Your Jacksonville Bucket List: From A-Z

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Who says you need to travel far for your bucket list!? Here in Jacksonville we have the endless summer and countless places to see and things to do! 

With so many great business and beaches in the area, we made you the ultimate Jacksonville bucket list from A-Z! Grab your friends and start checking places off this list!

Jacksonville Bucket List Ideas

Engine 15 Brewing Co

A - Ale Trail

There are way too many great breweries in Jacksonville to choose just one! That’s why we love to ‘hops’ on the Jax Ale Trail to try them all! You can even scoop up a Brewery Passport to get stamped at each brewery as you travel around the city in search of your perfect ale! 

We suggest picking out four breweries on the ale trail to hit up to win your own Jax Ale Trail koozie!

Brewhound Dog Park + Bar
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

B - BrewHound Dog Park + Bar

Get your pooch in on the fun at BrewHound Dog Park + Bar! We absolutely love making friends while our dogs do to in this combo dog park and bar! Our dogs can run around safely with all of their new friends – with a separated small and large dog park – while we can chill at the bar with a cold drink in hand!

Don’t have a dog? That’s okay! The bar is still a great bar to hang out and who doesn’t love watching doggos run around all night!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Friday | 8:00am–10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday | 9:00am–11:00pm

📍1848 Kings Circle South Neptune Beach, Florida 32266

The Caffeinated Cat
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

C - The Caffeinated Cat

Dogs a little rowdy for you? Don’t worry, Jacksonville has a place for every furry friend like our feline favorite – The Caffeinated Cat! This coffee shop and wine bar is the perfect spot for cat lovers to unite and cozy on up with some adorable cats!

Our favorite part? The cats are adoptable! So if you find one that bonds with you instantly, you can adopt your newest fur baby and have a great story to tell about their adoption!

Monday – Sunday | 10:00am–6:00pm

📍331 1st Ave North Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

1Vibe Dance

D - Dance with 1Vibe Dance

Find your inner beat with 1Vibe Dance! This studio is a great way to get out and make friends while working up a sweat! Every week at 1Vibe is a new dance to a learn and have fun with!

These classes get INSANE! The dances are fun and sexy and the vibe is always energetic! We love breaking up our normal workout routine to catch a class with some friends! And don’t worry if you’re a beginner, they break it down for anyone to learn!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 7:30pm–9:00pm
Wednesday | Closed
Thursday | 7:30pm–9:00pm
Friday – Sunday | Closed

📍7743 Alphons Street Jacksonville, FL 32256

📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

E - Escapology

Remember a few years ago when escape rooms became all the rage? Well the trend is alive and well at Escapology, Jacksonvilles ultimate escape game!

With so many themes and levels to choose from, every group is sure to have a great time finding clues and escaping their room together! We love hitting up Escapology on rainy days to enjoy the indoors with some friends!

Monday – Thursday | 4:00pm–10:00pm
Friday |  2:30pm–11:00pm
Saturday | 1:00pm–11:00pm
Sunday | 1:00pm–10:00pm

📍10320 Shops Lane, Suite 307, Jacksonville Florida 32258

Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

F - Fish from the Jacksonville Beach Pier

What’s more Florida than hanging out with your fishing rod and the sounds of waves crashing into the beach? Nothing, there really is nothing more Florida than taking a day to fish at the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier!

We love going to the pier after a long day of work and letting out line do the work while we watch the sun go down over the horizon!

Monday – Sunday | 6:00am–10:00pm

📍503 N 1st Street Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

The Green Spot
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

G - The Green Spot

Fill your home with the best and greenest plants from The Green Spot! This adorable plant boutique is located within the Jacksonville Farmers Market! You can keep an eye on their Facebook to find out when they’re around so you can stock up on more plants – and yes, you do need more!

We suggest stopping at their lemonade bar before picking out your new favorite plant to stay nice and refreshed in the Florida heat!

Hamburger Mary'S

H- Hamburger Mary’s

Hamburger Mary’s is the most Florida of Florida burger shops and it is a must visit on your Jacksonville bucket list! We love having our own Hamburger Mary’s right in town to stop at for big juicy burgers and all of their drag queen events!

Pride is year round at Hamburger Mary’s and that’s just how we like it with with weekly drag queen revue’s and bingos to enjoy! Make sure to keep an eye on their event schedule so you can get the full Jacksonville and Hamburger Mary’s experience!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Saturday | 11:00am–1:30am
Sunday | 11:00am–10:00pm

📍3333 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32207

Chilly Weather In Jacksonville Guide
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

I - Ice Skate at Community First Igloo

Lace up those skates for a totally unique Florida activity! Many people don’t associate ice skating with Florida but the team at Community First Igloo have made it one of Jacksonville’s most lovable activities! 

We love having a cute and cozy date night with the bae at Community First Igloo, holding hands around the rink and then grabbing some hot chocolate to warm back up to Florida temps!

Pro tip: check out their awesome weekly specials for family fun nights and how to get free rentals!

Monday | 10:00am–12:00pm
Tuesday | 10:00am–12:00pm | 7:45pm–9:00pm
Wednesday – Thursday | 10:00am–12:00pm
Friday |  10:00am–12:00pm | 8:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday | 12:00pm–3:00pm | 7:00pm-10:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–2:00pm

📍3605 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Jaguars Game
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

J - Jaguars Game

Here in Jacksonville, we are super proud of our professional sports teams and we love spending fall Sunday’s cheering on the Jaguars! We love our team, and the crazy fans we get to see and meet during games! 

But the best part is totally tailgating with friends before the game! We love filling up on burgers and dogs and then heading into the stadium ready to cheer our heads off!

We suggest a game later in the season to take advantage of that crispy December temperature!

Kraken Cycleboats Jacksonville
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

K - Kraken Cycleboats

Your bucket list must include a friends outing on Kraken Cycleboats! This is the ultimate weekend outing! We love getting our group of friends to spend the afternoon drinking, peddling, and catching the best views of our city! Jacksonville is best seen from the river so why not add in some drinks and great friends!

These cycleboats are always a good time seeing how fast you can peddle while drinking and making friends with everyone aboard the boat!

Monday – Friday | 12:00pm–5:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am–6:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am–2:00pm

Le Dream

L - Le Dream

One of the newest spa’s in town, Le Dream is a must go destination to relax and get pampered! This spa is luxurious and has so many services to create your perfect dream spa day! From your typical manicure to micro blading and even lip blushing, you’ll come out feel refreshed and better than ever!

We love pampering ourselves with our besties in tow and booking a whole party to enjoy with friends!

Monday – Saturday | 10:00am–7:30pm
Sunday | Closed

📍1500 Beach Blvd #315 Jacksonville, FL 32250 

Jacksonville Murals
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

M - Murals

What better way to appreciate Jacksonville and it’s patrons than touring all the murals! We love our local artists and all of the great Jacksonville icons that inspire their work! Jacksonville is full of murals that honor some great Jacksonville views and animals and promote businesses throughout downtown! 

We suggest packing a bag full of water and renting a bike to explore all of the Jacksonville murals on display!

Neon Moon
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

N - Neon Moon

There is always something new to try in Jacksonville like Neon Moon! This cool bar is one of the newest most popular hangs because it puts that Jacksonville spirit on full display! The bar is super relaxed and the food and drinks are all natural and vegetarian making it a great option for anyone! Florida is all about the natural and Neon Moon is a must!

Monday – Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday – Friday | 4:00pm–2:00am
Saturday | 12:00pm–2:00am
Sunday | 1:00pm–10:00pm

📍1043 Park St Jacksonville, FL 32204

Old Town Cycle Cruise

O - Old Town Cycle Cruise

The peddle boat parties never stop on the Jacksonville area water with Old Town Cycle Cruise! This is one of our favorite cycle cruises because it’s so customizable and even easier to have fun with friends! 

Our favorite? The sunset tour so we can see the St. Augustine skyline in all of it’s glory in the shimmering pinks and reds of the sunset! We suggest a midweek sunset tour to add a little Jacksonville fun to your week!

📍250 Vilano Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Pinspiration Jacksonville Bucket List From A To Z Guide Your Jacksonville Bucket List: From A-Z 2022
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

P - Pinspiration

We love getting our hand dirty and making friends at Pinspiration! We love how unique the community and art is in Jacksonville and this place is the epitome of one of a kind art! At Pinspiration the ideas are limitless with their board of DIY projects to choose, ready for you to make them your own!

This is one of our absolute favorite things to do when we have someone visit, it is such a cool experience you cannot find anywhere else and we must show it to all!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Friday | 2:00pm–7:00pm
Saturday – Sunday | 12:00pm–7:00pm

📍880 A1A N Suite 7, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Qball Billiards
📷 QBALL Billiards

Q - QBALL Billiards

Rack them up and break them at QBALL Billiards! This place took the common billiards club and brought it to the21st century making it super modern, comfortable, and friendly to everyone! We love how inviting the atmosphere here is – even for us beginners!

Plus, their sriracha fries are worth it alone while watching your friends play a round!

Want to play against the best? Keep an eye on their website for quarterly tournaments to test your skills!

Monday – Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday – Saturday | 2:00pm–2:00am
Sunday | 12:00pm–2:00am

📍10150 Beach Blvd Ste 101 Jacksonville, FL 32246

Rage Room
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

R - Rage Room

Okay, we know we have said so many times how unique and Jacksonville businesses are, but what can we say, we just have some of the best places to go! The Rage Room at Break a Room is one of the coolest places we’ve been! 

Even when we’ve spent the week all angry, it’s hard not to have fun and giggle when smashing anything and everything in sight in a Rage Room! These rooms were designed to get your anger out in a fun and safe environment!

If you’re a little less rage-y, they also have paint rooms and axe throwing rooms!

Monday – Thursday | 3:00pm–9:00pm
Friday – Saturday |  11:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am–6:00pm

📍1101 Blanding Blvd #101 Orange Park, FL 32065

Selfie Wrld
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

S - Selfie WRLD

Get your best Jacksonville selfie at Selfie WRLD! This interactive exhibit was made for you and your trusty sidekick – your phone! Here you can walk through rooms each exquisitely designed to give you the ultimate selfie!

We love bringing friends and spending some time here to revamp our Instagrams or just to have fun taking cute selfies with our best friends!

Monday – Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday – Thursday | 12:00pm–9:00pm
Friday – Saturday | 12:00pm–10:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–9:00pm

📍11112 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Tiger Records
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

T - Tiger Records

Tiger Records is a must visit when you’re crossing off items on your Jacksonville bucket list! This new and used record store in Jacksonville will have you thinking of easier times. Their wide selection has your dads favorite artists all the way up to some of the new hits like Twenty One Pilots! 

We could spend hours rummaging through their old records, finding the one that speaks to us and we know you’ll find your new favorite record here too!

Monday – Sunday | 12:00pm–8:00pm

📍875 Stockton St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Unf Jacksonville Bucket List Guide Your Jacksonville Bucket List: From A-Z 2022
📷 UNF Facebook

U - University of North Florida Game

The University of North Florida pride in strong in Jacksonville! So many of us, our friends, and family came to Jacksonville for this school or stayed in Jacksonville to attend! And now, we continue with that pride by cheering on our Ospreys during one of their many games!

Their schedule is packed full of different sports to choose from, but we know you’ll love any UNF team you go to see!

Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing

V - Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing

Become a savage at Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing! Axe throwing is all the rage and has become a staple for rage fueled birthday parties! We love celebrating our friends with a night out at Valhalla, and then celebrating some more when they hit that bullseye! 

Be sure to wear something comfy so you can feel all loose throwing some axes!

Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Thursday | 5:00pm–9:00pm
Friday | 5:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday | 12:00pm-10:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–8:00pm

📍4479-7 US-17 Fleming Island, FL 32003

Waterfall At Bulls Bay
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

W - Waterfall at Bulls Bay

Did you know Jacksonville has waterfalls? Well now you do and visiting the picturesque waterfall at Bulls Bay is a Jacksonville must! We love skipping out on the city hustle and beating the heat in the great Florida outdoors and Bulls Bay is the perfect place for it!

The trail is only a mile round trip and has become a favorite among locals for the ease of hike and views of the falls!

The trail and parking area can get busy, the earlier you get there the easier it will be to find a spot and hit the trail!

📍Bulls Bay Preserve, 8017 Old Plank Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32220

Xtreme Wings Sports Bar And Grille

X - Xtreme Wings Sports Grille

What better way to enjoy those Jacksonville sports teams than sitting down with a heaping pile of hot wings! Xtreme Wings Sports Grille is more than just a hot wing joint but an icon for Jacksonville! This spot promotes all of our teams and some of the spiciest wing sauces around!

We love hanging out with friends so we can order a basket of wings in every flavor to share!


Monday – Thursday | 11:00am-11:00pm
Friday – Saturday | 11:00am–12:00am
Sunday | 11:00am–11:00pm


Monday – Wednesday | 11:00am-10:00pm
Thursday – Saturday | 11:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–9:00pm

St. Johns

Monday – Thursday | 11:00am-10:00pm
Friday – Saturday | 11:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am–10:00pm


Monday – Wednesday | 11:00am-9:00pm
Thursday – Saturday | 11:00am–10:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–9:00pm

📍12220 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 3222

📍11565 N Main St Unit #109, Jacksonville, FL 32218

📍160 Shops Blvd STE 80, St Johns, FL 32259

📍6337 Roosevelt Blvd Unit 1, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Little Peeps Farm
📷 Stuff To Do in Jacksonville

Y - Yoga with Goats at Little Peeps Farm

You read that right! We told you that Jacksonville has every furry friend in mind – even goats! Little Peeps Farm hosts goat yoga throughout the year – along with their other goat related activities!

We love hanging out with these sweet little creatures and watching them hop up on others during child’s pose! Keep an eye on their website so you can have a cute filled day of doing yoga with adorable little goats!

Jacksonville Zoo

Z - Jacksonville Zoo

Want to see every furry friend? If goat yoga isn’t enough cuteness for you, head over to the Jacksonville Zoo! This zoo focuses on animal and conservation efforts through programs and donations, plus they have their own animal wellness team to ensure the well being of all the animals in their care!

The zoo is a great spot to learn about the animals, conservation, and just for a fun day out with friends! We suggest spending a whole day to learn as much as you can about these great animals!

Monday – Sunday | 9:00am–5:00pm

📍370 Zoo Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32218

Jacksonville Bucket List

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