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Did you know before Hollywood and fancy red carpets, Jacksonville was the home to America’s winter film. Yeap! It all started here. As the saying goes: “Jax walked so Hollywood could run” Back in early 1900s, when movies had no sound and were filmed in black and white, the American Film Industry, because of the sunny weather all year round, selected Duval as the perfect destination when filming during winter. That’s why the city gained the nickname “Winter Film Capital of the World”.

Since then, over 30 movies have been filmed in the city. From big grossing movies, to indie local films, Jax has been backdrop to movies you’ve probably watched and didn’t know were filmed here. Here are some famous filming location in Jax.

Jax Jaguars home! Yes! Everbank Field, then called Alltel Stadium, is featured in the opening scene of Adam Sandler’s 1998 movie, The Waterboy. We love going and watching our favorite NFL team play, but isn’t it so cool watching the field in the big screen? 

Home to many festivals, Seawalk Pavilion served as setting for HBO’s film Recount, starring Kevin Spacey, Dennis Leary and Laura Dern. Spacey portrays the 2000 U.S president elected the movie is based on  the controversy that untangles from the election.

Not only did the movie include Seawalk Pavilion as one of their filming locations but Jacksonville Beach City Hall and the Prime Osborne Convention Center were also featured as settings for the film. 

As we all know, Jacksonville is home to multiple military facilities and gives the third largest military presence in the U.S. So it’s no surprise military movies are filmed in the city. That’s why in Demi Moore’s, 1997 movie G.I Jane, Huguenot Memorial Park  served as the beach base for the film’s Navy SEAL training during Hell Week.

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4. River City Brewer

Formerly known as: The Lobster House, was the location for the 1954 monster movie The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Sadly the restaurant burned down in a fire in 1962. Later in November 1993, River City Brewing Co. opened in the same location and operated as a dining landmark for almost 30 years but closed permanently during summer 2021. It is set to be replaced by a new 325 unit apartment building in its place.

5. Downtown Jacksonville

It’s amazing to watch what was Downtown Jacksonville during 1916. Bouncing Baby, released in 1917 portrays what the scene was for Jax streets during 1910 decade. A black and white comedy movie follows the story of a full grown baby strolling down Jax streets. Kind of nostalgic isn’t it? 

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Jax on film = heart eyes

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Paulina Florez

Paulina Florez

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