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School’s Out! 20+ Things to do With Kids This Spring Break

  • March 07, 2023
  • | 12:10 PM

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Kids just want to have fun!☀️

The Texas sun is out, our days are getting longer, and the kids are getting antsy as Spring Break approaches! Parents, you may be at a loss for what activities to do with your kids this break and we here at UNATION wanted to make it a bit easier on you! Whether you’re looking for something to do on the daily or a special weekend activity, we’ve got you covered! From outdoor playtime to exploring a new skill, this guide is the perfect tool to find something to do with the kids during this break that everyone can enjoy. 

School’s out San Antoni and UNATION is bringing you THE guide to 20+ Things to do With Kids This Spring Break! Let’s go! 


Spring break

Explore Wildlife!🐍

📸: Sea Life San Antonio

A visit to a local zoo or an aquarium is always a great idea for a fun day spent with the kids! Explore wildlife from around the world and learn something new about the many creatures that roam Texas and other areas. A Spring day is perfect for an adventure to see wildlife and there are plenty of spots in and around San Antonio to not only look but have a hands-on experience with different living creatures! 

Visit the many mammals living at San Antonio ZOO for a one-of-a-kind experience or head to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch for an opportunity to drive through and feed a safari of animals. Heads up, there may be animal heads in your windows poking around for a treat! The Animal World and Snake Farm is another great opportunity to check out and pet cute animals as well as get in close proximity to different amphibians and snakes! This is a slither of a good time!

If you’re wanting to visit some marine life, there are two great spots in San Antonio! Sea Life San Antonio is the spot of the only Ocean Tunnel in the city where you can be immersed in an aquarium of live fish and marine life! Here you can also touch sea stars and be mesmerized by the beautiful fish of the ocean! Head to the San Antonio Aquarium for a one-of-a-kind experience of petting mammals like lemurs or feeding sharks and stingrays! This spot is great to interact with many animals and offers plenty of fun activities for kids.


Spring Break

Have a Hands-on Experience!🧪

📸: The DoSeum

Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean they can’t learn a little! We love books but these spots are great for a hands-on experience where kids can learn through play as well as explore and test their knowledge! These spots are a great time for any age and perfect for a Spring Break day where parents or guardians can monitor or have fun with their kids. 

Head to the DoSeum for a museum experience unlike any other! This museum is all about hands-on and pushes kids to explore and learn things through playing and exploring the museum grounds. There are plenty of activities here and even adults will enjoy playing with the different installations. If your kid is a science lover, we recommend the Science Mill! This spot has more than 50 exhibits made to allow kids to explore the world of science, technology engineering, art, and math with plenty of exciting things to do. 

If you’re wanting an out-of-museum experience, visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center for kids to navigate the building blocks and explore millions of bricks as well as 12+ attractions and rides! This is an experience for any lego lover and a great one at that. If you like the idea of clues and mystery, head to the Escape Room to test your kids and yourself while you try to break out before time’s up! 

Hands-On Fun! 🙌

Visit the spots below for more info!

Spring Break

Visit a Park 🌳

📸: Brackenridge Park

Get your ducks in a row and head to a park for all-day outdoor play! San Antonio is home to many beautiful parks and Spring Break is the perfect time to visit! Check out the local wildlife, swing on the playground, or picnic by a pond! This is a great way to spend the day, soaking up some sun and enjoying the company of your kids. 

Yanaguana Garden at Hemisfair is a great park in the city with plenty to do with a playground, splash pad, dog park, and small businesses nearby serving up food and treats! MacArthur Park is great for a big playground and pavilions with BBQ pits if you’re wanting to grill something up for a fun lunch outdoors. On a warmer Spring Day, head to Pearsall Park for its two splash pads where kids can fight the rays or a skate park for those kiddos who love to board. 

Whichever local park you choose, you’re sure to have a fun-filled day breathing in the fresh air and exploring the outdoors. 


Playground Shenanigans! ⚽

Find more info on these local parks below!

Spring Break

Enjoy some entertainment 🍿

📸: Disney Animation: Immersive Experience

Looking for something to sit and entertain the kids? There are plenty of fun things to do in San Antonio that are as easy as just watching and loving! Whether you want to catch a movie, get some live entertainment, or have an immersive experience, we’ve got you covered. 

The Disney Animation: Immersive Experience is an amazing projector experience, perfect for your kids who live and breathe Disney. Here they can view scenes from Disney as well as explore some of their favorite movie spots! Looking to just sit and watch? Visit Stars & Stripes Drive-in for a blast from the past where you can watch movies, enjoy treats, and have a nice time outside. 

If you’re looking for a live show, check out Majik theatre for fun plays and shows with local performers! And if you want a riveting experience with the kids, throw on your boots and head to Tejas Rodeo to watch bull-riders and other competitors in the ring! 


Spring Break

Stay Indoors! 🕹️

📸: The Amazing Mirror Maze

If the Texas sun makes things a little too warm, check out these indoor spots for some exciting new fun! These are great for most ages and even the teens out of school can have some fun at these spots over Spring Break!

The Amazing Mirror Maze puts you to the test in crazy mirror mazes and laser challenges! There are multiple mazes here to enjoy with the family. Bounce around at Ground Control with plenty of trampolines to reach new heights. AR’s Entertainment Hub is the place for everyone with rollerskating, bumper cars, games, and more! Wherever you go this spring break, you’re sure to have a great time! 


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