The Ultimate Guide to Distilleries & Breweries in The Strip District

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The Strip District is a timeless classic of Pittsburgh culture, and we want you to dive right into it! Head over heels and to the bottom of the bottle because you won’t want to miss these distilleries and breweries in the Strip District. The drinks at these  places are so good they will have you asking for another round of drinks and another trip to the Strip! 

Being bad never tasted this good before because Helltown Brewing, one of the best breweries in the Strip District, is serving up drinks like the devil hands out sins. Your soul may be lost to the fiery eternal flame, but you can cool yourself off from the heat with one of Helltown’s prime IPAs, Lager, and other holy concoctions. Take a walk down the Strip, and you won’t miss this heck of a good time. With live music and tasty drinks, eternal damnation never felt so fun. 

Monday-Thursday | 10:00AM–10:00PM
Tuesday | Closed
Friday-Saturday | 10:00AM–11:00PM
Sunday | 10:00AM–6:00PM

📍 1700 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Get your growlers ready because Cinderlands Warehouse wants to fill them up! This brewery  combines minimalism and industrial all in one fantastic venue space. Equipped with delicious house beers brewed to perfection and delicious bar bite food, Cinderlands is a can’t go wrong choosing to fill your stomachs with brews and delicious food. Beer is only a fraction of what these brew guys can do. Enjoy a delectable brunch and dinner whenever you stop by.

Tuesday-Thursday| 4:00PM–10:00PM
Friday-Saturday | 11:30AM–11:00PM
Sunday | 10:30AM–9:00PM

📍 2601 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Breweries in the Strip District have their time to shine, but this steel city cultural straightaway has spirits to be served up too. Kingfly Spirits wants to transform your spirit-tasting experience into something like no other. With an emphasis on tradition but always trying to transcend, Kingfly is not just a distillery, it’s a bar, an event space, and, more importantly, a place to congregate with the community. These hard liquor guys are passionate about their craft, and their philosophy wants to be shared through drink and experience. 

Wednesday | 12:00PM–10:00PM
Thursday-Saturday | 12:00PM–11:00PM
Sunday | 12:00PM–6:00PM

📍 2613 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its Wigle Whiskey? Yes, Wigle Whiskey is the  distillery that makes homemade whiskey from scratch right in the 412. With awards lined up for their famous liquor, Wigle’s can’t be beat, plus they like to give back to the community. They openly use research and give back to local education, agriculture, and community sectors because innovation is always best, even in their places. So if you want to ditch the breweries in the Strip District, do not worry, Wigle has got something a little harder waiting for you! 

Monday-Tuesday | 11:00AM–6:00PM
Wednesday-Thursday | 11:00AM–9:00PM
Friday-Saturday |  11:00AM–10:00PM
Sunday | 11:00AM–4:00PM

📍 2401 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Award winners in rum-running, Maggie’s can run their batches all night long to whoever wants some. Each of their creations are aged for 2-3 years in neutral rum casks and is the first commercially made, readily available Pennsylvania spirit since prohibition. With no sugar additives, Maggie’s  creates an excellent dry and natural PA product that everyone can love. With funky flavors like pineapple and other citrus delights, these drinks cool you off and make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Wednesday-Friday | 4:00PM–10:00PM
Saturday | 12:00PM–10:00PM
Sunday | 12:00PM–8:00PM

📍 3212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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Make sure you got your favorite drinking shirt on and get down to party. Breweries in the Strip District or distilleries cannot wait to welcome you party animals.

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