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Enjoy a San Antonio Hike at These Breathtaking Trails

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Not feeling the packed gyms? Or maybe your gym workout is getting boring? Need to clear your mind? Maybe a change of scenery will help?  How about you enjoy a San Antonio Hike at these breathtaking Trails? Keep scrolling to find out our favorites!

Whether you’re an avid hiker and enjoy a good hike any season. (Including the extra hot Texas Summers!) Or you’re into enjoying walks in the cooler Fall season, we’ve got you covered! UNATION San Antonio has made sure to include trails in and around San Antonio for everyone to enjoy!

Reminder: Due to COVID-19, we understand there’s not much going on in our city. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of Stuff to Do in San Antonio that can be done while social distancing. Be sure to double-check for any updates on these spots before making plans to head out.

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Hiking in San Antonio

One of the best spots in San Antonio to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life is Friedrich Wilderness Park. It’s perfect because the park is great for both beginners and advanced hikers. Depending on the trail you decided to embark on, you’ll get a great workout out of it.

Pro Tip: Be aware of the path or trail you’re on because you wouldn’t want to get lost! Wear comfy shoes, apply your sunblock, and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

BTW: Friedrich Wilderness Park has a cute picnic area. You can plan a quick lunch to enjoy before or after your hike. Maybe you prefer no distractions when writing or getting work done? Bring your work along. Sit at one of the picnic tables and enjoy nature too.

If you’re looking for hiking trails in San Antonio, look no further. With over 7 miles of trails to enjoy, the Medina River Natural Area is sure to take your breath away. Beautiful and unique in its own way, you’ve got to get a glimpse of the Medina River trail for yourself. Plus! If you want to bring your furry friend along, you can. Pets on leashes are welcome.

Interested in some camping? Besides hiking, you can also make reservations at the Medina River Natural Area for $20 a night. You will need to create an online account and reservations will have to be made 1 week in advance. Those toasted marshmallows sound good after a great hike. CLICK HERE to get started.

Pro Tip: Bring plenty of bug spray or apply it before. Due to the water, this park has the most flying little bugs and spiders.

Brisk Walks

Not into hiking? No worries! Enjoy a brisk stroll at the hip, cool, and beautiful Denman Estate Park. The park became very trendy thanks to a viral TikTok and the amazing Korean monument. It was crafted in sister city Guangju, Korea. Enjoy some fresh air, plan a lunch picnic with friends, have a painting party, or enjoy a fabulous photo op!

Up for a drive?

Cibolo Nature Center and Park is perfect for those scenic views. You can expect beautiful landscapes with over 6 miles of trails to enjoy. Heads up, it takes about 2 hours to complete the full trial. Although there are many routes to take, you’re sure to have an adventure every visit. Soak in the Cibolo Creek, take a light stroll on the Boardwalk, enjoy some Bird Watching, and peep the replicated Dinosaur Tracks that were discovered in 1997 at the Nature Center.

Definitely stay up to date with the calendar because you don’t want to miss out on extra fun experiences. From time to time there will be Family Night Hikes or Adult Night Hikes. You’ll get to look out for fireflies, owls, and night insects too.

Bonus Tip: While you’re out there enjoy and visit the Herff Farm too! Did someone say Farmers Market and a hike? Count us in!

Other “Up for a drive?” Spots:

River Acres Park

📍 501 Fair Ln, New Braunfels, TX 78130

State Parks

“Everything is bigger in Texas.” With over 40 miles to explore, Government Canyon State Natural Area is repping the BIG TX. Enjoy a day of walking, hiking, and biking. Plus, there’s also a playscape area for kids to enjoy themselves. In our opinion, one of the best parts of the Government Canyon is the dinosaur tracks. Scientists believe that the footprints were left behind over 110 million years ago by  Acro­can­thosaurus and Sauro­po­sei­don dinos. How awesome! Grabbing our hiking gear and planning our next visit.

How about some camping? It’s now easier than ever if you don’t have your own equipment because you can rent it and have it set up too! For more info on convenient camping, CLICK HERE. We can taste the s’mores now.

Pro Tip: Please reserve and pay your $6 entrance fee either online or by phone to ensure space availability.

In the mood to feel accomplished? Climbing up the Enchanted Rock is not for everyone. Although, it definitely feels amazing when you reach the top. Please be aware that it is very steep and you’re walking a tall rock with no support other than your shoes and gear. (if you bring any) The overall area is very beautiful and has 11 miles to enjoy. You’re sure to love it! If you want to know more about Rock Climbing on Enchanted Rock, CLICK HERE.

Pro Tip: Please make sure to register and pay your $8 admission fees before heading out. You wouldn’t want to make the drive and not be able to explore Enchanted Rock. However, the park does offer same-day tickets but it is not a guarantee that there will be any available. It’s great to be prepared.

Bonus Tip: How about after an accomplished climb you reward yourself with some Texas BBQ from Mac’s BBQ & Catering? Devour a delicious turkey bbq sandwich. With a side of crisp fries and some unique, but yummy green chile mac & cheese? You won’t regret it!

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