Get Unique Drinks at These Themed Bars in Orlando

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Feeling a little burnt out and wish you could escape for a while? We compiled a list of some of our favorite themed bars in Orlando for you to recharge at because we’ve all been there. 

These six places are windows into other worlds that will give you the getaway you need without you actually having to getaway. Whether it’s a trip to a tropical island, a visit to the arctic, or a quick jump forward to Halloween, these bars will have you visiting again and again!

So text the gang that you’re putting yourself in charge of weekend plans and scroll on to decide where you’re escaping to first.

Alohabeautiful Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

1. Aloha Beautiful

Wish you could take a trip to Hawaii without spending thousands on a flight? Look no further than Aloha Beautiful, a 21+ karaoke and tiki bar in the heart of downtown Orlando. Once you step inside, you’ll find yourself transported to a tropical paradise, complete with bartenders serving specialty cocktails inspired by the Polynesia islands. Karaoke is open to anyone, and so is the stage in the middle of the bar! You and your friends can choose to try your hand at Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” or cheer on those who grab the mic instead.

If singing in public isn’t your thing, Aloha Beautiful offers private karaoke rooms priced by the hour that include themed karaoke and private bar service.

The bar offers special events, as well, like Wednesday night hula hoop contests and Thursday night limbo, both starting at 9 PM. If yourself at the bar on a Sunday, you’ll get to watch their Drag Karaoke, with performers singing from 4 PM-10 PM.

Visit their website below to learn more (or just to check out the cocktail menu)!

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 7PM–2AM
Wednesday | 7PM-2AM
Thursday | 7PM-2AM
Friday |  5PM-2AM
Saturday | 5PM-2AM
Sunday | 3PM-10PM

📍 69 E Pine St, Orlando, FL, 32801

Picture2 1 Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

2. Trader Sam's Grog Grotto

Walt Disney World sits at the top of the pyramid when it comes to theming and immersion, and nothing has changed when it comes to Trader Sam’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The entrance to this bar is tucked away in a narrow hallway off the main lobby, and if you don’t know what to look for, you might miss it—although the long line of people that set up camp before the bar opens might guide you in the right direction.

When you step inside, you’ll feel as if you’ve stumbled into an eccentric island hut, for the room is packed full of shrunken heads, ancient artifacts, tiki carvings, and mismatched light fixtures that give the bar a colorful glow.

There is something for everyone with a menu packed full of specialty cocktails and island-inspired food! Drinks like the “Polynesian Pearl” and the “Hippopoto Mai-Tai” even come in souvenir cups to take the islands home with you. The bar is open to both adults and children every day from 3 PM until 8 PM, and there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks offered. From 8 PM onward, the bar is 21+.
Be sure to arrive early, for the bar fills up fast!

Visit the website below to learn more.

Monday | 3PM-12AM
Tuesday | 3PM-12AM
Wednesday | 3PM-12AM
Thursday | 3PM-12AM
Friday |  3PM-12AM
Saturday | 3PM-12AM
Sunday | 3PM-12AM

📍 1600 Seven Seas Drive, Orlando, FL, 32830

Cocktailsandscreamsduncan Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

3. Cocktails & Screams

Wishing Halloween was celebrated more than one day a year? Cocktails & Screams has you covered. This spooky bar has to be one of our favorite themed bars in Orlando. Covered from head to toe in horror memorabilia, this bar celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. 

Come in for a Sunday brunch and try a dish from their “Cereal Killer” brunch menu like the “Texas Chainsaw Toasts” or the “Spinal Column.” Don’t worry, Leatherface won’t appear from around the corner during your meal (at least, we don’t think so). Their drink menu has equally clever names, like the “Frank’s Stien,” “Witches Brew,” and the “Drunken Pumpkin,” which is served in a pumpkin pail with some treats on the side. Who said Trick or Treating was just for kids? 

This bar has a few tricks up its sleeves as well as treats. “The Craft” is a speakeasy hidden inside the bar, and you have to solve a riddle to find the entrance. Once inside, the bartender will concoct a magic potion especially for you. 

If you want to be entertained instead of spooked, make sure to visit on a Wednesday for Addams Family Scary-oke!

Visit the website below or their Instagram @cocktailsandscreams to learn more about the bar’s offerings! 

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 7PM-2AM
Wednesday | 7PM-2AM
Thursday | 7PM-2AM
Friday | 7PM-2AM
Saturday | 7PM-2AM
Sunday | 12PM-12AM

📍 39 West Pine Street, Orlando, FL, 32801

Picture4 Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

4. Ann Teague's Lamp Supply

You’ll have plenty of light to admire your cocktail by at this themed bar. Anne Teague’s Lamp Supply is a nondescript furniture store from the outside but is a 1900s-style speakeasy once you step through the door. 

Brush up on your Roaring 20s slang, for each drink on the menu is straight out of a Gatsby party. Some cocktails are even served in a lightbulb glass! To make your evening even brighter, if you bring a working lamp of your own, you get a cocktail in return.

Like the other themed bars in Orlando, Ann Teagues hosts many different events! This month, open mic night is Tuesdays from 9PM-12AM, while trivia and game nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays are from 8PM-10PM. Be sure to check @annteagues on Instagram each month for the new event schedule! 

Although you could achieve a similar vibe by drinking a beer in the lamp aisle of Home Depot, Anne Teagues is definitely the classier option. Visit their website for more information! 

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 6PM-1AM
Wednesday | 6PM-1AM
Thursday | 6PM-2AM
Friday |  6PM-2AM
Saturday | 6PM-2AM
Sunday | 3PM-10PM

📍 22 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL, 32801

Icebar Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

5. ICEBAR Orlando

“Don’t forget your coat!” isn’t something you often hear in the middle of Florida, but for this next bar, a coat is a must. In ICEBAR Orlando, everything is made of ice. Located right on International Drive, this bar allows you to escape the Florida heat and cool down. No need to imagine what life would be like in an igloo or Elsa’s ice palace any longer when this bar is right down the street. Drinks are even served in glasses made of ice! From 5PM-9PM the bar allows anyone 8 and up, but after 9 PM, it is 21 and up. 

If you find the cold getting to you, step into the Fire Lounge. A bar within the ICEBAR, the Fire Lounge offers hot food, spicy cocktails, and a dance floor where you can work up a sweat.

An entry ticket for the bar is $21, but this also includes gloves and a small coat, but you can upgrade to a fur coat for an extra cost of $10! The bar also offers VIP experiences for bachelor/bachelorette parties, date nights, and birthdays, and you can view the cost of each on the ICEBAR website, linked below. 

Monday | 5PM-12AM
Tuesday | 5PM-12AM
Wednesday | 5PM-12AM
Thursday | 5PM-12AM
Friday |  5PM-2AM
Saturday | 5PM-2AM
Sunday | 5PM-12AM

📍 8967 International Dr, Orlando, FL, 32819

Untitled 850 × 600 Px 16 Get Unique Drinks At These Themed Bars In Orlando 2022

6. Bellhop

Are you looking for an intimate bar to try out? Check out Bellhop in downtown Orlando! With its extensive whiskey list, craft cocktails, beers, seltzers, and custom mixes, there’s something for everyone. Bartenders can create a custom cocktail for you based on your preferences.

If your looking for a vintage vibe this is your place. It’s super Instagrammable and a fun experience! They even have happy hour specials! This place is brand new so check it out!

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 5PM-2AM
Wednesday | 5PM-2AM
Thursday | 5PM-2AM
Friday |  5PM-2AM
Saturday | 5PM-2AM
Sunday | 5PM-12AM

📍 37 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Themed Bars in Orlando

There’s no more staying at home and uncorking a $5 bottle of wine when these themed bars are just begging to appear on your Instagram.

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