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The Best Coffee Spots to Study at in Houston

  • March 09, 2023
  • | 16:58 PM

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It can be difficult getting into the mindset to work and study. That’s why it’s so much easier to do so when you are surrounded by other people in a cute coffee shop that gets you in the zone. Ditch your bedroom or campus library because we have the best coffee shops to study at in Houston! Good study habits plus great coffee always ends up with a successful day of work being done!

Tout Suite

Located perfectly in EADO, Tout Suite is such a vibe and one of the best coffee shops to study at during the day and even at night. Tout Suite is 15 minutes away from schools like the University of Houston, Rice University, and the University of St. Thomas. Its location makes it an easy drive (or Uber ride) for most students. Tout Suite offers a wide area for seating, amazing coffee, food, fresh baked goods, juice, and more. You can literally be here from morning to afternoon and have all the drinks and food you need to keep you energized. Plus, once your done studying they even have alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments.


Mon-Fri: 8:00a.m.-11:00p.m.
Sat-Sun: 9:00a.m.-11:00p.m.

📍2001 Commerce St.
Houston, TX 77002

A 2nd Cup

Study while supporting a great cause. A 2nd Cup is a nonprofit coffeeshop with a mission to end human trafficking in Houston. Every purchase of coffee helps fund restoration and healing. What great way to make a difference in your community while accomplishing your goals, AKA studying. A 2nd Cup opens up at 7:30a.m., so get in there early, find a table and knock out your work!


Mon-Sun: 7:30a.m.-2:00p.m.

📍4928 Fulton St, Suite A
Houston, TX 77009

La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land Kind Cafe is one of the best coffee shops to study at and support an ongoing cause. La La Land Kind Cafe is super airy and open on the inside and brightens up your day. They have a purpose of hiring foster youth and giving them opportunities and resources that they may not have access too. Plus, each cup of coffee has a kind note on it to cheer up your day, their mission is to normalize kindness. With a wide range of coffee and food options, you will definetly find something you love here and leave with a smile on your face.


Mon-Sun: 6:30a.m.-7:00p.m.

📍600 N Shepherd Dr Suite 140
Houston, TX 77007

Bitty & Beau's

Study at this amazing coffee shop located right in Rice Village. The newly opened Bitty and Beau’s Coffee is all about changing the way people see, love, and include other people. Started by Amy and Ben  Wright who have four beautiful children, one with autism and two with down syndrome. Their mission in life is to create a path for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become more valued, accepted, and included in every community. They offer everything from coffee, to apparel. This coffeeshop has tons of room for you to sit and settle down to study.


Mon-Sun: 8:00a.m.-6:00p.m.

📍2367 Rice Blvd
Houston, Texas

Eden Plant Co.

Eden Plant Co. is one of the most unique and best coffee shops to study at. They are a coffee shop combined with a nursery for plants. When you visit you will transported into a variety of green all around you while you enjoy coffee. Enter into this urban jungle and be refreshed with the clean, green air. Surrounded by greenery, it’s a great place to refresh your mind and get some work done.


Mon-Sat: 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
Sun: Closed

📍3401 Harrisburg Blvd Suite J
Houston, TX 77003

HeBrews Coffeehouse

If you are looking for a cute coffee shop with amazing drinks while studying, than HeBrews Coffeehouse is the place to be. During the holidays, they have seasonal coffees, which are not just cute, but delicious. They also offer coffee flights, so you can load up on your caffeine before hitting the books. HeBrews Coffeehouse makes you feel right at home, they warmly welcome you in and make you feel comfortable. It’s a great chill spot to visit.

The List Continues ☕️

There are so many of the best coffee shops to study at, you must try them all!

The Time to Study Has Arrived!

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