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Tampa Bay Lightning 2019-2020 Home Schedule

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Keep calm and be the Thunder! Hockey season is in full swing at Amalie Arena and us Tampa Bay Lightning fans are here for it! We’re proud of our team and we don’t take baloney from anyone! So put on your jerseys and get ready to support our team all the way to the Stanley Cup! 

Here’s a list of the upcoming home games that are happening in the 2019-2020 season. #GoBolts

🗓 Nov 23 | 7 PM 

The only “Ducks” we’ll cheer on is “The Mighty Ducks” from Disney…so waddle to the side ’cause the lightning will slide smoothly.

🗓 NOV 25 | 7 PM 

“Are you ready legion of doom? Here comes the Buffalo Sabres”…we mean the Tampa Bay Lighting of course! 

🗓 NOV 27 | 7 PM 

St. Louis will have the “Blues” when they lose for sure!

🗓 Nov 30 | 7 PM 

The Lightning will defiantly sweep off the Carolina Hurricanes and it’s like they never saw it coming!

🗓 DEC 5 | 7 PM 

Y’all might be “the State of Hockey” but we’re the Lighting capital of the world and we will smoke you! 

🗓 DEC 7 | 7 PM 

“Baby shark, do do do do do”…

“The Lightning will roast you, do do do do!”

🗓 DEC 9 | 7 PM 

New York Islanders? But y’all don’t live on an island? Or does the name come from y’all feeling like you’re on an island for not having a win for 36 years? 

🗓 DEC 12 | 7 PM 

The only “black and yellow” we like is the song.

🗓 DEC 14 | 7 PM 

Y’all unleash the furry while we unleash the thunder!

🗓 DEC 17 | 7 PM 

What’s the difference between Frequent Flyer Miles and the Ottawa Senators? Frequent Flyer Miles earn points. 

🗓 DEC 19 | 7 PM 

Move over, Tampa Bay Lightning is the real Star.

🗓 DEC 23 | 7 PM 

The only Panther we like is the one from the Marvel movie.

🗓 DEC 28 | 7 PM 

They definitely won the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest. 

🗓 DEC 29 | 7 PM 

They’ll need to reload once the Tampa Bay Lightning score pretty goals.

🗓 JAN 7 | 7 PM 

“Team like that” more like “Team like us!”

🗓 JAN 9 | 7 PM 

Why do the Arizona Coyotes suck at geometry? Because they never have any points. 

🗓 JAN 14 | 7 PM 

The only people that we consider royalty are The Royal Family. 

🗓 FEB 4 | 7 PM 

Maybe just stick to gambling and let the Lightning do their job on the ice!

🗓 FEB 6 | 7 PM 

Let Sam buy Stamkos a drink and get his dog one too! 

🗓 FEB 8 | 7 PM 

You guys again? 

🗓 FEB 13 | 7 PM 

What’s blue and orange and goes down the toilet faster than Liquid Plumber?

The Edmonton Oilers 

🗓 FEB 15 | 4 PM 

If there was a contest between Gritty and ThunderBug…ThunderBug would win! 

🗓 FEB 25 | 7 PM 

What happens when Lightning strikes on a Leaf? 

They burn. 

🗓 FEB 27 | 7 PM 

Just stick to your Chicago-style pizza and let the Tampa Bay Lightning take over the ice! 

🗓 FEB 29 | 4 PM 

Don’t worry. The Tampa Bay lightning will put out the fire!

🗓 MAR 3 | 7 PM 

What di the Boston Bruins and grizzly bears have in common? 

Every fall they go into hibernation. 

🗓 MAR 5 | 7 PM 

Lets not make it a habit to meet like this? 

🗓 MAR 12 | 7 PM 

You didn’t get the memo last time?

🗓 MAR 14 | 4 PM 

Looks like you have to reload again.

🗓 MAR 15 | 5 PM 

Don’t worry Jersey, our fans are louder!

🗓 MAR 25 | 7 PM 

Didn’t y’all learn the last time? 

🗓 MAR 27 | 7 PM 

What song do Columbus Blue Jackets fans sing before the end of the third period?

Nobody knows. There’s never any of them left. 

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Paula Hernández-Dávila

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