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8 Best Instagram-Worthy Parks, Restaurants, and Murals in Ybor City

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The historical culture that swarms the streets of Ybor City makes for some of the best Instagram-worthy photos. From vibrant murals, charming parks, unique restaurants, and more, it’s time to explore the beautiful city and transform your Insta page from good to astounding. 

Make your followers double tap your photos. Here are 8 Instagram-Worthy Murals, Parks, and Restaurants in Ybor City you need to check out soon!

Dream Pushers Mural

📍 2908 N. 15th Street

We like to think a meaningful mural pic is the best idea to give your Instagram page some character. The Dream Pushers Mural in Ybor City is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood that shares a notable message about the city’s culture and the history of the community. The artists, Tony Krol and Michelle Sawyer, depicted this history on the southern façade of the building through a story of the original immigrants from Cuba and Italy, and the African Americans who first inhabited the neighborhood. We love how simple yet meaningful the Dream Pushers Mural is!

Columbia Restaurant

📍 1600 E 8th St

You can easily baffle your Instagram followers to thinking you’re on a vacation, that’s how beautiful and wholesome the Columbia Restaurant naturally is! Most Tampa Bay locals have been to the Columbia Restaurant for their incredible Spanish cuisine or the flamenco dancers but there’s also a really great photo op. The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City is highly praised for being the oldest continuously operated restaurant in Florida. With years and years, and years, of visitors, delicious food, and so much culture, you’ll definitely want to stop by at some point on your Ybor City adventure.

Centro Ybor

📍 1600 E 8th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

Need a mid-day shopping break? Looking for a refreshing glass of wine or to catch a movie? Centro Ybor has it all! This is the place to be for all entertainment. Centro Ybor is a 2-floor mall in the heart of Ybor City with restaurants, bars, stores, a theatre, and more. Snapping a photo in front of the Centro Ybor sign is a pretty Tampa bae thing to do! The aesthetic of the sign and the overall area is vintage and makes for a perfect landmark picture. 

Ybor City Mural

📍1802 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

The white Ybor City mural near Carmines may be simplistic, but it’s a staple Gram-shot. Let your followers know that you’re exploring the beautiful Ybor City by snapping a picture here. We also think this little gem makes for the best backdrop for a picture of your authentic Cuban coffee. The chicken in the mural signifies the wild flocks that roam around the city. They’re known for Cockadoodledoo-ing and walking on the sidewalk with you. These chickens have been around for over 100 years and have easily become somewhat of Ybor City’s mascot which makes this Ybor City Mural a true ornament to the city!

Take a Chance in Ybor City Mural

📍 1707 N 16th St, Tampa, FL 33605

It doesn’t get more Ybor City than the classic red bricks. The Take a Chance in Ybor City mural is the motivational quote you probably needed to hear! We especially love a little piece of encouragement when visiting a city, it always feels right to see a compelling message from the community. 

The Take a Chance mural is located at First Chance Last Chance Bar. We’d recommend taking the perfect Instagram pic and then heading into the bar to enjoy live music and a craft cocktail. If you’re an influencer, this Take a Chance in Ybor City mural would look perfect on your page!

Viva Ybor

📍1909 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL 33605

The Viva Ybor mural by Chico Garcia is a fabulous representation of Tampa Bay. This mural is manifested with Tampa Bay staples like cigar entrepreneur, Vincente Martinez Ybor, an iconic yellow streetcar, the University of Tampa campus, and many more special pieces. This bright and vibrant mural in Ybor City is one of those murals that captures important cultural snippets of the fascinating and historic city. Be sure to snag a picture of the Viva Ybor mural for a vibrant and charming vibe. 

The Snap House

📍 1318 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL

Get ready to strike a pose and start snapping away! The Snap House is a popular photo studio and event hosting space. They offer 23 separate frames in which each person is able to have a unique experience and be creative with what style they choose. It’s the perfect place to come when you need content for the “Gram” or simply want to have fun with your gals.

Ybor City Museum State Park

📍 2009 Angel Oliva Senior St, Tampa, FL 33605

When you’re looking for a natural photo op, the Ybor City Museum State Park is the place to be. This urban park and historical museum is a lovely spot in Ybor City to escape the hustle and bustle from the city streets and instead, dive into the cultural heritage of the city. The museum outlines the rich cultural history of Ybor City and especially the Cuban cigar scene. There are a lot of great photo ops around the area. We easily recommend letting your curiosity lead your exploration here and snapping photos along the journey.

Instagram-Worthy Murals, Parks, and Restaurants in Ybor City

From murals featuring the iconic flocks of chickens to Florida’s oldest restaurant, Ybor City has incredible Instagram-worthy picturesque spots waiting to be discovered. Head to the historical city to learn something new and capture your new gram photos!

We can’t wait to see your trendy new Ybor City inspired Gram photos!

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