5 Ways to Support Healthcare Workers

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Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, our healthcare workers are still on the front lines working hard and risking their lives to save others. Nurses, doctors, and other workers are out there doing the real work and deserve infinite amounts of gratitude.

Let’s support these true heroes in this crisis. Keep reading for 5 ways you can help our healthcare workers during this time.

Give Them a Boost of Energy

If anyone needs that extra boost of energy, it’s healthcare workers. They work long hours to ensure the safety of the community. That’s why Hiball is donating their energy drinks to those workers on the front lines.

Hiball is a natural, sparkling energy water. It has natural ingredients that make it a tasty and thirst-quenching beverage. Over 200,000 drinks have been donated so far!

If you know of a hospital that needs some energy during this time, nominate them here

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Make and Donate Masks

You’re likely aware that many places across the country are experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment. With another spike in Coronavirus cases, it’s important to keep our hospitals safe. You can help by downloading the HealthEquip app. It shows you health workers who need protective equipment and where to donate. Health care workers can also request equipment on the app. It’s a quick way to get the supplies to those who need it most.
Blog 15 2 5 Ways To Support Healthcare Workers 2022

Send Them Pizza

Slice Out Hunger is coordinating large orders with independent pizzerias to send to healthcare workers. By donating, you are supporting local businesses and aiding workers.

How does it work? You make a donation, they identify the care centers in need, then they mobilize a local pizzeria to deliver. So far, they have delivered over 29,000 pies! 

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Donate Blood

If you are healthy and don’t have any Covid-19 symptoms, it’s safe to donate blood. The American Red Cross and FDA encourage people to donate blood during the pandemic so there isn’t a shortage in the future.

When donating blood, remember to practice social distancing.

Untitled Design 50 2 5 Ways To Support Healthcare Workers 2022

Flatten the Curve

It’s important to flatten the curve so that the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed with too many cases at once. Try staying home when you can and when you do go out, continue to practice social distancing.

Stay at least six feet away from people and wear a mask to reduce the chance of spreading the disease. When you return home, wash your hands before you touch anything else.

Any Little Bit Helps!

Let’s do our part in ensuring our healthcare workers have what they need to continue this fight. 

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