The Locals Love These 6 Restaurants in Fairmount

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One of the best and most underrated neighborhoods in Philly has got to be Fairmount. The restaurants in Fairmount are authentic, cozy, and always a good time. The Fairmount neighborhood is typically known as the museum area, where art museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, and the Rodin bring countless people to visit Philly every single year. We’re familiar with Fairmount for its beautiful museums, but we’re also regulars in the neighborhood for some of the best bars, restaurants, and atmosphere in the entire city!

 We looked around, asked a few questions, and got a bunch of answers, and we’ve compiled the six most favored restaurants in Fairmount! 

Restaurants In Fairmount

The Black Taxi

The Black Taxi is Philly’s home for English Premier League games and all NFL and NCAA games. They pride themselves on it! The Black Taxi is an Irish-American pub located in Fairmount that has a relaxed and super comfortable atmosphere. If you want to see a game and hang out with a group of friends in the Fairmount area, the Black Taxi should be your first stop! 

🍴Our favorite bites at the Black Taxi are the Sausage Rolls and the Black Taxi Burger🍴  

Monday – Friday |  11:00am–2:00am
Saturday & Sunday | 10:00am–2:00am

📍 745-747 N. 25th St. Philadelphia, PA 19130

Restaurants In Fairmount

The Fairview

Another restaurant in Fairmount favored by the locals is The Fairview! This restaurant has a loyal customer base for a reason. Great bites, updated look & atmosphere, and the friendliest staff. The Fairview is always a hit when we get the crew together for a casual bite during the week or a night out on the weekends!

🍴Our favorite bites at The Fairview are the Short Rib and the Cauliflower Chili🍴  

Monday – Thursday | 4:00pm–12:00am
Friday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Saturday | 11:00am–2:00am
Sunday | 11:00am–12:00am

📍601 N. 21st St. Philadelphia, PA  19130

Restaurants In Fairmount

Umai Umai

Our favorite restaurants in Philly are the ones that are so nice, they named them twice (that will be the first and last dad joke today, we promise). Umai Umai is Fairmount’s most delicious sushi bar, and another one with a great and loyal customer base. Can you sense the trend here? Umai Umai is best known for their intimate atmosphere and electric sushi rolls and entrees!

🍴Our favorite bites at Umai Umai are the Spirited Away roll, the 4-8-15-16-23-43 (or the “numbers roll”), and the Miso-Marinated Chilean Sea Bass🍴  

Monday – Thursday | 5:00pm–9:30pm
Friday & Saturday |  5:00pm–10:30pm
Sunday | Closed

📍 533 N. 22nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19130

Restaurants In Fairmount

Tela's Market & Kitchen

Tela’s Market & Kitchen is one of the only one-stop-shop restaurants in Fairmount for every meal, including happy hour! Tela’s is chic and refreshing, with friendly staff and lively vibes. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a big meal, and/or a light buzz. We love getting friends together for a reservation at Tela’s Market & Kitchen!

🍴Our favorite cocktails at Tela’s Market & Kitchen are the Poplar spritz and the Taylor cocktail. Our favorite bites are the Squid Ink Linguini and the Burrata Toast🍴

Monday & Tuesday | 8:00am–3:00pm
Wednesday – Saturday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–4:00pm

📍 1833 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19130

Restaurants In Fairmount

Zorba's Tavern

Greek out at Zorba’s Tavern! Zorba’s is easily one of the best Greek restaurants in Fairmount, let alone in the entire city. Zorba’s family roots are very prominent throughout their authentic and beyond delicious menu. Enjoy “Philadelphia’s little corner of Greece” right in Fairmount!

🍴Our favorite bites at Zorba’s Tavern have got to be the Chicken Souvlaki and the Cold Appetizer sampler🍴

Tuesday – Thursday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Friday & Saturday | 11:30am–9:30pm
Sunday | 1:00pm–9:00pm
Monday | Closed

📍 2230 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia , PA 19130

Restaurants In Fairmount

Las Cazuelas Fairmount

It’s time for the yummiest burritos in the neighborhood! Las Cazuelas Fairmount is our go-to for dining in and takeout on Taco Tuesdays, Salsa Saturdays, and beyond. Las Cazuelas is one of our favorite restaurants in Fairmount for their always fresh ingredients, homemade dishes, and dedication to their customers. Will you be ordering with us tonight?

🍴Our favorite bites at Las Cazuelas are the Shrimp Ceviche and the El Tejano Burrito🍴

Thursday – Saturday | 3:00pm–1:00am
Sunday |  3:00pm–12:00am
Monday & Tuesday | 3:00pm–1:00am
Wednesday | Closed

📍 3300 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Getting the boo, the fam, or the crew together for dinner tonight? Try out one of these 6 authentic, delicious, and local go-to restaurants in Fairmount! There’s something for everyone in this neck of the woods. 

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Lindsay Nathanson

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