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Street Art and Murals in Clearwater

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Walking through the streets of Clearwater is always a good idea. From white sandy beaches, beautiful sunset views and eye catching art, there’s always something to admire on your stroll.

Downtown Clearwater is filled with street art, murals and sculptures–whether it’s stand-alone, on walls, dumpsters or storm drains. You can make a whole day out of searching for all of these masterpieces.

Thanks to the city of Clearwater and Clearwater Arts Alliance, we now can do just that, and easily! With Self Guided Arts and Culture Tour, you have access to the location of all of the sculptures and murals in Downtown Clearwater in the palm of your hands. Just click here for the virtual map. We tried it out and we would say it’s like an interactive scavenger hunt where you get to explore new aspects of a city that you’ve never explored before! 

But before heading out to the city to explore in person, take a sneak peek at some of the street art and murals in Clearwater below.

Table of Contents

Public Art


📍500 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL

This stainless steel head by Donald Gialanella represents beauty and wisdom. Head over to see this beauty on a clear day so that you can see the mirror-polished irises reflect the sky and appear blue.

In a Musical Atmosphere

📍400 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL

In a Musical Atmosphere, representing the elements that are unique to the city, was created by Adi BenDov iDEA with four types of glass. The glass represents the transparency that the city of Clearwater represents, and the musical notes represent the respect and affinity for Clearwater’s art and music culture. If you love art, music, and Clearwater then you’ll love this piece! 


📍1 Drew St, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

This sculpture by Cliff Garten sits atop a specifically designed midden mound, which is where it gets its name from. Fun historical fact: Middens were significant to the Tocobaga Indians because it’s what they built their houses on. When you head over to this piece, you’ll probably notice that it looks a lot like seashells or the sails of a boat.

Centennial Oak

📍100 N Osceola Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

We love an interactive art piece! This oak created by Douwe Blumberg can be found at the Clearwater Main Library. The tree is created from aluminum wire, cabling, and support beams. The vibrant canopy is made of polycarbonate leaves and imitates the beauty of the sunset over Clearwater Beach.

Spirit of the American Doughboy and Spirit of the American Navy

📍354 Pierce Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33756, USA

This pressed copper sculpture by E.M. Viquesney was created in 1920 and was very popular at the time thanks to its aggressive design and affordability. There were over 150 copies created as memorials across the nation! It’s a sculpture you won’t want to miss during your walking tour.

Placemaking Art

Murals in Clearwater

Elysian Days

📍  512 Cleveland Street

When we see this mural, two words come to mind that we believe represent Clearwater very well: vibrant and calming. It’s one of our favorites! Thank you to Cecilia Lueza’s creative mind for captivating such beauty by combining bright colors and shapes that you can find in nature.


📍 640 Pierce Street

Do you ever wonder what birds are native to Clearwater? Wander over to this Clearwater parking garage and enjoy the beautiful paintings created by Roger Bansemer. We won’t lie, these paintings are pretty fly (pun intended).

One Hundred Years Before J.Cole

📍  620 Drew Street

Inspired by J.Cole’s song “1985” and the history of the region, this mural by Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol can be found on the Pinellas Trail. Their vision was that while things do evolve and change, there will always be a rooted element in history that will forever stay the same.

Peace Offering

📍 1360 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL, USA

We love to learn what the stories behind the murals in Clearwater are. This one depicts a woman who is protecting the land from an incoming storm. It was inspired by the Florida seal and was brought to life courtesy of Brian McAllister and the Gibbs High School Mural Club.


📍  28 North Garden Avenue

Comunidad means community in Spanish, and that’s exactly what this mural celebrates. It celebrates cultural diversity, empowerment, and women who come together to form unity and community. Florencia Duran and Camilo Nunes are Uruguayan artists who used sketches of real women to tell their stories.

Street Art and Murals in Clearwater

The street art and murals in Clearwater add even more beauty and uniqueness to the city! If you haven’t checked out these pieces, we totally recommend you do. 

Head out to Clearwater, capture some awesome pictures of your favorite works, and tag us on Facebook and Instagram at Stuff to Do in Tampa Bay.

Stefanie Font

Stefanie Font

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