Best Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in Atlanta

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Halloween is coming soon and you have to be ready for this super fun holiday, Atlanta!

Whether the costumes are spooky or cutesy, children and adults will be ready to descend door to door al throughout Atlanta for the night’s spooky celebration. Carrying a basket of candies and a flashlight, now is the time to make sure you’re ready to go. We have a shortcut to ensure that you have an even more fun and efficient night. Make sure you keep reading for the Best Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in Atlanta!

Margaret Mitchell Neighborhood is known for its huge influx of kids on Halloween night. It sits between Moore’s Mill Road to the south, I-75 to the east, and the Paces neighborhood to the west. The more popular areas are in the streets around Morris Brandon Primary Center.

This one-square-mile area will be the best selection for your trick-or-treat Halloween celebration because they have a lot of activities to entertain your ghastly crew! Don’t forget to invite all your family members, friends, and relatives to this neighborhood, we’re sure they will not be disappointed with the super fantastic Halloween setting to trick-or-treat in Atlanta.

📍Margaret Mitchell, Atlanta, GA 30327

Looking for an outdoor spot for a really fun two hours of trick-or-treating before you spend the rest of the night celebrating Halloween? You can come to Midtown. You need to visit Penn Avenue and Myrtle Street, where Midtown is located. Get a ticket in advance, you only need to donate $20 to come with your family!

📍Midtown, Atlanta, GA 30309

Want to welcome in Halloween with a bang? Ashford Park Neighborhood in Brookhaven has a designated pedestrian area celebrating the spookiest night of the year. This place is suitable for those of you who have toddlers because it has a playground like “push toy park”, they’ll feel more relaxed before approaching the night’s peak!

📍Ashford Park, Brookhaven, GA

If come across elaborately decorated houses, sidewalks, and lots of street lights, 9 times out of 10 you’re in Virginia-Highland. Not only should you visit to try their bars and restaurants, but the location is also great for celebrating Halloween and trick-or-treating in Atlanta. It might be a little on the scarier side for young kids, however it’s the perfect place for adults! Your trick-or-treating experience will be much more fun!

📍Virginia-Highland, Atlanta, GA 30306

You will have an unforgettable trick-or-treat celebration in this neighborhood because the houses are decorated very creepily with the perfect spooky atmosphere. A perfect backdrop for Halloween night! This neighborhood will be scarier than others, due to the victorian style houses. They are much scarier on Halloween in comparison to your average home! We can proudly say that this is one of the best Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in Atlanta.

📍Inman Park, Atlanta, GA 30307

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