9+ Snazzy Austin Speakeasies: Best Kept Secrets

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Speakeasies are growing in popularity despite their secretive nature. Although they can be exclusive, we’ve got some tea on the hotspots and some tips on how to get into them. Join in with the coolest locals and check out these Austin speakeasies for a one-of-a-kind night. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it a secret if you can. Shhhh!

Floppy Disk 9+ Snazzy Austin Speakeasies: Best Kept Secrets 2022

Floppy Disk Repair

From the street, this spot looks like a run-down shop with a plain “Floppy Disk Repair” sign marking the entrance. But when you get inside after acquiring the secret door code, you’ll find a vibrant cocktail bar, equipped with eclectic decor like taxidermy, Oujia boards, swings, and a neon sign reading “mmm… your hair smells pretty.”

Trust us, the effort to get inside is worth it!


Austin Speakeasies
Austin Speakeasies

In Plain Sight

Trust us when we say you’ll love In Plain Sight. It’s a very intimate, 8-seat, neighborhood-style cocktail bar. You can enjoy it whether you’re out and about running errands nearby and need a pick me up or stop by in the evening after work, these European-style cocktails will cheer you right up! You don’t need reservations and it’s walk-ins only. 

Sip on a Caribbean Dream to forget about anything and everything, cheers! 


Img 8146 9+ Snazzy Austin Speakeasies: Best Kept Secrets 2022


If you’re not actively searching for this relaxed, intimate spot, you’ll definitely miss it. Garage is an unassuming bar in a hip, midcentury-inspired space. When you’re on Colorado Street, look for a parking garage directly south of Dirty Sixth, and follow the entryway until you reach the door. Cocktails marks the spot!


Austin Speakeasies
Austin Speakeasies
Austin Speakeasies

The Treasury

We love that Austin Speakeasies always have a fun theme. With that being said, you’ll want to pay a visit to the newest local bank in Austin, The Treasury! “The bank tellers” whip up an amazing Espresso Martini and Jungle Bird, especially during the $7 Happy Hour from 6-8pm. 

Want to pair your cocktails with some delicious bites? You’ll love everything offered at Golden Castle from shareable Castle Sliders to Mozz Sticks!

No reservations are needed. All you’ve got to do is #followthegreenlignt. Cheers and we’ll see y’all there!

🗓FRI & SAT | 6PM–1AM

Img 7446 2 9+ Snazzy Austin Speakeasies: Best Kept Secrets 2022

Eden Cocktail Room

This is one of our favorite speakeasies in Austin because the drinks are absolutely unreal! There wasn’t a single one that we didn’t like, we aren’t sure we can even pick a fave. This speakeasy erupts as a paradise lost, offering up some of the finest boutique cocktails and liquors available. Keep an eye out for the red light in the alleyway, sneaky!


Austin Speakeasies

Here Nor There

Here Nor There has an exclusive feel, as guests have to make a reservation on an app to get in, or become a member for an annual fee. However, the experience is completely worth it! This stylish bar features an eclectic design and globally-inspired cocktails that are brought to you by servers.

With some of the best drinks in town and a vibrant atmosphere, it easily makes the list as one of our favorite Austin speakeasies. 


Milonga Room 9+ Snazzy Austin Speakeasies: Best Kept Secrets 2022

Milonga Room

Tucked beneath Buenos Aires Cafe, Milonga Room is a 1920s-themed speakeasy serving as an intimate, exclusive environment for Austinites. Be sure to book a reservation in order to get in, then enjoy the vintage aesthetic and Latin American-influenced cocktails and amaros!


Austin Speakeasies

Techo Mezcaleria & Agave Bar

Austin speakeasies are all just as fabulous as this one. Located above Mi Madre’s Restaurant, near Cherrywood Coffee, is Techno Mezcaleria & Agave Bar. It’s a speakeasy setting with a fantastic outdoor patio! This spot features Mezcal and Agave cocktails with bold flavors like pineapple, pickled grape, sage, and chili, with an old Western vibe. 

🗓SAT | 5PM–1AM
🗓SUN | 4PM–10PM

Austin Speakeasies

Midnight Cowboy

One of Austin’s most well-known and oldest speakeasies is Midnight Cowboy, a spot with a hip vibe and old-school cocktail menu. But you can’t just walk into this incredible experience.

Make sure to book a reservation a couple weeks in advance and be prepared to jump through a few hoops to get in. Something this good can’t come too easy, right?

🗓WED-SAT | 5PM–11:45PM
🗓SUN | 5PM–11PM

Austin Speakeasies

Firehouse Lounge

This speakeasy is located on the ground floor of Firehouse Hostel and requires you to slide a bookshelf to the side to access it. Once you’re inside Firehouse Lounge, you’ll find a cozy lounge with a sleek interior and old-world charm, eclectic live music, and incredible craft cocktails with local ingredients!


Austin Speakeasies

The Continental Club

Start your weekend on a high note! This legendary South Congress club is a must-visit for local Austinites and visitors. Known as “the granddaddy of live music venues,” the Continental Club features rock, country, jazz, and blues acts in a retro atmosphere.

It has established a worldwide reputation and features both local and national acts! Be sure to grab a picture in front of the iconic neon sign above the entrance!

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