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Spice Up Your Date Night in Downtown St. Pete With These Ideas

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Lucky you!  You’ve nailed down a date night in Downtown St. Pete.  But where are you going to go?  Don’t worry we’ve pulled together our expert recommendations for the best spots for the perfect date night in Downtown St. Pete.

Check out our master guide for plenty of options for your date night in Downtown St. Pete, then let us know which you are going to visit first!

Visit a Museum:

The Dali Museum

For the artsy person in your life or a change from your normal routine, you need to take a visit to The Dali Museum in St. Pete.   This huge museum is home to the largest collection of artwork in America created by the esteemed surrealist painter, Salvador Dali.  Located in Downtown St. Petersburg, this museum has a beautiful waterfront view with larger than life art installations and an interactive wish tree where you tie your wishes on with ribbons so they can come true – lots of fun for a date!

Getting hungry?  Make your way to Cafe Gala, their on-site cafe serving Spanish inspired small plates and refreshments.

Saturday | 10AM–6PM
Sunday | 10AM–6PM
Monday | 10AM–6PM
Tuesday | 10AM–6PM
Wednesday | 10AM–9PM
Thursday | 10AM–9PM
Friday | 10AM–5PM

📍1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts

If you love combining art and history, the Museum of Fine Arts near the St. Pete Pier definitely needs to be on your list.  This grand museum is one of the best in Tampa Bay for its huge collection of works!  Their exhibits include African art, European paintings, and gorgeous American photography – all covering over 4000 years of history!  

Check out their website for different events and visiting exhibits!  After spending your day strolling through and musing over different art pieces, you and your date can check out the MFA Cafe – a gorgeous restaurant located inside their crystal clear conservatory.  

Saturday | 10AM–5PM
Sunday | 12–5PM
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 10AM–5PM
Wednesday | 10AM–5PM
Thursday | 12–8PM
Friday | 12–8PM

📍 255 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Chihuly Museum

Love museums but want to see the art made in action?  Check out the Chihuly Museum!  At this museum, you and your date can watch some amazing glass-blowing demonstrations where they turn red hot glass into the complex creations of Dale Chihuly.  The work by this famous glass artist is elaborate and colorful – perfect for everyone to enjoy and observe!   After watching the show, make your way around the museum and take some pictures with their most unique sculptures.

Saturday | 10AM–5PM
Sunday | 12–5PM
Monday | 10AM–5PM
Tuesday | 10AM–5PM
Wednesday | 10AM–5PM
Thursday | 10AM–5PM
Friday | 10AM–5PM

📍 720 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Toast your love at a rooftop bar:

The Canopy

Located in one of our favorite boutique hotels in Tampa Bay, The Canopy is one of the best spots for a date!  Walking through the Birchwood, you’ll be amazed by their chic and homey decor but you’ll need to take the elevator for this spot! 

The Canopy is a gorgeous rooftop bar area, serving up delicious craft cocktails and small plates.  Not only are the drinks great, but so is the view!  Their rooftop overlooks the bay, making it a great spot to watch the sunset.  

Saturday | 11AM–2AM
Sunday | 11AM–12AM
Monday | 4PM–12AM
Tuesday | 4PM–12AM
Wednesday | 4PM–12AM
Thursday | 4PM–12AM
Friday | 1PM–2AM

📍 340 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Pier Teaki

For a tropical date high above the water, make plans to visit Pier Teaki!  Located on the top floor of the St. Pete Pier, this restaurant and tiki-inspired bar is the perfect place for a cute but casual date.  Get all the beach vibes without the annoying sand!  

Snack on some yummy island inspired sharables like Fish Spread, Sweet Quava Empanadas, and Fish Tacos.  They even have huge sharable signature cocktails like their Pier Teaki Rum Runner – full of fresh fruit!

Wednesday | 10AM–12AM
Thursday | 10AM–12AM
Friday | 10AM–2AM
Saturday | 10AM–2AM
Sunday | 10AM–12AM
Monday | 10AM–12AM
Tuesday | 10AM–12AM

📍800 2nd Ave NE 5th Floor, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Pete Shuffle

Sometimes you want to have an activity instead of just dinner!  For a date full of fun, you need to visit the St. Pete Shuffle.  This spot is home to the World’s Largest Shuffleboard Club, since 1924!  If that fact doesn’t impress your date, we don’t know what will!  We love the old school vibe of their atmosphere, combined with peacefulness of playing shuffleboard.  You can even bring your own snacks and drinks, for a DIY picnic!

Wednesday | Closed
Thursday | 6–9PM
Friday | 7–10PM
Saturday | Closed
Sunday | Closed
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 6–9PM

📍559 Mirror Lake Dr N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Helicopter Tour

If you’re really looking to impress, you can meet your date’s sky high expectations with a helicopter tour!  Executive Helicopter Tours offers exciting tours of the beautiful St. Pete area.  From Downtown St. Pete to John’s Pass, you can get away from the stress here on the group and relax above it all.  They even offer packages for marriage proposals and wedding tours – how romantic!

Wednesday | 10AM–6PM
Thursday | 10AM–6PM
Friday | 10AM–6PM
Saturday | 10AM–6PM
Sunday | 10AM–6PM
Monday | 10AM–6PM
Tuesday | 10AM–6PM

📍107 8th Ave SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Have a nightcap at our favorite spots:

The Saint Speakeasy

There is no spot more intimate for a date than The Saint Speakeasy.  One of our favorite spots in Tampa Bay, this bar is filled with red lighting to transport you out of the city and into their own devilish-inspired space.  You can’t just enter so easily though!  Every week, The Saint changes their secret password – also known as the “Sin of the Week”.  Enter into their confessional, confess your sin, and the nun will let you in!  

After relaxing in a booth or chilling at the bar, you can order one of their 7 Deadly Sins specialty drinks – each with their own unique spin.   From bubbles to smoked wood, each drink is it’s own experience.

Wednesday | 5PM–12AM
Thursday | 5PM–12AM
Friday | 5PM–2AM
Saturday | 5PM–2AM
Sunday | 5PM–12AM
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 5PM–12AM

📍 49 24th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Eat homemade pasta and cheese from Annata

For a classic dinner date in a modern setting, you need to visit Annata in St. Pete.   Their intimate and romantic setting is perfect for a date night or for a first date!   This spot specializes in serving up the best charcuterie and cheese in there area – with plenty of small plates to make sure your date is full.  Annata also features a beautiful waterfront view, so you can watch boats and watersports pass you by.  

Wednesday | 4–10PM
Thursday | 4–10PM
Friday | 4–11PM
Saturday | 4–11PM
Sunday | 4–10PM
Monday | 4–10PM
Tuesday | 4–10PM

📍300 Beach Dr NE #128, St. Petersburg, FL 33701


For the date who loves an aesthetic spot, Intermezzo is always a solid choice.  Looking for a spot for coffee?  Visit in the daytime to chat over the best lattes!  But in the night, Intermezzo transforms into a beautiful cocktail bar with luxurious minimalist decor.  There’s even an oyster bar in the back for some of our favorite appetizers!

Check out their Caffe Mezzo for the best espresso martini in the area!  

Wednesday | 8AM–12AM
Thursday | 8AM–12AM
Friday | 8AM–2AM
Saturday | 8AM–2AM
Sunday | 8AM–12AM
Monday | 8AM–3PM
Tuesday | 8AM–12AM

📍1111 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Enjoy the Outdoors:

Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is a famous botanical gardens located in Historic Old St. Petersburg.  For the past 20 years, Sunken Gardens has been a romantic and gorgeous location creating the perfect addition to a dinner date night!  With over four acres of gardens, the you can spend house strolling through over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers.  You can even fawn over the pink flamingoes that inhabit the park.  

Want to make the night more special?  Check out their guided tours and events on their website!

Friday | 10AM–4:30PM
Saturday | 10AM–4:30PM
Sunday | 12–4:30PM
Monday | 10AM–4:30PM
Tuesday | 10AM–4:30PM
Wednesday | 10AM–4:30PM
Thursday | 10AM–4:30PM

📍1825 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Go for a bike ride along the water at Vinoy Park.

What’s more romantic than a bike ride at sunset?  For a date full of fresh air and quiet, the Vinoy Park is one of our favorite parks for a date.  With so much wide open space and a waterfront view, it’s the perfect setting for a bike ride!  For even more romance, plan to set up some hammocks and have a picnic at sunset.

Wednesday | 6AM–11PM
Thursday | 6AM–11PM
Friday | 6AM–11PM
Saturday | 6AM–11PM
Sunday | 6AM–11PM
Monday | 6AM–11PM
Tuesday | 6AM–11PM

📍 701 Bayshore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Saturday Morning Farmers Market

Support local the next time you have to plan a date!  You and your partner will love strolling through, browsing the curated vendors at the St. Pete Saturday Morning Farmers Market.  From fresh produce, food, plants, and crafts – this spot has it all!  They even have amazing live bands to serenade your time at the market.  It’s even a great repeat date, as the vendors are always rotating to bring in new shops and wares!

Wednesday | Closed
Thursday | Closed
Friday | Closed
Saturday | 9AM–2PM
Sunday | Closed
Monday | Closed
Tuesday | Closed

📍101 1st St SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Horseback riding - CPonies

Bring your dreams to live with CPonies, a local Tampa Bay company that hosts horseback riding on the beach and beautiful Florida trails!   For a beach experience, join CPonies at Palma Sola Bay to watch the sunset on horseback.  You’ll even be able to see manatees, stingrays, and dolphins!

Not only would you be having a fun date in Tampa but also you will get to spend time with horses that CPonies rescues from horrible conditions, rehabilitates, and maintains.  

Wednesday | 9AM–5PM
Thursday | 9AM–5PM
Friday | 9AM–5PM
Saturday | 9AM–5PM
Sunday | 8AM–1PM
Monday | 9AM–5PM
Tuesday | 9AM–5PM

📍St. Petersburg, FL 33715

St. Pete Pier

If you haven’t visited the St. Pete Pier, you need to make this your next date spot in Tampa Bay.  The pier is huge and there’s so much to explore!  You definitely won’t run out of things to do here – from different art installations, to local shops, water sports, food stalls, and even fishing!   We recommend checking out their website for updates on events, like outdoor concerts!  

Wednesday | 6AM–11PM
Thursday | 6AM–11PM
Friday | 6AM–11PM
Saturday | 6AM–11PM
Sunday | 6AM–11PM
Monday | 6AM–11PM
Tuesday | 6AM–11P

📍600 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Go on a boat ride:

Island Boat Adventures

If you and your date are the adventurous type, look no further than Island Boat Adventures!  Their charter boats take you on a fun ride to tons of activities.  Spend the day with some dolphin watching, snorkeling, and time on the gorgeous and tropical Egmont Key Island!   It’s a deal too, as all your snorkeling gear is included with your tickets.  Book today and prepare for an unforgettable date on the water, Tampa style

Wednesday | 7AM–8PM
Thursday | 7AM–8PM
Friday | 7AM–8PM
Saturday | 7AM–8PM
Sunday | 7AM–8PM
Monday | 7AM–8PM
Tuesday | 7AM–8PM

📍6800 Sunshine Skyway Ln S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Take the Crossbay Ferry To or From Tampa

Don’t want to drive over the bridge for your next date destination?  We completely understand.  Skip the traffic and take the Crossbay Ferry to or from Tampa!  They have service times all throughout the day, whether you are planning a day or night date.  It’s also super romantic to watch the horizon on the ferry, especially at sunset.  

Wednesday-Sunday | 11AM-11PM

📍333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a great way for you and your date to find out if you are compatible and can work together!  Not only is it beneficial, but it is also a lot of fun.  The escape rooms at Locked Up in John’s Pass are full of unique riddles, puzzles, locks, and codes!  They even feature a secret passage that you can find, so make sure to use those 3 clues!  

This is also a great option if you’re looking for a double date activity, with rooms holding up to 12 people – perfect for if your friend group is full of couples!

Wednesday | 12–8:30PM
Thursday | 12–8:30PM
Friday | 12–5:30PM
Saturday | 12–10PM
Sunday | 12–8:30PM
Monday | 12–8:30PM
Tuesday | 12–8:30PM

📍162 129th Ave W, Madeira Beach, FL 33708

10+ Ideas to Spice Up Your Date Night in Downtown St. Pete

Excited about exploring different spots for a date night in downtown St. Pete? Let us know your favorite by tagging @StuffToDoInTampaBay on Instagram and Facebook!

Jacky Saunders

Jacky Saunders

Jacky is a blogger for the Stuff to Do in Tampa Bay City Guide. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Tampa Bay area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinTampaBay on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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