The Ultimate Houston Guide: Where to Eat, Sleep and Party

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The time has come for the ultimate Houston guide! Whether you’ve lived in Houston your whole life, moved here recently or are coming for a vacation, we all need to know the best places to eat, sleep, and party!

Houston is a huge city and it can be intimidating to try to find new places to stay or eat at. We are so used to going to the same old places that we know but new places are popping up constantly!

So, we are here for you and went out on an adventure and found the top, highly rated places to sleep, eat, and party any day of the week! 

Below in each category we are sure you’ll find your next stop, and can fill up your itinerary with places to stop and see, take a drink at, or just chill in the comfort of your awesome hotel. 

We would love to see where you end up after reading the ultimate Houston guide! So make sure to tag us on social or is there a place on the list we missed? Tag us in it on social media so we can spread the word to all of Houston!

Ultimate Houston Guide
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Best Places to Stay 

  • Galleria
  • Midtown
  • Downtown 
  • River Oaks
  • Upper Kirby
  • Medical center 

Ultimate Guide Of Houston 

Incredible Brunch Spots 

Ultimate Guide To HoustonTurkey Leg Hut

Lunch & Dinner Vibes 

Ultimate Guide To Houston

International Food You Should Experience

Ultimate Guide To Houston
Space Cowboy

Grab a Drink at These Bars

Ultimate Guide To Houston
Bar 5015


We hope you loved this ultimate Houston guide and found a couple of new places to check out. For more stuff to do in Houston, make sure to follow us on social or visit our website

The Ultimate Houston Guide: Where to Eat, Sleep and Party

Amira Elkurdi

Amira Elkurdi

Hi there! My name is Amira and I love to travel and find new places to see and things to do. It always excites me to go to a new bar or restaurant around the city and try new foods! I also have the cutest kitten named Milo and he is the craziest little thing. I enjoy working out, and spending time with my friends and family on the weekends.