Take Your Pup Out to these Dog-Friendly Spots in Lake Nona

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Tired of playing the same game of catch over and over in your backyard? We’ve got the solution! Read on for some of the best dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona that are sure to give you and your pup the best day ever. From a day at the dog park to a weekend at the dog hotel, your pup is about to be the most pampered pooch in Orlando

Grab your favorite tennis ball and keep scrolling for eleven new places to love on your best four-legged friend!

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1. Boxi Park

If you’re looking for a weekend activity, look no further than Boxi Park! This unique spot is made up of shipping containers-turned food trucks offering a variety of food, drinks, and activities for people (and dogs) of all ages.

Come enjoy the live music, sand volleyball court, full-service bar, and of course, the dog park. The food containers offer Mexican, Japanese, seafood, chicken, and some All-American burgers. There are even some that only offer dessert, so save room! 

Be sure to check out their website linked below for more details. View each food container’s menu, the event schedule, and who’s taking the stage each night. You’re sure to find something for everyone, dogs, and humans alike. 

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday | CLOSED
Thursday | 5PM-11PM
Friday | 5PM-11PM
Saturday | 11AM-11PM
Sunday | 12PM-9PM

📍 6877 Tavistock Lakes Blvd, Orlando, FL, 2827

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2. Canvas Restaurant & Market

Right on the water, Canvas Restaurant and Market is a picturesque location that is definitely one of our favorite dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona. It’s great for brunch, a quick stroll, and some quick candid Instagram pictures with your pooch!

The restaurant has varying hours listed below. Check out the menu on their website for more information on their delicious food and craft cocktails. If you’re a morning person, the market opens daily at 8AM and has a coffee shop with handcrafted lattes and specialty breakfast items! Grab a pastry and enjoy a quiet morning with your favorite four-legged friend.

Monday | 11AM-10PM
Tuesday | 11AM-10PM
Wednesday | 11AM-10PM
Thursday | 11AM-10PM
Friday | 11AM-11PM
Saturday | 10AM-11PM
Sunday | 10AM-9PM

📍 13615 Sachs Ave, Orlando, FL 32827

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3. Woofgang Bakery

Spoil your pup with a new ‘do and a signature dog treats at Woofgang Bakery! Doubling as a grooming location and a dog-treat bakery, the Woofgang team will take great care of your dogs. As man’s best friend, they deserve to be treated as such! 

The list of professional pet services offered continues with nutritional counseling, a delivery service for pet supplies, and reserving select items for pickup. Wanting company for your pup? Woofgang also offers a pet adoption service!

Check out their website down below for more information on each of their services, as well as events and promotions offered at the location.

Monday | 8AM-7PM
Tuesday | 8AM-7PM
Wednesday | 8AM-7PM
Thursday | 8AM-7PM
Friday | 8AM-7PM
Saturday | 9AM-7PM
Sunday | 9AM-5PM

📍 13832 Narcoossee Rd, Suite 103B, Orlando, FL, 32832

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4. Green Dock Park

Time for your pup to get their sea legs! Located right near the Water’s Edge neighborhood—and on the water’s edge of Lake Nona itself—this park is a great place to go boating, have a picnic, or go for a walk! (Shh..don’t say that too loud). 

This park offers space for dog owners to spread out and spend some one-on-one time with their pooch or make some new friends with those in the area, and it’s a great place to cool off on one of Florida’s infamous hot summer days. 

Check out the Water’s Edge website linked below to learn more about the neighborhood’s offerings!

Monday | 7AM-9PM
Tuesday | 7AM-9PM
Wednesday | 7AM-9PM
Thursday | 7AM-PM
Friday | 6:30AM-8PM
Saturday | 6:30AM-8PM
Sunday | 7AM-9PM

📍 Green Dock Park, Orlando, FL, 32827

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5. First Watch

First Watch is a great breakfast location where you can spend the morning with your best furry friend! Their menu is packed full of some of the best breakfast and brunch foods, like Shrimp & Grits, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, and Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos. Fruit juice of all kinds is available at their juice bar to accompany your meal.

Your dog will be more than happy to lounge at your feet while you enjoy your meal, and we can guarantee they’ll be waiting for any bites you’re willing to offer them. Check out their website below for the full menu, as well as their other locations around Florida!

Monday | 7AM-2:30PM
Tuesday | 7AM-2:30PM
Wednesday | 7AM-2:30PM
Thursday | 7AM-2:30PM
Friday | 7AM-2:30PM
Saturday | 7AM-2:30PM
Sunday | 7AM-2:30PM

📍 12988 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL, 32832

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6. Park Pizza & Brewing Co.

Park Pizza & Brewing Co. is a great place for the whole family, dogs included! Advertising themselves as “Lake Nona’s home away from home,” they have a spacious patio and a large dining area where there’s a seat for everyone. 

Their menu offers a multitude of sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and pizzas—both pre-made ones on the menu and a “create your own” option! Take-out and delivery are also available, so check out their website for more details.

Monday | 11AM-11PM
Tuesday | 11AM-11PM
Wednesday | 11AM-11PM
Thursday | 11AM-12AM
Friday | 11AM-1AM
Saturday | 11AM-1AM
Sunday | 11AM-11PM

📍 6941 Lake Nona Blvd, Orlando, FL, 32827

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7. Sweet Mama's

Come to Sweet Mamas for a delicious home-cooked meal! They specialize in All-American comfort food and treat their customers like family. You and your pooch will be welcomed with open arms, so stop by and try a slice of their famous Key Lime Pie!

The restaurant is decorated with family heirlooms and furniture from the owners’ own homes. No promises your dog won’t want to curl right up on the floor for a quick nap! Sweet Mama’s website is linked below with a full menu and details about their catering service, so be sure to take a look.

Monday | 7AM-2PM
Tuesday | 7AM-2PM
Wednesday | 7AM-2PM
Thursday | 7AM-2PM
Friday | 7AM-2PM
Saturday | 7AM-2PM
Sunday | 7AM-2PM

📍 10743 Narcoossee Rd, Suite A23, Orlando, FL, 32832

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8. The Reserve at Sawgrass Dog Park

This spacious dog park is the perfect place for your pup to go off leash and make some friends! Bring a frisbee and a tennis ball or two, and let your pup run in circles for as long as they want. Don’t worry, there are plenty of benches for you to rest at if you don’t want to run, too. The Reserve at Sawgrass is a beautiful spot for some fresh air and bonding with your favorite four-legged friend, which is why it made our list of the best dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona. 

Monday | 8AM-8PM
Tuesday | 8AM-8PM
Wednesday | 8AM-8PM
Thursday | 8AM-8PM
Friday | 8AM-8PM
Saturday | 8AM-8PM
Sunday | 8AM-8PM

📍 The Reserve at Sawgrass Dog Park, Orlando, FL, 32824

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9. Barknona Dog Hotel

This next spot offers your dog a life of luxury! The Barknona Dog Hotel is a great place for your pup to spend a few days if you’re going somewhere they can’t follow. Whether you’re in need of grooming services, a daycare, training classes, or boarding amenities for a long stay, Barknona has it all. 

Their website linked below states that they do more than just pet care, they “care about your pet just as we care about our own.” Know your pup will be in great hands if you ever choose to sign them up for a stay at Barknona.

Monday | 7AM-6PM
Tuesday | 7AM-6PM
Wednesday |7AM-6PM
Thursday | 7AM-6PM
Friday | 7AM-6PM
Saturday | 10AM-4PM
Sunday | 10AM-4PM

📍12251 Andric Ln, Orlando, FL, 32827

Dog-Friendly Spots In Lake Nona

10. Nona Blue: Modern Tavern

Next up on our list of dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona is Nona Blue! You’ll feel as if you’re in the middle of a summer cook-out at this restaurant, for their American cuisine is based around their wood-fired grill. Dishes like the BBQ Chicken Flatbread, Blackened Mahi-Mahi Sandwich, and the All-American Burger can be found on the menu.

Plenty of signature cocktails are also offered, so grab your dog, take a seat on the patio, and sip a drink as the sun goes down.

Monday | 11AM-10PM
Tuesday | 11AM-10PM
Wednesday | 11AM-10PM
Thursday | 11AM-10PM
Friday | 11AM-11PM
Saturday | 11AM-11PM
Sunday | 10AM-10PM

📍 9685 Lake Nona Village Pl, Orlando, FL, 32827

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11. Lake Nona Deli and Market

Located right near Red Lake, Lake Nona Deli and Market is a spot that finishes off our list of dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona. Their menu offers a variety of foods, so there is something for everyone! Whether you’re in the mood for Italian food, hamburgers, wings, or even smoothies, this restaurant probably has it on their menu—and your dog will probably want to eat it off your plate.

Take a seat outdoors with your pup, or get your food to go and take a walk around the lake! Lake Nona Deli and Market also offers delivery and pick-up, so if spending the evening cuddling with your pup on your couch sounds more your speed, no worries. Their delivery hours vary, so be sure to check the website for more details. 

Monday | 11AM-8:45PM
Tuesday | 11AM-8:45PM
Wednesday | 11AM-8:45PM
Thursday | 11AM-8:45PM
Friday | 11AM-8:45PM
Saturday | 11AM-8:45PM
Sunday | 12PM-7:30PM

📍 8510 Insular Ln, Orlando, FL, 32827

Dog-Friendly Spots in Lake Nona

Say goodbye to that same daily walk around the neighborhood with your pup and come check out these dog-friendly spots in Lake Nona! Exploring the city while spending some quality time with your best furry friend is definitely a win-win. Tag us in any pictures you post of your adventures @StuffToDoInOrlando and follow us on social media to stay up to date with different events in the Orlando area.

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