time. Trust us, we’re professionals. If you have any questions, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Plus, download the UNATION app for more exciting things to do in Pittsburgh!

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