Our Favorite Bars in Squirrel Hill

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Pittsburgh neighborhoods are some of the most fun and cool places to check out, and Squirrel Hill is one of them. Long famed for having a large part of Pittsburgh’s Jewish population, this neighborhood is where history and fun come together. Grab your friends and put your drinking shoes on because we’re showing you the best bars in Squirrel Hill!

Hidden Harbor 1 Our Favorite Bars In Squirrel Hill 2022
📷 Hidden Harbor

Hidden Harbor

Summer is right around the corner and we are feelin’ it! Hidden Harbor has got that island feeling and we’re here for it. A tiki bar serving up Polynesian-style cocktails and daiquiris will give you a peaceful easy feeling. Have a cheeseburger in paradise at where no shaker of salt is ever lost. Even if they are, we won’t blame you, have fun and drink some island water at one of the best bars in Squirrel Hill.

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 5:00pm–11:00pm
Wednesday | 5:00pm–11:00pm
Thursday | 5:00pm–11:00pm
Friday | 5:00pm–11:00pm
Saturday | 5:00pm–11:00pm
Sunday | 5:00pm–11:00pm

📍 1708 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Independent Brewing Company 1 1 Our Favorite Bars In Squirrel Hill 2022
📷 Independent Brewing Company

Independent Brewing Company

This place is anything and everything Western PA. Independent Brewing Company is brewing you up a good time. With craft beer brewed right here in this half of the state, you will find all things good and local. Down-home and proud in a relaxed tavern setting, set your sights on one of the best local bars in Squirrel Hill. A watering hole that feels like home, you’ll never want to leave this place!

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 4:00pm–11:00pm
Wednesday | 4:00pm–11:00pm
Thursday | 4:00pm–11:00pm
Friday | 4:00pm–11:00pm
Saturday | 4:00pm–11:00pm
Sunday | 4:00pm–11:00pm

📍 1704 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

The Warehouse Our Favorite Bars In Squirrel Hill 2022

The Warehouse Pub & Grub will bet you that you haven’t been to a real bar until you’ve been to their joint! Do you feel lucky? Because it’s a win-win, either grab a drink and have a good time or they win, and you grab a drink and have a good time. Oh and did we mention they have Taco Tuesday?! We’d say that’s a win-win-win! A place for anyone who likes to have a good time, come to The Warehouse.

Monday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Tuesday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Wednesday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Thursday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Friday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Saturday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Sunday | 4:00pm–2:00am

📍1731 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Bars In Squirrel Hill

Murray Ave Grill

This may be the last one on our list but it is surely not the last one in our hearts. Murray Ave Grill is one of our favorite spots for happy hour any day of the week. The food is great and the drinks are even better. We always feel like we’re right at home here and will you too!

Monday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Tuesday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Wednesday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Thursday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Friday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Saturday | 4:30pm–9:30pm
Sunday | 4:30pm–9:30pm

📍 1720 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

More Bars in Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill Sports Bar | More beer on tap than you can count, this top notch sports bar will wet your whistle with a drink and a good time 

Thai Tapas and Wine Bar | A melting pot of flavors, this Thai place will have you sipping delicious wine and good food all night long 

Mineo’s | You already know we love Mineo’s but have you checked out their bar?!

More Fun things To Do in Pittsburgh

Make your next drinks out on the town be to die for because the fun is just about to start. You can’t go wrong grabbing a drink and sharing good times with any of these bars in Squirrel Hill. We guarantee it! Take a date or best friend to make a night you won’t want to forget.

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