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Hey there, brew-tiful! Jacksonville is filled with coffee lovers who know that there’s nothing better than starting your day off with a cup of freshly brewed java! Recently, locally-owned businesses specializing in coffee have been opening up all over Florida! Today, we’re spilling the beans on the top coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters is the perfect destination for a pick-me-up after spending the entire day in the sun! Breathe in the ocean air while sipping on a cup of coffee or a local pint of beer!

Located just three blocks from the shore, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters might be the most known coffee shop in Jacksonville Beach! Not only do they have three equally amazing locations, they also send their beans to other coffee shops in Jax, bringing new meaning to “the more the merrier!” You can find their coffee at Mini Bar Donuts, Twisted Compass, and many more places! Additionally, the speciality coffee shops offers a subscription service for their most dedicated customers! Jax residents truly can’t get enough! 

⏰ Sun-Sat | 7AM-7PM

⏰ Mon-Fri | 6:30AM-7PM

Sago Coffee believes that coffee is similar to a community, “the stronger it is, the more you feel it!” Patrons are encouraged to have conversations, ponder the daily wonders of life, bounce ideas off of one another and more, all around the shared bond of freshly brewed coffee! Their shop offers a huge, aesthetically pleasing space where customers can do work and socialize. Additionally, Sago Coffee features a few quiet areas for those that like to work in silence! Their outdoor seating is perfect and not to mention, Insta-worthy!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.. supporting Sago Coffee is supporting local! Each quarter, they select a different nonprofit partner to donate a portion of their profits to! To nominate a nonprofit, please click here

From Johannesburg, South Africa to Jacksonville Beach, Florida! Owners, Ross and Jacqui, dreamed of creating a relaxing destination where people could hang out, enjoy each other’s company and get work done! 

You can’t go wrong with any of the menu items at Round Bird Coffee Shop! From classic Cappuccinos and Mocha Lattes, to a variety of gourmet teas, your tastebuds will be satisfied! But that’s not all, we highly suggest trying the Meat Pie, a traditional South African meal! The flavors rotate often, with popular ones being Shepards pie, Cornish, Chicken and Veggie! Round Bird is truly one of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach as it seamlessly blends two different cultures into one beautiful cohesive place! 

⏰ Sun | 7AM-3PM

⏰ Mon-Fri | 6:30AM-5PM

⏰ Sat | 7AM-5PM

If you’ve seen a 1979 Orange VW Bus driving around Jax Beach, then you know our next stop! Pura Bean Coffee brings the best of Costa Rica right to Jacksonville Beach! Each cup of coffee celebrates the coffee’s natural flavor by using high-quality beans from sustainable, eco-friendly farmers! 

Pura Bean Coffee’s menu features classic hot brews, cold brews and teas, as well as, non-coffee beverages! To truly embrace the Costa Rica influence of this coffee shop, we suggest trying the Cuban! Plus, complete your around-the-world experience by ordering the French Press and adding an extra shot of espresso! Pura Bean’s Costa Rica inspiration make it one of the most unique coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach

⏰ Sun |  8AM-2PM

⏰ Mon-Fri |  7AM-6:30PM

⏰ Sat | 7AM-2PM

Calling all cat lovers! Celebrating felines and fresh brews, Caffeinated Cat is the first feline-friendly coffee shop in Jax! Mayport Cats, a nonprofit rescue, owns the quaint business and uses the profits to help support and care for all of their rescue cats! Patrons can sip on feline-inspired coffees and wines while interacting with the adoptable cats who are ready to be loved!  

All of the feline friends are kept behind a glass wall to ensure the health and safety of both cats and customers!  Simply put, it is the purrfect place to adopt a cat and drink a cup of joe! We’re pawsitive that Caffeinated Cat is one of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach!  

⏰ Sun | 10AM-6PM

⏰ Mon | 12PM-6PM

⏰ Tues-Thurs | 9AM-6PM

⏰ Fri-Sat | 9AM-7PM

The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry & Cafe is nothing short of an amazing culinary experience! With a variety of unique breakfast and lunch options, amazing muffins (literally amazing) and a wonderful cafe, this Jacksonville Beach coffee shops has truly synonymous with the community! 

Not only does The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry & Cafe feature traditional coffee shop staples like espressos, and lattes, they also offer specialty cocktails, beer, shandys and mimosas! Pair your drink with any of their amazing dishes! This place is more than just coffee, it’s a true culinary experience! Serving “muffin by love,” The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry & Cafe is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach!  

⏰ Sun-Wed | 7AM-3PM

⏰ Tues | Closed

*Due to COVID-19, normal business hours have been adjusted. Please check the website prior to going! 

Cub of Jōb has transformed the idea of a small local coffee shop into a blossoming charitable effort with great purpose! Cub of Jōb funds support to Lifework Leadership, while directly serving the community by helping the homeless and employing the residents of the Rescue Mission

Classic coffee drinks are served alongside breakfast bites…but there’s a twist, you pick your own cup! each mug has a story with it and you get to pick which mug you want your drink to be made it! We suggest pairing the avocado toast  with an Iced Latte, it’s delicious!  

Beloved Jacksonville Beach Coffee Shop, Delicomb opened its doors in 2009! Since then, they have perfected their all natural, organic menu featuring Açai bowls, kimchi, panini melts, lattes and more! 

They source their beans from Strongtree Coffee in Gainesville, FL! In fact, they are the ONLY store in NorthEast Florida to use Strongtree Coffee! Delicomb uses high tech brewing equipment, and a  malicious brewing method to make your drink something special! Additionally, the shop offers all day breakfast and serves lunch starting at 11AM! Of the coffee shops in Jacksonville Beach Delicomb is the only one that serves kimichi! Try it out, today! 

⏰ Mon | Closed

⏰ Tues-Sun | 7AM-4PM

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