BBQ in East Austin, 7 Spots to Enjoy Today!

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Finger licking good, that’s Texas comfort food for you. Devour some BBQ in East Austin today. Trust us, you won’t regret it! No matter the season, the juicy goodness is available all year round. Whether you’re in the mood for brisket, barbecue chicken, or loaded ribs, make your way to one of our favorite spots today!

Bbq In East Austin

Rollin Smok BBQ

Picture this: homemade spicy slaw, smoked mac and cheese, BBQ pulled pork tacos, and a yummy brisket sandwich. These are just a few items off the Rollin Smok BBQ menu. What makes this place so unique is the different flavor and style they use in their meats. Do not come expecting a traditional Texas barbecue, instead expect a unique plethora of spices infused to create classics leaving you wanting to come back for more. This restaurant in East Austin is sure to leave your taste buds.

FRI & SAT | 11AM–10PM

Bbq In East Austin

La Barbecue

In this case, “La” is referring to the first name of the co-owner Mueller. La Barbecue is one of the holy grails of the East Austin BBQ scene. Here customers will find that the place specializes in salty and savory (never sweet) BBQ foods. The beef is sourced from a local ranch where everything is grass fed and hormone free. All orders are presented on a butcher paper-lined red tray. Some yummy menu items to try are the brisket chili, house made chipotle sausage sandwich, half pound brisket, jalapeño sausage, and the winner red rocket hot dogs. Make sure to add a note in your calendar and come on Sundays if you want to take part of the Sunday Specials they offer on the menu.

Bbq In East Austin

Franklin Barbecue

Texans take their barbecue pretty seriously. If you love and care about BBQ as much as Franklin Barbecue, you are going to keep wanting more when you taste a bite of this place delicious goodness. This BBQ in East Austin takes pride in the tiny details-including the sauce. Regardless of the meal you choose, there are three different sauces one must try. Whether it be sauce on ribs, poultry, pizza! These sauces will add that extra oomph to your meal that your taste buds will be craving for more. One thing to note is that currently the dining room is closed, however, you can order up to three days in advance for quick and convenient curbside pickup. A go to spot for BBQ in East Austin!


Bbq In East Austin

Kerlin BBQ

Kelin’s menu is simple, yet delicious. This food trailer is located on E Cesar Chavez St in the heart of East Austin. They have the perfect amount of Texas BBQ essentials that are needed. Kelin occasionally has live music performances that enhances the experience of customers enjoying the food while being entertained.

Bbq In East Austin
📷 Sam’s BBQ

Sam’s BBQ

There’s something about a community staple, family run business. That is exactly what Sam’s BBQ is all about. They take pride in cooking all the meat in-house on an indoor brick pit for more than forty years. They also have some of the juiciest ribs, tenderloin, and briskets around town. No matter the meal, Sam’s BBQ is dedicated to making delicious BBQ for everyone to enjoy. Some say it gets so popular that it is best to get there early to beat the lines!

SUN & MON | 10AM–8PM

Bbq In East Austin

J. Leonardis Barbeque

At J. Leonardis, the chef smokes meat the way his uncle taught him in the former freedmen’s town of St. John Colony. This BBQ joint operated out of a food truck, offering a wide selection of classic southern-style comfort food. They serve all the different smoky sandwiches, flavorful briskets and wraps that you can imagine at great prices. For some great entertainment, they occasionally have live music and outdoor seating for people to enjoy the fresh outdoors. This spot is perfect for lunch and dinner. A definite must to add to your bucket list of places in East Austin to check out.

SUN | 11AM-3PM

Bbq In East Austin
📷 EastSide Tavern

EastSide Tavern

EastSide Tavern is a modern, rustic restaurant that not only serves some of the best BBQ in East Austin, but some mighty good craft beers and cocktails. Here you will certainly come tasting authentic Texas barbecue that your taste buds will surely love. It is people’s go to spot for beer and weekend brunch! A sure favorite besides the delicious ribs and pulled pork is the BBQ loaded baked potato and the over-the-top Heartstopper burger.  

BBQ in East Austin

BBQ is certainly one of the holy grails in Texas food culture. After all, barbecue attracts, people, entertainment, comfort, and laughter. It’s a type of food that brings people together. Whether it be sweet barbecue, tangy barbecue, Texas-style barbecue is great for all! Grab a friend, and make sure to check out one of the above best BBQ in East Austin.  

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