How to Celebrate Earth Day in Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities

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Looking for fun, outdoorsy plans to celebrate Earth Day in Austin? With amazing weather, the springtime activities are endless! Lucky you, we’ve put together this guide for all the fun possibilities to enjoy that day. Get your steps in, soak up the sun rays,or splash around. Check out these awesome locations to hit up for the perfect outdoor activity this week!

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

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Ann Trail How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Ann and Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail

There are lake views and then there are lake views from the Ann and Roy Butler trail. Once you hit the ground on the trail, you won’t want to stop! The views of the downtown skyscrapers are spectacular. 

The trail passes along the best parts of Lady Bird Lake, taking you through east, central, and south of downtown. Pro tip: Pick a spot to enter where you can find parking! The trail is wide and has many areas of shade to relieve you from the heat, making it ideal for bikers, runners, and walkers. There are even areas where you can stop and enjoy the views from small patios.

📍 Trail end points: 

  • Longhorn Shores Park at S. Pleasant Valley Rd. 
  • Eilers Park at Deep Eddy Ave. and Foster Ave.
Greenbelt How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Barton Creek Greenbelt

You’re going to love the greenbelt if you’ve never been. It has something for everyone! Want to hike? You can do that. Want to swim. You can do that, too. Want to bird watch? Yep, you can even do that!

The Barton Creek Greenbelt starts at Zilker and goes all the way to west Austin. It definitely takes some planning. Different parts of the greenbelt offer different things, especially if you’re looking for waterfalls or experienced levels of hiking. We recommend choosing your activity and then the access point that’ll get you there.

Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

360 Bridge

It’s like a postcard pic but in real life! The 360 Bridge is one of Austin’s favorite tourist stops, with not only amazing views of the bridge but pretty views of the entire area. Pro tip: Catch a sunrise or sunset here. It’s gorgeous!

Also known as the Pennybecker Bridge that connects the north from the south, all you need are some comfortable shoes for a short climb and a camera. There’s beautiful scenery view waiting for you at the top!

Zilker 2 How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Zilker Park

Zilker is Austin’s joy and you’ll see why when you go there. Seriously if you haven’t been, you’ve been missing out! It’s a great meet up spot for both friends and family, and the closest you can get to the earth this Earth Day.

With crowds of happy people and luscious green grass to roll around in, this is a favorite park to throw some ball or spread out a picnic. It’s so big, that there’s room to spread out for many groups. Not to mention the skyline views are an added bonus.

Springs How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Barton Springs at Zilker

Barton Springs is the ideal pool, with temperatures that make it enjoyable throughout the year. Talk about a magical hot tub! If you’re looking to stay cool under the sun, a dip in this natural pool is always a good idea.

Right in the heart of Zilker is the pool everyone wants to meet at on the weekends. Whenever you want to venture out here, just be sure to pick any day other than Thursday since it’s closed.

Lake Travis How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Lake Travis

Got a boat? Now’s the perfect time to take it out onto the lake, or catch some amazing views from a cliff. This has to be one of the best mountain views in Texas!

Springtime weather is the best weather to be boating. The sun is out but the wind is just enough to keep you moderately cool. There are plenty of rental companies in Austin that will let you take the boat out for the day to explore all that Lake Travis has to offer. And believe us, there’s a lot to see!

📍 Pick a point of access according to your activity.

Walnut How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Walnut Creek Metro Park

You don’t have to be in central Austin to experience our great outdoors. Right in the middle of North Austin, you’ll find that Walnut Creek is quite the adventurous spot to explore. The public park has 15 miles of trails leading to streams of water and even some pretty waterfalls. 

Grab your pup or your fam and check out the greenery for some chill time at a local park. There’s even a playground,  barbecue pits and picnic tables to enjoy an outdoor feast.

Mount Bonell 1 How To Celebrate Earth Day In Austin: Fun Outdoor Activities 2022

Mount Bonnell

If you’re really in search of some outdoor air and majestic views, look no further than Mount Bonnell. You’ll most likely leave the mountain saying you wish you owned one of the beautiful homes on the lakeside.

Mount Bonnell is a tourist must-do, so if you haven’t gone yet… what are you waiting for? Adults and kids love the spot for the views and just to sit cliffside. You can even see downtown off in the distance. We do warn that you should be cautious while up there because it is pretty bumpy, but the sunrise and sunset times are the best to go!

Watch our Earth Day video to catch all the beauty found in our city!

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