7+ Must-Try Unique Coffee Shops in Lower Greenville

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It doesn’t get any better than a perfect cup of coffee. Whether it’s how you start your morning or a midday pick-me-up (or both), we know the value of the delicious drink. If you’re looking for your new favorite spot, there is an abundance of coffee shops in Lower Greenville to choose from!

Follow along as we share our favorite unique coffee shops in Lower Greenville!

Lalaland Kind Cafe

La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land Kind Cafe is the perfect place in Lower Greenville to grab a coffee to brighten up your day and support a good cause! This cute cafe is on a mission to normalize kindness, so you can expect to always leave with a smile. They also run an internship program for foster youth. To support this fantastic business, we recommend ordering one of their delicious drinks like the La La Latte or Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte!

Monday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Tuesday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Wednesday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Thursday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Friday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Saturday | 7:00am–7:00pm
Sunday | 7:00am–7:00pm

📍 La La Land Kind Cafe

Window Seat Coffee

Window Seat Coffee

Window Seat Coffee’s travel-themed interior makes it one of the most unique coffee shops in Lower Greenville. They’ll take you on a flavorful trip without even leaving the city! They use computer software to ensure your cup is perfect every time. We recommend a drip coffee or sweet latte!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 7:00am–3:00pm
Wednesday | 7:00am–3:00pm
Thursday | 7:00am–3:00pm
Friday | 7:00am–3:00pm
Saturday | 7:00am–3:00pm
Sunday | Closed

📍 Window Seat Coffee

The Merchant

The Merchant

The Merchant is a little hideaway, tucked among the avenue of shops and restaurants on Lower Greenville. This gift-shop-meets-coffee-counter seems unassuming, but you are sure to quickly name it as one of your favorite coffee shops in Lower Greenville! Our all-time favorite drink is the honey vanilla oat milk latte!

Monday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Tuesday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Wednesday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Friday | 8:00am–9:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–7:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–7:00pm

📍 The Merchant

Lemmon Drop Coffee Co.

Lemmon Drop Coffee Co.

Though they don’t have a publicly open storefront, we had to include Lemmon Drop Coffee Co. on our list. This unique coffee roastery delivers coffee to homes like an old-school milkman, dropping off fresh cans of coffee every Sunday!

They also run pop-up coffee shop events, mobile coffee bars, cold brew pushcart events, and breakfast catering events. Check their website and social media to see where they will be next!

Monday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Tuesday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Wednesday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Friday | 8:00am–5:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–3:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–3:00pm

📍 Lemmon Drop Coffee Co.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen’s delicious coffee is a must-try on your journey to finding your favorite coffee shops in Lower Greenville. We love everything from their cold brew to Vietnamese iced coffees to cappuccinos. If you’re there for brunch, we recommend the Cowboy Coffee cocktail with whiskey, cold brew, and the syrup of your choice!

Monday | 7:30am–5:00pm
Tuesday | 7:30am–5:00pm
Wednesday | 7:30am–5:00pm
Thursday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Friday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–6:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–6:00pm

📍 Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Company Cafe &Amp; Bar

Company Cafe & Bar

Another one of our favorite coffee shops in Lower Greenville is Company Cafe & Bar. Their beans are what you have bean missing! We are obsessed with the Number Nine — a delicious blend of espresso, coconut oil, agave nectar, half & half, and heavy cream. They also have expertly crafted cortados and lattes.

Monday | 6:00am–2:00pm
Tuesday | 6:00am–2:00pm
Wednesday | 6:00am–2:00pm
Thursday | 6:00am–2:00pm
Friday | 6:00am–5:00pm
Saturday | 6:00am–5:00pm
Sunday | 6:00am–5:00pm

📍 Company Cafe & Bar

Halcyon | Coffee Shops In Lower Greenville


Halcyon has all the coffee drinks you could ever ask for, making it one of the best coffee shops in Lower Greenville! We especially love their slow-pour drinks. Trust us, they are worth the short wait. Our favorite is the Cultivar Gold Honey, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Monday | 8:00am–10:00pm
Tuesday | 8:00am–10:00pm
Wednesday | 8:00am–10:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am–10:00pm
Friday | 8:00am–11:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–6:00pm

📍 Halcyon

Village Baking Company

Village Baking Company

The owners of Village Baking Company set out to perfect bread baking and have done the same with their delicious coffees! They have every classic coffee drink you could ask for. We recommend you order an americano or espresso macchiato!

Monday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Tuesday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Wednesday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Thursday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Friday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Saturday | 7:00am–5:00pm
Sunday | 7:00am–5:00pm

📍 Village Baking Company

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