BEST Places to Live at USF

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Want to know what is the BEST place to live at during your time on campus? Living on campus during your four years will completely enhance your college experience. It allows you to meet more people and fully immerse yourself in the college student life. The University of South Florida offers many housing options to fit every ones needs and here are the BEST options for you!

Village Usf Stufftodoatusf Best Places To Live At Usf 2022

The dorms on campus are separated into categories: Traditional, Suite, & Apartment styles.

Traditional: Beacon, Beta, Castor, Endeavor, Horizon, Pinnacle, Summit

Traditional style dorms are the stereotypical dorms you may see in tv shows or movies. They have communal bathrooms for each floor to use as well as shared rooms with another student.

Suite: Beacon, Cypress, Endeavor, Horizon, Juniper-Poplar, Maple, Pinnacle, Summit

Suite style dorms are the most popular option. While you still share a room with another student, you only have to share your bathroom with 1-3 people. USF does offer Single Suite style dorms where you would have your own room and bathroom, but it wouldn’t be like the Apartment style where you have the shared common space.

Juniperpoplar Usf Stufftodoatusf Best Places To Live At Usf 2022

Apartment: Cypress, Holly, Kosove, Magnolia

Apartment style dorms allow you to have your own room, but you share a bathroom with only 1 person. The entire apartment houses 4 people with individual rooms, two bathrooms, & a shared common area with a kitchen and living room. This is a great option if you prefer to have privacy and the space to cook your own food.

Greek Village: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Nu, Zeta Beta Tau, Zeta Tau Alpha

Another way you can live on campus is if you are in a sorority or fraternity and you move into their on campus house. These are offered in the Traditional style and they are located in Greek Village.