Coffee Shops in Lawrenceville Perfect for that Mid-Day Pick Me Up

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Hey there, brew-tiful! Pittsburgh is filled with coffee lovers who know that there’s nothing better than starting your day off with a cup of freshly brewed java! Recently, locally-owned businesses specializing in coffee have been opening up all over PA! Today, we’re spilling the beans on the top coffee shops in Lawrenceville! 

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📷 Convive Coffee Roastery

If you have ever wanted a party in a cup, then ditch the booze because we have found the place. Convive Coffee Roastery is simple, easy, and consistent with their excellent cups of joe. They have served so much coffee and tea across this great nation, from airports to oak trees, designer hotels, and side streets. These coffee troubadours make it easy to love all things caffeine!

Monday-Friday | 6:30am–5:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–3:00pm

📍 4032 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA

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📷 Espresso A Mano

Espresso A Mano features outdoor seating, an espresso bar, and everything you could dream of when it comes to coffee! Coffee and a good time with its dedicated roasters and chic, relaxed setting, you will fall in love with caffeine all over again. Splenda sticks and hazelnut cream will dance in your head like sugar plums and gumdrops. Espresso a Mano will make you head over heels with every sip.

Monday-Friday | 7:00am–4:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–4:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–2:00pm

📍 3623 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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📷 Caffè d'Amore Coffeeshop

It’s a bird, it’s a big pizza, no, it’s a cup of coffee, but to us, that’s still amore. Coffee isn’t real coffee if it isn’t Italian, and if it isn’t Italian, it ain’t Pittsburgh. With specialty drinks and coffee cocktails to choose put Caffe d’Amore Coffeeshop on your caffeine bucket list. With an assortment of food trucks and retail, you could get lost at Caffè d’Amore Coffeeshop and spend hours at this hub of coffee and treats. 

Monday-Sunday | 8:00am–5:00pm

📍 5400 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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📷 Ineffable Cà Phê

Ineffable Cà Phê is a converted motorcycle shop turned industrial coffee shop. It’s honestly one of the most fabulous coffee shops in Lawrenceville and Pittsburgh. Their name means more than just words, and once you taste their coffee, you will understand. Rice bowls and tasty breakfast on the weekends to go along with your cup of joe will have you satisfied in ways words can even begin to.

Monday-Sunday | 8:00am–3:00pm

📍3920 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

More Coffee Shops in Lawrenceville

Constellation Coffee | Stylish coffee house with special drinks and local sweets to make your morning 

Inkwell Coffee Shop | Artsy and cozy little coffee joint just right enough to pick you up

Geppetto Café | Coffee and breakfast go together bark on a tree and they can serve up it up hot and delicious

The Abbey on Butler Street |  An industrial coffee and food warehouse made to give you a boost 

Tonic Coffee |  Complex yet simple coffee form Brooklyn, NY, voted best café in Food and Wine Magazine  

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Crush that cappuccino and get rolling on your next excursion to the 412. Let our list of coffee shops in Lawrenceville energize you to see everything steel city has to offer. If you have any questions, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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