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Favorite Pho Places in Austin Guide

Pho should hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. It’s the perfect comfort food year-round and a favorite among many. We curated a list of our favorite pho places in Austin that we frequently visit. We hope you’re able to love these places as much as we do! Show a friend this guide and choose a place to dine for the night. There are so many pho dishes out there, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect dish for you.


Elizabeth Street Café

Elizabeth Street Café is a neighborhood Vietnamese cafe and French bakery. They have an amazing take on curating intricate dishes while still maintaining authenticity to traditional Viet food. Though they offer a wide range of cocktails, coffees, and teas, we strongly recommend starting off your visit with a matcha latte. It’s truly some of the best premium matcha we’ve ever had because of its sweet and earthy taste! Their Pho options are endless here, but we promise you won’t be complete without ordering the Chicken Breast & Grilled Lemongrass Skewers (32B). The skewers infuse such a rich taste into the chicken, which creates a perfect tangy mixture of lemon awesomeness. We still remember our first bite of this dish, which caused our addiction to always come back. Be sure to add in a few radish and bean sprouts to elevate the dish!

🗓Sunday | 8AM-10PM
🗓Monday-Friday | 11AM-10PM
Saturday | 8AM-10PM



888 Pan Asian Restaurant

888 Pan Asian is a well-known staple around South Austin. Whenever Oltorf Street is mentioned, we immediately think of 888 and their delicious food. One of the many things that makes this place special is their rich, dark broth that’s packed with so much flavor. Each pho dish takes you on a journey, and you always leave happy. Picture the perfect comfort food, and imagine it ten times better. That’s 888 Pan Asian. We recommend ordering the shrimp pho! You get huge shrimp portions and complimentary bean sprouts, lime, jalapeno, and sauces. You wait no longer than a couple of minutes for your hot dish to land on your table, and the portions are VERY filling.

🗓Sunday | 12PM-10:30PM
🗓Monday-Saturday | 12PM-11:30PM

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Pho Please

Pho Please is a Vietnamese classic. We go to this restaurant for practically everything because of their extensive menu selection. A definite must before ordering your pho here is to order a delicious glass of boba milk tea. One of our favorites is the Matcha Green Thai Tea! If you’re looking to go all out for your next pho experience, we recommend ordering “Pho Please,” which has rare steak, brisket, flank, tendon, tripe, and meatballs. It’s a very filling meal, and the price for all the food you receive is incredible. We’re creatures of habit, and often order the shrimp pho here as well! Their shrimp pho is very refreshing and clean. We recommend ordering it when you’re having a “light lunch” kind of day!

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Sip Pho

Sip Pho is a relatively new restaurant that opened in early 2020 and is located on the UT campus. This restaurant is the cutest food place we’ve been to in a while. The open concept of the building is so welcoming, and the little patio section is perfect for the summer days to come. If you’re a student and have had a long day, we recommend stopping by for a bowl of tastiness. Our go-to is the meatball pho for a classic dish, or the pho beef short ribs if you’re feeling more adventurous. Pair your dish with a glass of milk tea and boba, specifically the Boba Brûlée, and be sure to ask for a student discount!

🗓Every Day | 11AM-9PM

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LA Crawfish

LA Crawfish adds a spin to your traditional pho dish. Think Cajun meets Vietnamese food and this is the glorious outcome. In addition to their pho options, you can grab all kinds of seafood dishes here, whether fried or boiled. We love everything on their menu. Our go-to pho dish at this spot is the crawfish pho! It’s a cajun-infused broth with around a dozen hand-peeled crawfish tail meat and sliced double-smoked andouille sausage, garnished with a whole crawfish on top. This dish has been said to be life-changing. We can firmly agree with that statement. If you’re strictly into the classics, LA Crawfish has a dish for you. The traditional pho is a dish they offer, which is a 60-plus year-old recipe passed through generations of the founder’s family.

🗓Sunday | 12PM-9:30PM
🗓Monday-Thursday | 11AM-9:30PM
🗓Friday-Saturday | 11AM-10PM

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1618 Asian Fusion

We recommend going to 1618 Asian Fusion if you like the more fancy side of pho dishes. This restaurant hits the mark in every department by offering a delicious variety of appetizers, entrées, dim sum, and of course, pho! For those special occasions, we recommend their pho filet mignon or pho oxtail. Both are equally delicious, but they each offer a unique experience based on your personal cravings. So grab a friend or your spouse, put on a nice outfit, and run down to 1618 Asian Fusion!

🗓Sunday-Thursday | 10AM-9:30PM
🗓Friday-Saturday | 10AM-10:30PM


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Pho With Us

We love Pho With Us because of the many food items on their menu. Every time we go, we try to consume as much as possible because one food item from here is never enough. It’s that good. We love to choose from their specialty pho menu that offers unique pho dishes such as pho lobster and pho lightweight, a vegan option. Something that this restaurant offers that the others don’t is the option to add on any additional protein or topping to your pho order. You can choose from over 10 options. We feel like enough has been said to convince you to swing by the next time you’re out!

🗓Sunday | 12PM-9PM
Monday | 11AM-9PM
🗓Tuesday | CLOSED
🗓Wednesday-Thursday | 11AM-9PM
🗓Friday-Saturday | 11AM-10PM

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