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Much Better! 20+ Spots to Cure a Hangover in San Antonio

  • February 13, 2023
  • | 14:22 PM

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You had a great night. We’re happy for you! But a splitting headache, upset stomach, and achy bones are not it. So, as your go-to spot for what to do in San Antonio, we had to come to the rescue on how to get that wine flu out of you! Put on your favorite sunglasses, get dressed, and prepare to feel much better because…

This is UNATION San Antonio’s guide for when you had one-to-many shots, here are 20+ Spots to Cure a Hangover! 

Time to Replenish!

hangover cure


📸: Liquivida

Let’s fill up on some vitamins and minerals! Liquivida or any of the other IV drip therapy spots listed below are a great way to feel better instantly! After a long night of endless fun, an open tab, and tequila shots, flushing toxins out and letting the good stuff in is always a good idea. Choose from a variety of IV cocktails fit for different bodily needs and relax as your body drinks up to boost that immune system. 

Can’t even move without feeling sick? No worries! Most of the IV Therapy spots listed below are available from the comfort of your own home or wherever you find yourself after a night out. All you have to do is book an appointment for the drip you’re looking for and a licensed medical professional will pay you a visit to get you over the hangover! 

Your body will be thanking you and you’ll find yourself in a happier hour in no time! Check out Liquivida or the other spots below! 

Drip-Drip Hooray!💉

More spots for a cocktail full of only good things!

All About the R&R! 💆🏻‍♀️



📸: Transcend

How about some rest and relaxation? 

Sometimes all you need to feel better is to close your eyes and enjoy some peace and quiet. Other times you need some hands-on help in the form of a lovely massage! At Transcend you are immersed in a safe space spa meant to aid in any recovery or rest necessary. Enjoy a local paradise while you get to heal your hangover. With services like facials, full body massages, a float tank, and more, you’ll be operating at 100% in no time after a terrible hangover.

Looking for other spas to check out? There are plenty of others to find your perfect cure. Visit the Windflower for a safe space and a CBD-infused massage experience, cut down on the sensory overload in a pod at FLOAT, or feel your best after a gemstone facial at Loma de Vida. There is plenty of rest and relaxation to be had at any of the wellness spots below!


For a Caffeine Fix! ☕

Hangover cure

Estate Coffee Co.

📸: Estate Coffee Co.

A good cup of coffee can cure anything. (most times!) If you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up or just some energy to get you through until the next hangover cure stop, check out one of these coffee shops! Estate Coffee Company is the perfect spot for a comforting cup of drip coffee in a chill environment. Swing by and take your cup of joe to go or hang out and enjoy a slow morning. 

Already been and want to stop by a coffee shop you haven’t tried before? Check out Down Home Roots for CBD-infused coffee and treats, enjoy something sweet like a chocolate banana latte at Folklores Coffee House, or visit the others below for different drips and experiences. San Antonio is full of great coffee but these are some of our favorites after a fun night!

Cup of Cure

More coffee shops to give you some post-hangover energy!

Carbs Please! 🥐

Hangover Cure

Ida Claire

📸: Ida Claire

Nothing like some carby goodness to cure a hangover tummyache! Enjoy some southern comfort like a classic country breakfast, avocado toasts, and the tastiest hair of the dog cocktails at Ida Claire. Comfort food is always a good idea after a fun night and brunch so head over to this spot or the others below for food that is always healing.

Our Hangover Recommendations:

  • Cali Style Loaded Fries at Stuffed
  • Not Yo Mamas Breakfast Sandwich at Full Belly
  • Eggs-Traordinary Risky Biscuit at Maple Street Biscuit Company
  • French Toast with Peanut Butter Cream & Jam at Happy Day Cafe


Pass the Plate! 🍳

More spots with the perfect bites to cure a hangover!

Some Smoothie Talking! 🥤

Hangover Cure

Southwest Elixirs

📸: Southwest Elixirs

Not in the mood for food? Grab a smoothie or bowl! Fruits, veggies, and antioxidants are a great and easy cure for any ailment and a simple way to get something in your stomach after a night out. Add some protein for the extra energy if solid food isn’t part of your hangover cure! Southwest Elixirs offers delicious juices, tonics, wellness shots, and more with amazing and fresh ingredients to get you feeling your best. 

If this is out of the way or you’re looking for something else, try out the wellness spots below! Jugo Juice is a go-to for fresh pressed juices with classic recipes, Primal Juice has delicious and fresh acai bowls or personalized smoothies, and Walzem Top Nutrition has everything you need for healthy drinks and shakes that feel like desserts! 

Any of these spots is a perfect stop for nutritionally dense drinks and bowls that will get you over this hangover in the best way! Check them out below! 


An Apple a Day… 🍏

More healthy spots to cure a hangover with all things fresh!

Before You Go…

Don’t forget to save or bookmark this guide for the next time you’re battling a hangover! A cure is only a click away! 

If you’re looking for more events and things to do in San Antonio check out the UNATION website. We’ve got the guides on exploring the city! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok,Facebook, and Pinterest for the details on where to go while in San Antonio!

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