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Fitness Studios In Raleigh That Will Get You Moving

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Looking to stay fit? Whether you’re getting ready for swimsuit season or just trying to improve your health, these boutique fitness studios are a great place to start. Raleigh’s home to boutique cycling, yoga, pilates, and HIIT workout studios, so there’s something for everyone and at every fitness level! Here are our favorite fitness studios in Raleigh that will get you moving!

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Opening Soon

Searching for a studio that’s locally and female owned? At YogaSix Glenwood South, the methodology allows you to define your own practice where ever you are in your yoga journey! There is something for everyone to discover from connecting to the rhythm of your breathe, to working up the edge of your fitness level in class. 

There are 6 different class types from hot and powerful, to slow and mindful, as well as beginner and sculpt classes. The way YogaSix teaches makes is easy for everyone to understand and follow throughout their classes. If you’re not sure where to start, the expert staff will help you find the right class to help achieve your goals.

Yoga might be a personal practice, but YogaSix believes that it’s shared through a community that uplifts and supports each other on and off the mat. Their soft opening date is anticipated for Sept. 8, so sign up now as their pre-opening rates will expire once they open!

📍621 Hillsborough St, STE 103, Raleigh, NC 27603

Monday: 6:00am-8:00pm
Tuesday: 6:00am-8:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00am-8:00pm
Thursday: 6:00am-8:00pm
Friday: 6:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-1:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Are you looking for an intense cardio workout that also includes toning? AKT is the move. Their classes get you dancing and moving to the music while having fun and burning calories. What better way to unleash after a long day or to even get your day started by dancing your heart out? 

They have a variety of classes to get you moving. Bands is an interval class between cardio and strength training with bands and a box. Then, you have Tone class, which targets every muscle by combining high weight low reps and low weight high reps. Lastly, they have a Circuit class of four circuits, four exercises for three rounds. It’s similar to a high intensity class with AKT Brier Creek’s take on it. 

If you’re looking to see results while having fun, then AKT is the fitness studio for you! Their mission is to build a community with passion, and have their clients leave smiling while also seeing results. 

Have you been looking for a fitness class where you can feel the positive energy and motivation from not just the instructors, but other fitness enthusiasts around you? 

F45 recently opened their location in Downtown Raleigh and are ready to help you reach your fitness goals with a smile. Owner Geoff and manager Brad will help you push your limits and achieve fitness goals you never thought you could reach. 

And don’t worry, while Geoff and Brad will help push you through the 45 HIIT workout class, they know everyone moves at their own pace. Leave the class feeling empowered and fit! This isn’t just a great workout from some of the most motivating instructors in Raleigh, it’s a chance to build friendships and relationships as you move through your fitness journey.

Get ready for the ride of your life! Ritual Raleigh is a boutique fitness club that provides intense workouts with a competitive edge. Misha—the boss over at Ritual Raleigh—used to be a spin instructor and then decided she wanted to create her own space. This fitness club is designed to help members find the best version of themselves through inclusion, positivity, and of course rigorous classes and training! 

Each spin bike is in a plexiglass “pod” to prevent COVID spread so that you can work out and not worry about breaking a sweat! Speaking of their space…The Ritual Room has amazing lights and a state-of-the-art sound system, so each workout feels like a celebration!

Thinking this may be for you? Take a free tour of the studio to see if it’s the right fit! You’ll be able to try equipment, observe classes, and get direct answers to all of your questions! 

When the world shut down, Jolene Johnson and Katie Clemons decided to take yoga out of the box and into nature. Their original concept was to bring the studio experience to all over the triangle, without limitations or walls. And while they now have a home base, don’t worry, they still offer classes that let you connect with nature while you flow! YOGA SOUL•LEC•TIVE offers a variety of classes and some fun themed events, so be sure to stay up to date on their Instagram for all the exciting offerings. 

Love a good HIIT workout, but need something a little more low-impact? FlowCORPS has the perfect classes for you! Each class is designed to give a full-body workout that maximizes results through intentional, low(er)-impact movement. Each location is equpped with XFormers (high-intensity pilates machines) and Woodway Curve Treadmills (for low-impact cardio). Get the workout you want without the risk of injury.

Looking for a holistic and mindful yoga experience? Look no further than Midtown Yoga. With two locations, in Raleigh and Durham, there’s always a solace nearby. Midtown Yoga does this a little differently, they have a MY Code to make the experience unique and fulfilling. Rules include keeping your things (including your phone) in a safe space outside of the studio and practicing ishvara pranidhana  and tapas meaning surrender and discipline, respectively. With a variety of classes, including heated classes, there’s a fit for everyone from novice to expert.

We’ve got the perfect high intensity workout. If you’re looking for something high energy with awesome music and guaranteed to leave your body stronger and fitter then ever, head over to MEGA! MEGA offers two different classes: MEGAFORMER, pilates on steriods, and the MEGATRAMP, a cardio trampoline class that will not only help you look good, but feel good. This studio is truly one of a kind and will inspire and challenge you like no other workout you’ve done! 

This fitness studio in the heart of Glenwood South is no joke. Their system will meet you where you are, get you where you want to be, and take you further than you ever thought you could go. Heat offers group classes, like their signature HEAT class, in addition to personal training sessions. Your trainer is matched to you based on goals, schedule, and even your medical history. As you progress, your training will too and your trainer will help you stay ahead of the curve to get results!

Staying fit isn’t strictly physical. Being healthy includes mental and social health. Current Wellness offers movement classes, coaching, and counseling bridging physical and mental health. Also stop by The Wellness Bar for mini mocktail lessons and snacks! You’ll also be able to engage in wellness conversations, shopping, and more! Current Wellness is the go-to spot in Raleigh for ensuring your overall wellbeing. 

Get your flow on with Oak City Yoga! Whether you’re signing up for the Yoga and Mimosas or Yoga Immerse, it’s a guarantee that you’ll leave feeling relaxed and more in tune with yourself. Their classes are designed for yogis of all levels so don’t be shy! Oak City Yoga’s mission is to bring people together and to create a sense of community, so grab your friends—or go solo and make new friends—and find you inner zen.

Check out their class schedule!

📍The Dogwood | 610 Glennwood Ave

📍Raleigh Beer Garden | 614 Glenwood Ave

Other Raleigh Fitness Studios

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