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Fan’s Guide to the AT&T Center: Food, Parking, & More

  • March 01, 2023
  • | 11:00 AM

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Welcome to the AT&T Center! 👋

The NBA season is in full swing! With many fans thinking that this might be a tanking year for the Spurs, this young upstart team is proving doubters wrong!

The AT&T Center is home to the San Antonio Spurs and it is also one of the cities’ main concert venues! The arena holds up to 18,418 people and is especially busy during the fall and spring. If you are wanting to either go to a Spurs game, The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, or see the amazing musical talent that comes through San Antonio, this guide will help you how to plan your journey to the arena, where to park, and what concessions to experience while you are at the AT&T Center!

Navigating and Planning 🔎

Best ways to get there and where to park

There are three highways you can take to get to the AT&T Center with seven lots to park in. Here are the following options on which road and which lot you could enter:

Option 1: I-10 West
Entering the arena from I-10 West, you arrive on the intersection of Houston Street and AT&T Center Parkway in front of Lot 3. Take Houston Street to access Lot 1 or 2, or Take AT&T Center Parkway to access Lot 4-7.

Option 2: I-35 South
Entering the arena from I-35 South, you arrive on AT&T Center Parkway and Lot 6 with the option to drive around Lot 7 and 5. If your Lot is not one of these three, keep driving down AT&T Center Parkway to access Lot 4 and 3. If your Lot is 1 or 2, turn right onto Houston Street.

Option 3: I-37 South
Entering the arena from I-37 South, you arrive on Lot 1 and Lot 2. Lot 3-7 are located when you take a left onto AT&T Center Parkway.

Before you Find your Seats 🍻

Hungry or Thirsty?

The AT&T Center has a tremendously wide range of food to choose from!

Here is the full list of all possible food choices according to!

Food Offerings 3-Point Meal
(Hot Dog, Souvenir Soda, Popcorn)
103,126, 209, 226
Asian Chicken Salad 118
Baked Potato (loaded) 123-Spud Spot
BBQ Plate
(Carved Brisket or Turkey with two sides)
H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Boneless Wings 121
Brisket Sandwich H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Burritos H-E-B Fan Zone-Tortilla Fresca Burrito
Bowl H-E-B Fan Zone-Tortilla Fresca
Bubble Waffle Sundae 121 – Nitro Ice Cream
Build Your Own Bowl 118, H-E-B Fan Zone – Fresca Stand
Build Your Own Tacos H-E-B Fan Zone – Fresca Stand
Build Your Own Loaded Nachos H-E-B Fan Zone – Fresca Stand
Candy 103,126, 209, 226
Carved Smoked Turkey Sandwich H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Chili Dog 103,126, 209, 226
Chopped Brisket Sandwich 122, H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Cheesesteak Sandwich 208
Chicken Nachos 121
Chicken Salad 121
Chicken Tenders & Fries 122, H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Chuck Wagon Rice Bowl 118
Corn Dog (Footlong) 122
Cotton Candy (cone) In-Seat Vendors
Cupcakes 111, 123, 200
French Fries 105, 122, H-E-B Fan Zone-The Carvery
Frito Pie 122
Fruit on a Stick (Chocolate Covered) 111, 123, 200
Funnel Cake 122, H-E-B Fan Zone
Gourmet/Extreme Nachos 113, H-E-B Fan Zone-Tortilla Fresca
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 112-The Big Cheese
Hot Dog 103,126,200,209,226
Hot Dog (Footlong) 122
Ice Cream Sundae 121 – Nitro Ice Cream
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 111, 123, 200
Kid’s Meal (Hot Dog, Chips, 16 oz. Soda) 103,126, 209, 226
Mac N Cheese Bowl 200
Nachos Grande 103,113,126, 209, 212, 225, 226
Nachos (Chili & Cheese) 122
Nuts –Bavarian Almonds/Pecans/Cashews 119
Peanuts All stands
Pizza Hut 110, 124, 206, 223
Popcorn (85 oz.) 103, 116,126, 209, 211, 226
Popcorn (130 oz. Bottomless) 103, 116,126, 209, 211, 226
Pretzel (Jumbo) 103,126, 209, 226
Quesadilla 105
Rock & Brews 114
San Antonio Pork Nachos 118
Tacos 105, 200
Taco Salad 105
Texas Crazy Fries (w/Chili & Cheese) 122
“Top Dog”
(gourmet dog Topped to guest specifications)
Tusan Chicken Bowl 118
Veggie “Top Dog” 200

Here is a list of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks according to

  • Bottomless Souvenir Soda
  • Iced Tea
  • Coffee
  • Smoothie
  • Bottled Beer
  • All Portables Draft Beer
  • Mixed Drinks
  • Frozen Margaritas
  • Wine

Check out the Fan Shop!

The Spurs Fan Shop has everything you need Spurs related from Jerseys and merch to fanny packs! They are open on gamedays and on non-gamedays. Their hours on non-gamedays are from 10:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. unless stated otherwise. To place an order or other inquires at the Spurs Fan Shop at the AT&T Center, their phone number is 210-444-5555.

Go Spurs Go! 🏀

Experience the game!

The AT&T Center gives priceless experiences to people of all ages. Families, friends, coworkers, and basketball purists are always welcomed! Come early for pregame shootaround, stay for the thrilling in game promotions and contests! Oh, and don’t forget about the pure thrill of an NBA game. Go Spurs Go!

Hotels near the AT&T Center