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Shop These Best Charlotte Spots for Halloween Costumes

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Celebration, Florida is a sweet city filled with even sweeter treats, you just have to know where to find them. Lucky for you, we do! From ice cream to macarons and everything in between, we’ve rounded up the best dessert spots in Celebration that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fudge, ice cream, and caramel apples—is there anything Kilwins can’t do? No matter what you’re craving, we guarantee you’ll find it at this local sweets shop in the heart of Celebration. The wide variety of freshly-made sweets at this old-fashioned confectionery guarantees there’ll be a little something for everyone! 

Monday | 11AM—9PM
Tuesday | 11AM—9PM
Wednesday | 11AM—9PM
Thursday | 11AM—9PM
Friday | 11AM—10PM
Saturday | 11AM—10PM
Sunday | 11AM—9PM

📍671 Front St. Suite 140, Celebration, FL 34747

Macarons, ice cream, and coffee? It’s no surprise that Le Macaron French Pastries is one of the best dessert spots in Celebration. It truly is the one-stop shop for all sweets, no matter what time of day. Their European-inspired dessert offerings will satisfy your craving and leave you wanting more. Ready for seconds? 

Monday | 10AM—10PM
Tuesday | 10AM—10PM
Wednesday | 10AM—10PM
Thursday | 10AM—10PM
Friday | 10AM—10PM
Saturday | 10AM—10PM
Sunday | 10AM—10PM

📍 671 Front St., Celebration, FL 34747

Located on the main strip of Downtown Celebration, you’ll find Fortuna Bakery & Cafe. This small, cozy cafe is filled with mouth-watering sweet treats you can literally smell from the street. They have everything, including specialty croissants, cakes, and cookies. But, whatever you do, don’t leave without snagging one of their famous turnovers. We recommend trying the apple turnover! 

Monday | 7AM—8PM
Tuesday | 7AM—8PM
Wednesday | 7AM—8PM
Thursday | 7AM—8PM
Friday | 7AM—8PM
Saturday | 7AM—8PM
Sunday | 7AM—8PM

📍 606 Market St. Suite 110, Celebration, FL 34747

If you‘re looking for a quick getaway from the real world, Sweet Escape Celebration is the perfect go-to for a mouth-watering, blissful bite. If you‘re going for a stroll down the downtown strip, pop in for an after-lunch dessert and home-roasted coffee. Then you‘re well-equipped to walk around one of their Sunday farmers markets downtown. 

Monday | 7AM—9PM
Tuesday | 7AM—9PM
Wednesday | 7AM—9PM
Thursday | 7AM—9PM
Friday | 7AM—9PM
Saturday | 7AM—9PM
Sunday | 7AM—9PM

📍 603 Market St. Suite 110, Celebration, FL 34747

The Sweetest Dessert Spots in Celebration

Ready to hunt down these mouth-watering Celebration sweets? We don’t blame you. Before your next trip to Celebration, make sure to  follow us on Instagram @StuffToDoInOrlando so you can tag us in all of your sweet adventures.  

Mila Simmons

Mila Simmons

Mila is the Charlotte Content Lead/City Manager for UNATION, and author of the Stuff to Do in Charlotte City Guide. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Charlotte area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinCharlotte on Instagram and Facebook.

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