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How @thebucketlistlatina Spends a Day in The Heights

  • July 12, 2021
  • | 6:33 PM

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Hey, y’all! It’s Ana from@thebucketlistlatina here to share with y’all one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston.

The great thing about living in Houston is that because it’s so big, there’s so much to explore and so many places to eat. But I am not going to lie, The Heights area is definitely one of my top favorite areas to explore! Well, if you’re wondering why and what is there to do, keep reading.

The Heights is known to be one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Houston. It also has some of the best restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities.

Let me show you how to spend a day in The Heights, including some things to do and places to eat, which all happen to be dog friendly!

Looking For More Ways to Spend a Day in The Heights?


If you are looking for some souvenirs, gifts, or just something for yourself, head to the Shops on 19th street, MKT Heights, or Heights Mercantile. All three of these have plenty of parking, shops and restaurants nearby.

 Drive around The Heights

Honestly, driving around is how I find out about new murals and restaurants popping up. It doesn’t hurt that The Heights has some of the most beautiful Victorian homes. Start your drive on Heights Boulevard.

I hope you found a new place to explore in The Heights and made some plans for the next time you are in the area. If you stop by any of my recommendations feel free to tag me on Instagram @eatsleeptravelin I love seeing y’all visit any of my recommendations! Let me know if there’s any other area you want me to check out next!

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