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July Local Love List: 10+ Must-Visit Places in Tampa Bay

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With Summer in full swing, it’s time to share our July Local Love List for you to enjoy the best food and drinks, shopping spots, and our favorite places to explore in Tampa Bay when the sun is out. Tag us @StufftoDoinTampaBay on  Instagram, and Facebook when you do so. Follow us on TikTok, and YouTube for more of the best things to do in Tampa Bay!

Your Summer Plans 👇

Need the perfect outfit for Summer? Check out Shop Lex & Co, you’ll find beautiful and chic combinations that make you stand out. Alexa and Ana go above and beyond to help you find something that makes you feel your best! Look out for their sales, they have a lot. 

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 11:00am- 6:00pm
Wednesday | 11:00am- 6:00pm
Thursday | 11:00am- 6:00pm
Friday | 11:00am- 6:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am- 6:00pm
Sunday | Closed

📍 3112 W Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL

Eat like Royalty 👑

Have a birthday or an anniversary coming up? This might be the coolest thing you can plan for a special one (or for yourself). Each picnic is uniquely made for your specifications and themes! We’re sure the moment you share will be remembered forever. 

Monday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Tuesday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Wednesday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Thursday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Friday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Saturday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Sunday | 10:00am- 8:00pm

📍Gingham + Lace Picnic Co., LLC Tampa, FL 33619

Flowers for Everyone! 💐

Want to feel like a fairy or a princess? Look no further! Gather your best gals and play around with flowers. Bring a whole workshop to your home, and have fun with your friends! Perfect for any occasion, for any guest. They even bring their own alcohol depending on what package you get!

Monday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Tuesday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Wednesday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Thursday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Friday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Saturday | 10:00am- 8:00pm
Sunday | 10:00am- 8:00pm


🕺🏾 Celebrate Your Body 💃🏼

You can’t not love the classes and instructors at BodyRok. The lighting, the music, and the team will push you to keep going, while having a blast! Your core will feel like fire, but it will thank you later. Don’t worry if you’re new, everyone is so welcoming and accommodating that you’ll feel like home!

Monday | 5:30am- 1:00pm | 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Tuesday | 5:30am- 1:00pm | 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Wednesday |5:30am- 1:00pm | 4:00pm- 8:00pm                                                                        Thursday | 5:30am- 1:00pm | 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Friday | 5:30am- 1:00pm | 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am- 12:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am- 12:00pm

📍615 Channelside Dr Suite 108, Tampa, FL 33602

Get The Tan of Your Dreams 🔥

Tan Bar Tans

Want a tan without toasting yourself under the sun? Well, thank goodness we have Tan Bar Tans! No need for a reservation, your skin will be glowing by the time the tan is done, and you’ll feel like a tanned goddess. 

📍 117 S Kentucky Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801

Staycation Never Looked Better ☀️

We’ve been blessed by the most amazing sunsets here, and you should too! Get some Key Lime Martinis and spinners while you’re there. The charcuterie board is VERY tasty. By the way, if you have long hair, bring a clip or a hair tie, there’s lots of wind. Reservations are required, by the way.

Monday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Tuesday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Wednesday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Thursday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Friday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Saturday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm
Sunday | 5:00pm- 11:00pm

📍5250 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Fresh From The Ground 🌱

This is one of our favorites from the July Local Love List! Roam the farm before dinner, wander in strawberry and blueberry fields! Check out one of their great tours, learn how they make one of our favorite wines in Tampa Bay. We love their Cajun Shrimp Fondue appetizer and of course, the burgers. 

Monday | 11:00am- 9:00pm
Tuesday | 11:00am- 9:00pm
Wednesday | 11:00am- 9:00pm
Thursday | 11:00am- 9:00pm
Friday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Saturday | 10:00am- 11:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am- 7:00pm

📍 5202 Thonotosassa Road
Plant City, FL 33565

Grab a Coconut & Float in Bliss ✨

We love hanging out at Coconut Charlies, and honestly, can you blame us? This place is fabulous! The food, the service, the views, everything is just right! Try The Smoky Paloma, you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to order the crab cakes, they’re seriously the best we’ve had. 

Monday | 7:30am- 10:00pm
Tuesday | 7:30am- 10:00pm
Wednesday | 7:30am- 10:00pm
Thursday | 7:30am- 10:00pm
Friday | 7:30am- 11:00pm
Saturday | 7:30am- 11:00pm
Sunday | 7:30am- 10:00pm

📍 6100 Gulf Boulevard
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Ice-Cream, Anyone? 🍦

You all know we LOVE ice-cream here at UNATION, and this spot has one of the tastiest, yummiest, creamiest ice-cream we’ve ever tried! Plus, the flavors are so unique! The vegan options don’t fall behind, they’re so good. Try the matcha passion fruit coconut, or if that doesn’t sound appealing, get the chocolate and coconut caramel.

Monday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Tuesday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Wednesday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Thursday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Friday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am- 11:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am- 11:00pm

📍 718 South Village Circle

Play Pirate (Or Jedi) with Stunning Beach Views 🌞

Head to the beach right after trying Caddy’s! It’s literally right there. There’s nothing like grabbing a frozen drink while you’re out in the sun, right? Some things we love… The seafood platter, the cool ranch wrap, Mahi Blackened tacos with chips, the Bacardi bucked drink, and more! Live music and special events like movie nights! 

Monday | 8:00am- 11:00pm
Tuesday | 8:00am- 11:00pm
Wednesday | 8:00am- 11:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am- 11:00pm
Friday | 8:00am- 11:00pm
Saturday | x8:00am- 11:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am- 11:00pm

📍9000 W Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706

Time to Be Mermaids! 🧜🏽

How could we leave this out of our July Local Love List? Meet our stunning local manatees and dolphins! There are so many different tours and packages that fit every possible wish. Urban Kai’s team is very knowledgable and fun. Have a one in a life-time experience!

Monday | 10:00am- 6:00pm
Tuesday | 10:00am- 7:00pm
Wednesday | 10:00am- 7:00pm
Thursday | 10:00am- 7:00pm
Friday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Saturday | 9:00am- 7:00pm
Sunday | 9:00am- 7:00pm

📍 13090 Gandy Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Don't Miss Out This Summer! 🔆

Tampa Bay in July sure hits different, which is why we needed to share with you our July Local Love List. Go on adventures this month! Find more guides like this one on our UNATION app, and follow us @StuffToDoInTampaBay on Instagram, FacebookTikTok, and YouTube for more!

Daniela Camejo Sanchez

Daniela Camejo Sanchez

D. P. Camejo Sanchez is a Venezuelan writer and a Tampa local of many years. Her writing appears (or will soon appear) in The New York Quarterly, Ethel Zine, Olney Magazine, Afternoon Delight, Pastel Serenity Zine, and more.