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Direct Flights From Austin To Cure Your Wanderlust

  • December 2, 2022
  • | 7:00 AM

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Need to getaway? Been dreaming of your travel prospects and just need a little push? You can answer your calling by checking out several direct flights from Austin both out of the country and around the United States. Book your next destination with the best price and airline in mind with our helpful guide!

Out of the Country 🌎

direct flights from austin
📷 Hawaiian Airlines Facebook

Honolulu, Hawaii

Escape to tropical paradise when you book a direct flight from Austin to Honolulu, Hawaii. With Hawaiian Airlines you can easily fly straight to your island oasis. You can also check out their trip planner and coordinate how you want to spend your island time. Slow down on Kauai or Maui or explore the beauty of Pono on the Big Island and you can experience volcanoes and plenty of waterfalls.

direct flights from austin
📷 Streets of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Be mesmerized by the metropolis of central Canada when you fly into Toronto. A popular Canadian destination, Toronto is accessible with a direct flight from Austin via Air Canada. Explore the beauty of the city with its towering skyscrapers and awe-inspiring CN Tower. You can also escape the towering city with its many parks and green spaces.

direct flights in austin
📷 Visit Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hop over to Jamaica easily when you book a direct flight with American Airlines. You can fly directly from Austin to Montego Bay, a pristine beach paradise town. The Capital of St. James Parish, Montego Bay is known for various beach resorts and is an active cruise ship port. Try out snorkeling and diving in the many coral reefs that decorate the cerulean waters.

direct flights in austin
📷 Turismo Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

Easily one of the most popular direct flights from Austin, hopping on a plane to Cancun seems perfectly impulsive to cure that travel itch. You can fly to the popular Cancun beaches on multiple airlines from Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Composed of 2 districts, Cancun is known for supreme hospitality and pristine beaches for vacationers.

direct flights from austin

Frankfurt, Germany

Get across the pond with zero hassle when you book a direct flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Our favorite direct flights from Austin are overseas to Europe, obviously! Get over to the EU with ease when you fly with Lufthansa. A central hub, Frankfurt is the most populous city in the German state of Hesse. Alstadt, meaning “Old Town” is known for hosting an annual Christmas Market that attracts travelers from all over the world.

direct flights from austin

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A place that should be on everyone’s bucket list, Amsterdam is a true multi-faceted city of the ages. It could easily be your starting point when you book your direct flight from Austin through KLM. An artistic hub, Amsterdam is known for its winding canals and housing reminiscent of the 17th century Golden Age. Make sure you visit the Van Gogh museum in the Museum District when you go!

direct flights from austin
📷 London Love Letter

London, England

Whether it’s your starting point or your end point, London is the perfect place to place to make a statement in your travels. If you need another reason to book direct flights from Austin, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will get you to the UK in one swoop. Known for countless musical talent and the birth of punk style, London has a heritage of being an amalgamation of cultures from all over the world. Afterall, their national dish is chicken tikka masala!

direct flights from austin
📷 Cozumel For All

Cozumel, Mexico

The island of Cozumel is easily accessible when you book direct flights from Austin with Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. This mostly undeveloped island is situated in the Caribbean Sea and is an active cruise port famous for scenic scuba diving. Nearby there are many diving spots to explore submerged sculptures, underwater caverns, and relaxing lagoons.

Quick Flights within the US 🛫

direct flights from austin
📷 Aspen Real Estate Facebook

Aspen, CO

Find the beauty in solitude when you book direct flights from Austin to the mountain town of Aspen. Book with American Airlines for a quick trip over to Colorado and explore all the mountainous splendor of Aspen’s variety. The best of both worlds, you can find plenty of all-season recreation and upscale boutiques and dining within this resort town.

direct flights from austin
📷 Historic Charleston Foundation

Charleston, SC

This historic east coast town is known for ancient heritage dating back to 1670. Book your trip to Charleston through Southwest Airlines to discover a little bit of southern history. Much of its cobblestone street foundation remains in-tact. You can get a glimpse of old-fashioned southern charm with plenty of antebellum style homes and ubiquity of horse-drawn carriages within the French Quarter and nearby the Charleston Harbor.

direct flights from austin
📷 Boston 25 News

Boston, MA

Get to over to one of the oldest cities in the USA, Boston has various direct flights from Austin for your choosing. Explore the historic east coast city of Boston that offers artistic influence and plenty of US history. You can find tons of activities, events, and dining all throughout the city. From famous parks to cosmopolitan experiences, Boston is a must-visit if you’re headed to the east coast.

direct flights in austin
📷 I Love USA

Chicago, IL

Take a super short flight to the metropolis of the Midwest when you book a direct flight to Chicago. Most airlines book directly from Austin and you’ll barely feel like you’re in the air. With just about two hours of fly time, you can be in Chicago in no time. Fly into O’Hare to be in the northside metro area or Midway to be in the Southside where you can find amazing Polish and Latin food.

direct flights in austin
📷 Visit Las Vegas Facebook

Las Vegas, NV

Jet set to your vacay celebration in the desert that never sleeps. Las Vegas is a must-see for anyone looking for a neon dappled sensory overload… or complete solitude in the desert landscape. You can book direct flights from Austin to Vegas with just about any airline. See the Valley of Fire, The Strip, Mount Charleston, or take an excursion to the Mojave Desert in California while you’re there.

direct flights from austin

New York, NY

If you want to be in a New York state of mind, you can book your trip to NYC on multiple airlines. Getaway to the most towering city in the US and prepare yourself for the concrete jungle of towering skyscrapers and nightlife in the fashion capital of the United States. Find inspiration in the artsy districts of Greenwich Village, East Harlem, Bushwick, and many more. And don’t forget to spend a day walking throughout Central Park.

direct flights in austin
📷 Stuff To Do in Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL

Escape to Florida’s gulf coast when you book your direct flight from Austin to Tampa Bay! Enjoy gorgeous blue waters, amazing cuisine, and a little Cuban influence when you visit. You can explore arts and history at various museums and the Tampa Bay history center. Enjoy a riverwalk and downtown bars when you explore downtown Tampa Bay’s various businesses. Catch a Buccaneers game too while you’re there!

📷 Explore Asheville

Asheville, NC

Located in western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the perfect getaway is awaiting when you book Allegiant Air from Austin to Asheville! This city is known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture that includes the dome-topped Basilica of Saint Lawrence. Make sure to visit the Downtown Arts District that is filled with galleries and art museums!

📷 Visit Montana

Bozeman, MT

Visit what is known to be the most livable place when you book your direct flight from Austin to Bozeman, Montana. Get in touch with your adventurous side by booking with either Allegiant Air or American Airlines to enjoy world-renowned fly fishing, dramatic mountains for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and more! When you are ready to experience a more city side, the arts and culture community is where you need to be!

📷 City of San Diego Facebook

San Diego, CA

If you love Los Angeles but want a more nature vibe, book your direct flight from Austin to San Diego, California. More known for its beaches, parks, and warm climate, there is plenty to do in this city. If there is anything that you plan on doing in San Diego, visiting the San Diego Zoo is a must! Book with multiple airlines out of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

📷 City of Des Moines Government Facebook

Des Moines, IA

There is nothing better than visiting the capital city when you’re on vacation. Book your direct flight out of Austin to Des Moines, Iowa with Allegiant Air. Make sure that on your itinerary you visit The gold-domed Iowa State Capitol building which is among the 19th and early 20th century landmarks of the East Village area.

📷 The City of Grand Rapids Facebook

Grand Rapids, MI

Visit the Grand Rapids, a city on the Grand River, East of Lake Michigan when you book your direct flight from Austin. Book Allegiant Air to discover anything and everything great about this city such as the arts and the many breweries around town!

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